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Sith apprentice Fannatex and his master came to Alderaan to search for a Jedi Master aiding House Organa. During their search, Fannatex's master was overcome by Advozsec mercenaries, specially trained to kill Sith. Fannatex has asked you to wipe out these mercenaries, as well as the Jedi Master who trained them.

Find and slay the Advozsec mercenaries and their Jedi Master guardian at the Fornaak Falls Cavern in the Kaamos Territory.


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Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Fornaak Falls Cavern, and Kaamos Territory


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 8785 Experience


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By Lussia at 2012-01-06 03:03:57
You have to be or finish Bonus series for Alderaan. It's west from Outpost Eudor.
By Gandy at 2012-01-30 02:49:58
I was able to solo this with a 39 sorc. You gotta make sure to CC the right mobs as you're making your way through the compound. The hardest part for me was the last boss. Unless your tanking companion is equipped with really good gear it's going to be tough. I ended up kiting the the last boss. I took her down from the platform and took her up the hill a little. Make sure you clear out all the other mobs before you attempt this. I then used my push back and she landed right where that electric canister is down below in the tent. She has to walk all the way back up the hill to hit you so make sure you dot her up and use your slows ie force lightning and any others. She got a few hits on me before my cool down on the push back was up so make sure you slow her. I just kept doing this and she died in about a minute.
By Rhieri at 2012-01-06 09:05:08

Rewards 21.1k exp(well, that was it for me), 6.5k credits + lvl 40 blue credit(~5k) and item boxes.

Doable solo if you run tank/heal character+companion or have CC, though I wouldn't advise doing it before lvl 40 or so. Packs are either 2 elites or 1 elite + 2 strongs or 3 strongs, so not hard to nail those. Boss comes with 2 strong adds but is also susceptible to CC. Hits reasonably hard, if you're ranged DPS then you might consider using cave landscape to your advantage - running up and then jumping down the ledge works wonders cutting her DPS uptime on you ^^

By Kirbymaster at 2012-02-06 23:56:10
Force slow, low slash and overload also lets the hill kiting work for assassins, it just takes a bit longer. Keep in mind that she has absolutely no ranged attacks so you can use your 10 meter spells like Shock safely.
By reqq at 2012-12-15 18:18:53
easy soloable as lev 39 agent.. just kite the last around in circles with slow and dot and shooting.
By moigan at 2013-01-29 11:36:28

Actually cannot believe this worked as well as it did, but here we go.

Tank-built Assassin though actually I believe this strategy works for any class who has a Tanking stance, regardless of it they are Tank specced or not.

I pulled the boss, hit her with my hardest hitting attacks and then immediately ran away, as far away as I could. My companion was Ashara Zavros (Melee DPS), though I think it would of worked even better with Andronikos Revel (Ranged DPS) - I proceeded to kite the boss for the whole of her Health Bar, making sure to hit her with stuns or Shock when she got close enough. Ashara kept up with her, attacking her, and the whole time the boss was focused on me. This is why its recommended you use a Tanking stance, to keep the heat off your companion who will be doing the majority of the damage. The fight took a really long time, but she fell steadily. Really easy.

At Level 42, soloing as a well-geared Tank, standing there and fighting her where she is is not an option, she does too much damage, though I did not try with Talos Drellik (Healing), but I feel his Healing would not of been enough.

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