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The pool you use the skull in


Sith Warrior gameplay

The Blood Legacy

Overseer Ragate suggests you complete the rite of blood and bone. Should you prove successful, Ragate will offer a glimpse into your future.

To complete the rite, you must first claim a skull from a bone pile protected by shyracks within the Sith Academy.


  • Return to Overseer Ragate
  • Collect a Skull from the Altar of Bones
  • Soak the Skull in the Blood Pool
  • Defeat the Bloodfiend

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Sith Academy: Ritual Chambers, and Sith Academy


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 1575 Experience


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By Mogster1234 at 2012-02-12 01:16:11
Yes, it's much easier if you have a companion, but if you finish this before then, the Overseer will "offer you a glimpse of your destiny" by telling you about your 1st companion. For a Sith Warrior, she says "The key to your success is a small and sorry creature - but you can shape it in your image, if you so desire." For Inquisitors she says "When your final trial comes, beware the shadow-killer. It can be bound but never controlled."
By Ornamental at 2011-12-29 17:34:50
It's just easier to wait until you get your companion and then complete this quest after.
By BMF96 at 2011-12-18 23:15:33
Soloed with my level 6 Inquisitor. Wasn't that hard. Started with force lightning then shock and electrocute, then ran around using thrash, shock and force lightning. I didn't use overload because I forgot but it's definitely helpful in this fight. I had to use 1 minor medpac.
By Wnxfriar at 2011-11-22 16:45:55

I've read people saying this quest gives them problems (specially since you can get it at level 5) waiting till level 10 can help what with having a companion, but I was able to do this on my Inquisitor at level 7 and Warrior at level 6. It requires kiting from both classes more so for Warrior I found.

SI: After summoning the beast knock it back with Overload and walk backwards to the steps where you get the skull from using instant casts and Saber Strike. Once you get to the top of the stairs knock it back and use Force Lightning and anything range. When it reaches you walk backwards towards the door till you can use Overload again. Keep going back and forth and have a med pack ready, I needed one.

SW: As soon as you summon the beast back off to a range you can open with charge. Then walk backwards towards the steps constantly striking the beast the whole time. Use Force Scream as often as possible. When you get to the steps turn around and head back. There were times when I had to run away just to take a moment away from taking damage, but solo'ing him is completely possible. Once again keep at least one med pack ready.

good luck

By alkutraz at 2012-03-30 13:35:13
Sith Warrior Quest Reward: Warrior's Leggings
By cyvaris at 2011-11-24 10:53:22
When you summon the beast the pool will start bubbling, back away as both classes. When he appears open up on him. This enemy can be a tad difficult. As a Sith Warrior just activate Saber Ward to boost your defense. The added benefit is this will also cause Riposte to proc more often. Just use it whenever you can and the boss should go down. Use Force Scream as you main rage dump since it does the most damage.
By Pjotr at 2012-07-15 14:52:08
The added benefit is this will also cause Riposte to proc more often. Just use it whenever you can and the boss should go down.

Actually Retaliation (Riposte is the republic variant) is very inefficient at this stage. For the same 3 Rage you can also do a Vicious Slash which does a lot more damage. The only thing in favor of Retaliation is that it isn't on the GCD, but that advantage is outweighed (IMHO) by its lesser damage.

Pop Saber Ward as soon as you engage him.

I like to keep Saber Ward and other defensive cooldowns as a panic button, but that's a matter of preference I guess..

By mafkaazs at 2011-11-27 20:56:31
Had a lot of trouble with this quest as a inquisitor, but after gaining the pet this quest will be really easy. Just keep this quest until then.
By Seydis at 2011-12-16 09:20:06
Yeah, I failed at this last night with my lvl 8 inquisitor. Going to wait until I get the companion.
By Starjammer at 2011-12-17 09:16:38

I just killed him with my lvl 7 Sith Warrior. It's a tough fight, but doable.

Pop a stim first; I used a strength one.
Make sure you have both buffs activated (Shii-Cho Form and Unnatural Might)
Try to max out your Rage before starting by clearing some trash.
Keep a Minor Medpack in your bar; you will use it.
As soon as you soak the skull in blood, run to the side of the room so that you can use Force Charge as your first attack.
Pop Saber Ward as soon as you engage him.
Use Force Scream as often as it's available; alternate Retaliation and Vicious Slash, and Assault as needed to boost Rage.

Using these tactics, I didn't have to kite him at all.

By Dartheuxxa at 2011-12-18 09:06:07
Just finished this quest now with my Level 9 Inquisitor. Definitely a quest to be prepared for. I started off with Force Lightning then Shock, and as soon as it got in melee range I cast Overload to get a nice distance. By this moment, you should have your Force Lightning and Shock off cooldown; use them both again (while moving around the room) and use Recklessness + Electrocute for a nice stun and burst damage. Maintain distance as often as you can by running around the room and using Overload. This boss has an insane HP regen so try and keep your attacks constant otherwise he will outheal your attacks. During the fight I used 1 x Medpac (minor) to be safe. By doing that, the fight was pretty much under control.
By Sokrates1 at 2012-01-30 06:42:38

Tried this quest without a companion with me at level 6,7 as a sith inq...and it didnt work out..then i get back in with a companion and killed it without using a medic pack.
First attack i knocked him back, get back a few steps and light him while he target your "pet".

Hope its help.

By uriahworld at 2011-12-15 01:41:51
I'd definitively wait until you have a companion as a inquisitor.
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