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Hadra's Defeat

The Sith Lord Darth Hadra has made a play for power in the Upper Wilds, laying claim to a trove of relics that rightfully must be turned over to the Empire. This disloyalty cannot go unpunished.

The hoarded relics can be found in Hadra's encampment due south of Kaas City. Defeat Hadra's forces and search storage containers to recover the relics.


  • Recover Hoarded Relics
  • Lure Out Lord Arosh and Claim Her Token
  • Return to Mission Dropbox

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Dromund Kaas


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 2275 Experience


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By OskarEngelmark at 2011-12-19 13:52:14

They've changed where you pick up this quest, you now automatically get it when you enter the area where you do the quest.

Coordinates: -311,695

By neuralassassin at 2011-12-29 23:00:03

Quest is tied to your class quest, as in you cannot acquire it till you progress through a portion of your class quest first
Prerequisite Quests:

A Musty Trail
At The Foot Of The Colossus
Pull The Plug
Dark Meeting.

By theBlackDragon at 2011-12-19 03:09:28

No idea where to get this quest, I remember doing it in the beta but can't for the life of me acquire it on live. I hear people randomly got it strolling around a certain area and I see it pop up relatively regularly in General chat so I know it's still in the game.

Any confirmation on this and an exact location on where to acquire it would be appreciated.

By ArixRagnos at 2011-12-19 17:01:43
Confirmed. If you go to these coords right here, -376, -16, you will get the mission automatically.
By RowingMunkeyCU at 2012-01-29 22:55:40
The reward for this quest is pretty lame compared to the difficulty... just XP and credits... plus whatever random drops you get from the mobs themselves.
By anomen at 2012-03-28 19:35:44
good early level quest to start grouping up and increasing the Social stat. :)
By trizzet at 2012-04-22 17:07:10

I have to agree the rewards for this quest do not match how hard it is to complete at level, even for a Heroic 4.

At the last stage, when you summon Lord Arosh, she appears with two Acolytes (strong mobs) that have to be killed first. This is really important if you are trying to solo this around level 16-17. If you have a CC ability, use it on one of the Acolytes because they will heal each other and Lord Arosh if you attack her first. I soloed this as a level 17 Sith Sorcerer, so I had Khem Val to tank for me, and even then I think I got lucky I ended up using all of my CDs including Heroic Moment and CCing one of the Acolytes while killing the other, then killing the other Acolyte and then taking several minutes to kill Lord Arosh. In total I think it was 4 attempts and about 7-8 minutes on the successful attempt at level 17.

Lord Arosh is, basically, a Sith Marauder and the Acolytes are mini Sith Sorcers, so kill the Acolytes first, then Arosh herself.

I highly suggest a group effort on this with at least one player healer.

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