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Droid Repossession

The Ulgos have taken control of a Thul droid factory. Rehmar Thul has a technician that can slice the control consoles remotely, but you need to plant his dataspikes in the factory computers to grant him access.

Infiltrate the Ulgo Droid Factory in the Kaamos Territory in order to plant the dataspikes.


  • Infiltrate the Ulgo Droid Factory
  • Slice the Factory Access Terminal
  • Slice the Factory Production Controls
  • Slice the Factory Security Mainframe
  • Defeat the Ulgo Forces
  • Return to Rehmar Thul

Important conversationsClass     Companion  

  • Sith InquisitorSith WarriorBounty HunterImperial Agent
    I'll get past them.
    Sith InquisitorSith WarriorBounty HunterImperial Agent
    If the price is right.
    +15 with Vette
    Sith InquisitorSith WarriorBounty HunterImperial Agent
    Not worth it. [Refuse quest]
  • Sith InquisitorSith WarriorBounty HunterImperial Agent
    Why fight over a factory?
    Sith InquisitorSith WarriorBounty HunterImperial Agent
    You can't finish it?
    +15 with Vette
    Sith InquisitorSith WarriorBounty HunterImperial Agent
    Don't involve me in your mess.

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Ulgo Droid Factory, and Kaamos Territory


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 8785 Experience


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By Lussia at 2012-01-06 02:54:52
You have to be or finish Bonus series for Alderaan. You take it in Thul Research Camp.
By Thunderkegger at 2014-01-11 09:57:48

I solo'd this as a 43 mercenary (dps), using Blizz as my companion. Blizz's gear was pretty much stock, plus a green helmet that dropped and two implants I made him. Here's a simplified pull-by-pull of this run.

In order to get to the instanced location, I recommend ignoring the bridge and going by water. You should be able to avoid all the groups between you and instance except two (both of which are two standard humans and one silver droid).

1. This pull is two silver droid tenders (who are also droids) and one elite droid. The elite will patrol a ways back, but he'll still pull with this group. This pull was pretty simple: I nuked down one of the silvers and then ran out of the instance. I came back, CC'd the other silver (who heals), and killed the elite -- and then the silver.
2. This pull was two silver droid tenders and one elite human. I CC'd the human and burned the tenders, but I suspect not everyone will be able to do that -- they have pretty extensive healing, which requires solid burst dps to outpace. It may be better to CC one of the tenders and kill the human, then one tender, then the other. After killing these guys and activating the console, one silver attacks. He's not too special, but he could be problematic if you didn't heal up.
3. The third pull is optional. It's two silver tenders plus a standard human.
4. The fourth pull is one elite droid, one silver tender, and one standard human. There's an explosive barrel next to the elite. I recommend killing the standard, then the elite, then the silver.
5. The fifth pull is an elite human plus three standard humans. This is pretty straight-forward.
6. The sixth pull is two elite droids plus two standard humans. I recommend CCing one of the elites, killing the other, killing the standards, and then killing the elite. If you don't have CC, this will probably be the hardest pull. They guard the second console you need. Note that this console doesn't spawn any more adds.
7. The seventh pull is one elite human (melee), one silver tender, and one standard human. There's nothing here you haven't already dealt with. The elite doesn't hit as hard as the droid elites do.
8. The eighth pull is one elite human (melee) and three standard humans. They're also next to the last console you need. Using the last console triggers a cutscene, which spawns a champion, elite artillery droid, and two or three standard humans -- plus three droids to help you. Let your droids tank the champion while you kill everything else, then focus down the champion.

Hopefully this helps you. I did have to heal Blizz from time to time, but it was pretty straight-forward.

By Palladium at 2013-01-08 12:58:33
Soloed as 41 healing Operative. In my case there were 3 silver, 1 elite droid and 1 champion. CCed the champion and droid, killed the silvers, vanish then killed the droid, and finally the champ. Make sure to use LOS to lure them away from their starting location since there can be nasty respawns.
By Gidrea at 2014-11-04 22:50:32
The quest giver, Rehmar Thul, is located at the Thul Research Camp in Kaamos Territory.
By nezroy at 2012-02-04 16:10:40
By inokoshi at 2012-03-27 02:43:10
Sith Sorcerer:
Force WIelder Hilt 17
Resolve Hilt 17
Ornate Prototype Storage Box
By Ytterbug at 2013-10-25 16:26:16

Makes no sense that this is Heroic 2+ and 'Sabotage' is Heroic 4. Juggernaut soloing with Quinn, both mostly using adaptive/prototype gear, could take on well over a dozen Elites at the Dam and remain at full health. By contrast, could barely survive a single Veteran on the bridge leading to the Droid Factory, let alone a Veteran + 2-3 droids. The level difference is one, and all mobs were gray (lvl 49 PC).

... and then the 'boss' group at the end of this was back down to lvl 40 and absurdly easy. Bizarre front-loaded scale of difficulty.

By Tobzors at 2014-08-10 07:36:57
I had serious trouble soloing this as a Sith Juggernaut (dps spec), probably because of the lack of CC abilities. A tank spec, possibly with a healer companion might fare better (I used a melee dps companion).
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