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Pilgrims Light side


Master Yuon Par has tasked you with locating and retrieving the missing hologram of Rajivari, the first fallen Jedi.

She suspects that someone from the Twi'lek village of Kalikori may be responsible and that Bashenn, captain of the village guard, may know more. Find Bashenn in Kalikori village.


  • Speak to Bashenn
  • Find Nalen Raloch's Camp
  • Search for Rajivari's Holocron
  • Escape the Collapsing Cave
  • Return to Master Yuon Par
  • Speak to Master Yuon Par

Important conversationsClass     Companion  

  • Jedi Consular
    But he could be in danger.
    Jedi Consular
    The Jedi would be grateful....
    Jedi Consular
    You're making me very angry.

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Tython, Nalen's Camp, and Jedi Temple


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 855 Experience


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By asaphelps at 2011-11-25 14:43:19
Rajivari's Holocron is at the end of a phased cave. Once you retrieve it and the cutscene occurs, the cave will collapse. There is no need to hurry as the rocks don't appear to do damage. Along the way out, kill six Flesh Raiders for a bonus quest called Survival of the Fittest.
By blackxdragon83 at 2011-11-25 16:52:12
This is a Jedi Consular phase quest. You must enter the phase and find the camp and then find Rajivari's Holocron to continue the quest.
By lynna at 2011-11-27 06:46:18
The Flesh Raiders seem to spawn at intervals during your "escape" from the cave. After four, I stopped to run back to make sure I killed six before leaving since I thought I was almost out of the cave. No mobs spawned, and nothing significant happened while I ran around looking for mobs. Eventually it became apparent that the mobs would spawn upon exit. So just don't rush to the door while you "flee to safety." Heal if you need to after fights.
By Lexicarthis at 2013-05-19 02:52:17
By Teldarsterallnes at 2013-09-22 19:32:01
If you choose to threaten the villagers, like I did, Master Yuon will yell at you when you return to the temple.
By DarQuing at 2014-11-09 04:56:23


[1] The Path of a Jedi
[4] Pilgrims
[4] Trials in Kaleth
[6] Hunter's Eye
[6] The Footsteps of the Fallen
[7] Rajivari's Legacy (Qyzen Fess) joins your Crew
[8] The Forge
[9] An Afflicted Master

[9] The Arrival
[10] Secret Signals
[12] The Flow of Goods
[12] The Coming Darkness
[14] Shadows
[16] Ancient Secrets

Chapter 1 - The Dark Plague

[16] The Expedition
[17] The Junction
[18] Rakghoul Invasion
[19] Super Reactor

Nar Shaddaa:
[21] The Professor
[21] Running with the Lancers
[22] Authorized for Destruction (got this after Dark Side answer in conversation with Tharan Cedrax)
[22] Authorized for Sabotage (probably after Light Side answer in conversation with Tharan Cedrax)
[22] The Master
[23] Shadow Town (Tharan Cedrax) joins your Crew

The Carida:
[24] Distress Call

[25] Looking Out for the Little Guy
[26] Visions in the Sand
[27] Death in the Dunes
[27] The Ultimate Warriors

[28] Diplomacy
[29] Hostile Negotiations
[30] Crisis Situation
[31] The Summit
[32] A Return Home

[32] Vivicar Awaits
[32] A Time to Reflect

Chapter 2 - The Rift Alliance

[32] An Alliance of Opposites

[32] Our Points of View
[33] Watchers
[34] Executive Order 228
[35] Passing the Torch (Zenith) joins your Crew

[37] Attis Station

[38] The Coalition
[37] Into the White
[39] Cracks in the Armor
[39] Chasing the Legend (Lieutenant Iresso) joins your Crew

Waypoint Station Three:
[41] To Serve the King

Chapter 3 - The Children of the Emperor

[41] Counterpoint
[42] Hostile Population
[42] Category Ten
[43] Taking on the Asylum
[43] The Voice From The Tomb (Nadia Grell) joins your Crew

The Euphony:
[44] Fearless

[44] A Thorny Path
[45] Marked
[46] Signs and Signifiers
[46] Nightmares
[47] Deep Cradle, Dark Heart
[47] Find the Ancient Artifact (Light Side)
[47] Find the Ancient Weapon (Dark Side)
(depending on your choice of Light/Dark Side points in [47] Deep Cradle, Dark Heart)

The Javelin:
[47] Shattering

[47] Descent
[48] A Fine Line
[49] Old Blood
[50] As Above, So Below
[50] Chaos and Harmony


Proceed to the Ilum quest series for the Crystal Ball mission.

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