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Baras's Lair

Baras's Lair

Having neutralized Darth Baras's agents, it is time for you to strike at Darth Baras's lair on Corellia and break the source of his power, an entity he has bound, which gives him visions of the future.


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Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Darth Baras's Secret Lair: Entity Chamber, and Fury


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 11305 Experience


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By Rebel at 2012-01-01 20:40:56
This fight is alot easier if you kite him with Quinn healing (Don't bother with melee class pets as the aoe will nuke them), always run from his cast, don't bother interrupting, then when at distance saber throw then force charge back into the fight. I had Call of the Force active which kept me pretty much at full health - Lvl 49 Juggsy in Soresu Form.
By Yaerius at 2012-03-31 13:01:30
Next Q: Retribution
By piemang at 2011-12-31 17:39:48

While Lord Draahg is a very difficult opponent, he is by no means unbeatable without assistance or great gear. I completed this quest as a lvl 49 Rage Marauder with Quinn healing me. It took me a couple of tries and a near flawless execution to beat him, but it is possible.

The key to the whole fight is to minimize as much damage as possible. When I immediately started the fight I popped both my Saber Ward and Cloak of Pain as well as hitting my obfuscate to reduce alot of the damage he did at the start. I found it key to use your obfuscate as soon as possible, as I was able to use it again at the very end when I desperately needed it (I ended up with 3% health left when I killed him.) Additionally you are able to interrupt both is Force Choke and Ravage, but unless you have two interrupts available you should let his Force Choke go as he will cast Ravage right after using Force Choke. Additionally when I was getting low on health I would hit my undying rage first, followed by my medpac and Call on The Force ability so I wouldn't lose any healing the 2 abilities would give me.

This is definately a challenging fight if you are not level 50, but it is very possible without any assistance as long as you plan accordingly.

-Piedude, Veela Server

PS: I also used a strength stimulant, but it might be beneficial to use an endurance one for more HP if you need it.

By Tarmac at 2012-01-03 21:38:08
Yep - Quinn on Med Watch stance and just keep kiting around the whole time makes this a trivial fight. Doing it any other way makes this fight very tough.
By tols at 2012-01-01 22:24:03
I followed what Rebel said above and it worked. I tried the DPS method with Jaesa, but she died quick and was useless. Pulled Quinn out and just kited him around the room when he does his AOE, which looks like lightning on the ground. Make sure Quinn is in Med Watch stance, keep you cool downs ready, did not have to use Call on the Force, just on Medpack. -Level 47 Jugg in Soresu Form
By xHPx at 2012-01-05 02:40:32

Ok, here's how it went for me. I'm a level46 marauder with @#$%ty green gear only (I only level thru pvp so I live on the greens from the gear boxes).

1st try: I was fully prepared. Had gotten every class buff from WarZones. Had endurance stim. Had 1 lvl44 medpack. Quinn in Med Watch. Feeling good expecting to take him down fairly easily. Popped every CD I had over and over and I couldn't understand why I lost. I got him down to like 20% and I was devestated. Everything went right in my eyes. I went here to check and saw Rebel's tip.

2nd try: No stim, no medpacks, no buffs, no cooldowns. Just testing Rebel's method. Was going great until I was on like 80% health, him on ~30% health. I'm thinking $%^& it i just got my saberward up and my companion is also on ~80%. I use Force camoflage and start dpsing. He kills us both and survives with like 8% health lol.

3rd try: I had Call on the force. DO NOT DO THIS LOL: I was kiting around, everything was going alright. Then i jumped into a flag. No matter how i tried I couldn't get out. The boss couldn't hit me, I couldn't hit him, I was tucked in and stuck in there. His AoE ground ability slowly killed me.

4th try: Same as 2nd try. No preparations. This time I found out a strategy where I could literally take him down naked. I would run until he chokes Quinn, then dps him and as soon as the choke ends, use Obscurate and when it ends, back to kiting. He never ever got me below 90% health. I also found out that obscurate and his choke appears to be on the same cooldown so it synced really well. Easy fight if you do it this way.

xHPx- lvl 46 Marauder in Ataru Form

By Vuetee at 2012-03-04 06:54:32

Managed to kill him toe-to-toe as a Marauder, and here's how:

50 Marauder, Shii-Cho stance. Quinn as companion.

On pull: Frenzy, Bloodthirst, Cloak of Pain, Force Charge

Obfuscate whenever it's up. Joust the lightning on the floor (there's 1, the one that's just like smash, and the one that stays on the floor). Quinn will keep you up enough provided you don't get battered by the lightning on the floor and ravage. Interrupt Ravage. Let Force Choke land, as that's your chance to do damage on him. Use Saber Ward when you first start getting low. Once you're below 10%, use Undying Rage, Medpack and Call of the Force to get some heals, and as soon as Undying rage is through, use Saber Ward again. As I'm in Annihilation spec, I use Rupture whenever it's up for some more heals.

By Jokah at 2012-03-07 07:57:16

Level 50 Sith Warrior Juggernaut - Immortal

I didn't kite at all like Rebel did above. I had Malavai Quinn with me. I was in Soresu Form.

Can be done with ease as long as you stay out of his AOE. I stayed in melee but I moved to new area everytime he cast AOE. I used Invincible, Saber Ward and Heroic Moment: Call The Force ability. I used lv 44 Medpac once. Use rotation properly. I had about 40% health left when it was over. Also be sure Malavai Quinn is away from Lord Draagh so Quinn doesn't get hurt by his AOE.

I finished this in 2nd attempt.

By MadMc at 2012-04-06 14:39:08

@ Vuetee's post

This worked perfectly for me as a 49 Carnage Mara. Thanks. Kept defenses up and stayed away from AoE, it was actually a lot simpler then the kiting strat imo.
Quinn as healer ofc.

And for those who think he is OP, DONT STAND IN THE FIRE.

By JChaosATL at 2012-04-18 00:48:32
Kited to success at level 48, Veng Juggy, in Soresu stance with Quinn healing. Stupid easy mode, I didn't even pop a defensive cooldown. Thanks for the tip guys!
By mikl352 at 2012-12-25 13:44:26

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- Interrogate the Talz - Level 38
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- Protect Vowrawn - Level 47
- Squeeze the Spy - Level 48
- Jedi Spy - Level 49
- Baras's Lair - Level 50
- Retribution - Level 50

By wyshbonez at 2012-02-03 23:25:28

Thanks Rebel, Your kiting idea worked perfectly! tried 3 times just face to face, died all 3 times, but with that strat it worked flawlessly

Edit: Completed at Level 50, with moderate gear and in Shii-Cho Form with quinn healing me

By Vanthia at 2011-12-29 03:03:08

Change the difficulty on this. It's not by any means a "normal" difficulty, nor should it be. Draahg is a douche, and in no way easy. 33k health, casts an AoE spell that cannot be interrupted and does close to 300 points of damage every second, so run from that while he hits you from 15 feet away, don't expect your companion to survive if they're anywhere near it. He can't be stunned in any way, and doesn't cast anything to interrupt. His attacks do more damage than you, along with that AoE. Cast whatever you want, you'll have a hell of a fight, enjoy that 10 minute respawn, cause it'll take twice that to walk back.

By the way, my recommended difficulty on this should be "Lets hope you have some friends to help." You'll need them. That, or really awesome gear, even then, good luck.

P.S. Why is the highest level medpack only level 44?

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