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Taris: Bonus Series

Governer Saresh and her aides have recruited you to help the Republic's furthest expansion camps, which are on the verge of total destruction.

You've been asked to speak to Vealo, one of the governor's aides, who will guide you in what needs to be done. Find Vealo at the Brejik's Run Outpost.


  • Speak to Vealo
  • Complete "Missing Link" for Mola Haxtor
  • Complete "Where Darkness Abides" for Mola Haxtor
  • Complete "Future Threat"
  • Complete "Power Flux" for Engineer Ferron
  • Complete "Suicide Mission" for Sergeant Mack
  • Return to Strom

Important conversationsClass     Companion  

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in The Tularan Marsh, The Sinking City, and Taris: Olaris Spaceport


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 3865 Experience


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By erundil at 2013-03-17 13:19:37
Links to missions in this Bonus Series:
1) Missing Link for Mola Haxtor (Imperial players have a chance to see her tortured a bit while on Taris)
2) Where Darkness Abides also for Mola Haxtor
3) Future Threat for Mission Board in Brejik's Run Outpost :)
4) Power Flux for Engineer Ferron
5) Suicide Mission for Sergeant Mack
By Yaerius at 2014-07-11 09:44:55

Full list of side quests in Bonus series :

Beyond Redemption from Dana Hunt
Making Trouble for Co'overma

[Heroic 2+] Knight Fall from Kord Murdok
[Heroic 2+] Mutations from Larris Cozekk
The Thrill of Discovery from Tarkos Sund

(Do not go up for visible quest mark yet. Complete Future Threat and The Thrill of Discovery first)

Operation Salvage from Commander Bhoenn
The Loudest Bait from Foreman Meropta

Disease on a Distant World from Senaru

Indelicate Operation from Devon Race

By Ytterbug at 2014-01-29 22:07:43
it's not only about truth, it's also about usefulness relative to the other comments present.
By KrazieFox at 2012-01-10 10:55:52

After handing in Power Flux there is an npc named Senaru who will offer a new quest nearby (same Outpost as Engineer Ferron), in Lytle Outpost. His mission, 'Desease on a Distant World', in which you scan 8/8 Aberrant Wildlife is on the way to the next part in this chain, & is handed in to an npc named Representative Lessah at Kanner Outpost. This is the location of Sergeant Mack for the next part in the Bonus Series - Suicide Mission.

The Aberrant Wildlife can be seen dotted along the route/road from Lytle Outpost to Kanner Outpost.

By mutts at 2012-09-16 18:38:23
Trooper Reward: TD-17A Talon Leggings
By Mondoblasto at 2013-08-26 23:38:12

I ended up doing this backwards by accident.

What happened is that I didn't go back to the spaceport, I kept running around and questing. I noticed the quest givers at the outposts but couldn't talk to them and they didn't have quests. After I had done all the quests I could get, I ended up back at Waypoint Station Morne and found that Sargent Mack had a quest!

I did Mack's quest, then found that Engineer Ferron now had a quest too. Doing Mack's quest had unlocked Ferron's quest, and Ferron's unlocked the Mission Board in Brejik's Run Outpost. It was then I learned about this actual quest series, and went to see Mola Haxtor, but she didn't have her quests available. I then realized that because she gave the first two in a sequence, I couldn't unlock them.

I decided to then go to the space port, and lo and behold, Strom had the beginning quest that I could start and I got to do Mola's quests.

At this point I have returned to Brejik's Run Outpost with Where Darkness Abides turned in and Taris: Bonus Series not yet turned in, and now Kord Murdock has the Knight Fall quest available.

By Torfi at 2011-12-17 10:21:27
I got this mission from the same two guys at the main space port on Taris after leaving the planet thinking I had finished all of the missions. When I returned, they were with a new mission and I automatically got a new speeder point to travel to Brejik's Run.
By KiLLi4N at 2012-01-07 17:05:38
As a Shadow Consular, I received crappy Omenbringer's Legwraps http://www.torhead.com/item/4ofhi7r
By lavender2569 at 2012-01-22 23:53:27

This bonus series includes the following missions:

Future Threat
Power Flux

By geekgirl101 at 2012-02-05 18:55:42

This mission popped up after I completed my final class mission in The Tularan Marsh area that involved Transport Station 5. The mission giver Strom is inside the Olaris Spaceport.

btw I don't know who rated this down because this was the truth.

By Robo7 at 2012-06-24 18:37:38
Reward for Smuggler... http://www.torhead.com/item/1AxY3FT/rd-07a-spider-leggings + 2 comms:(
By Shigy at 2012-01-11 19:10:12
Hopefully I'm so lucky. Be nice to have some upgradeable pants(skirt).
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