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The Emperor lies beaten at your feet. For all his power, he was no match for you. Now you must decide his ultimate fate. Speak with the defeated Emperor in the Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas.


  • Travel to Dromund Kaas
  • Use Your Ship's Intercom
  • Find the Emperor's Shuttle
  • Use the Shuttle Control Panel
  • Find the Emperor
  • Use the Force Field Control Panel
  • Find the Emperor's Chambers
  • Speak to the Emperor
  • Defeat the Emperor
  • Go to the Imperial Guard Bunker
  • Defeat the Imperial Guards
  • Speak to Your Companion
  • Use Your Ship's Holoterminal
  • Travel to the Valiant
  • Speak to Master Satele Shan

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Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Dromund Kaas, Defender: Flight Deck, Kaas City, Dark Temple, Dark Temple: The Emperor's Chambers, Dark Temple: Imperial Guard Bunker, and The Valiant


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 11305 Experience


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By xstdoom at 2012-01-16 01:03:21

Soloed after 25 minutes of wiping as a 50 combat Sentinel(1 epic and level 45-50 blue mod gear). I practiced downing the clones and interrupting while waiting for Call of the Force to be up again. Mostly wiped at 5-7%. T7 was geared from the chest loot and level 30ish gear in the other slots. I couldn't down it until Call of the Force was up again because it kept T7 up long enough so I could finish 2nd set of clones before he cast Force Blast. You pretty much have to use every trick to kill him by yourself.
Most important thing to the fight is Force Blast which is a one shot with a 6 second cast time. Interrupt or line of sight it. The other thing is the clones die from one single target hit. AoE did not work.

Assuming you are starting the fight with him sitting on his throne (after wiping). I started it with a Zealous Strike on the Emperor. He splits immediately at the bottom of the stairs when you hit him, so start running back down. I used Call of the Force after hitting the Emperor. Force Leap one clone, Strike the next closest one, Blade Storm another while running to finish off the 4th clone and start attacking the Emperor. T7 was at about 30% health and you need to Force Kick all the abilities he's casting; Force Stasis to interrupt if your Force Kick is down.

- Started with 100% HP here. The Emperor will finish off T7 while you're killing the 2nd set of clones and proceed to start casting on you. Hide or if you're quick enough interrupt him. Any clones up will run to where you are hiding while he casts his Force Blast so you can finish them off. You can Force Leap interrupt the next cast when he gets in line of sight.
- I was at around 60% HP when the 3rd set of clones appeared. Saber Ward, Rebuke, medpac was used at this point. You can tell who the real emperor is by the health bar above their heads since he will be a lot lower now. Look at his cast bar and hide from or interrupt the casts since you'll be targeting the clones at this point. I did both whether Force Kick/Stasis was down or not.
- If you got past all that, at around 10-15% he did Force Storm. Hide and wait for him to come to you. Then it's pretty much a finish him off or you die at this point, depending how much health you have. He will chain cast Force Blast and you'll have to hide when your kick is down.
The chest was bugged for me. The only way to loot it is to go back to the very start and reset the phase from your char frame. You'll have to reclear the trash, but the puzzle will be solved and the chest lootable. The chest contains six level 50 droid parts.

By reqq at 2012-01-17 05:45:36

Easy method to kill him. Dance the pillars at his seat running around them, kill the adds with Strike. Did this as lev 48 and dead T7.


By LostDrewid at 2012-02-17 09:15:48

For all those annoyed in the extreme about T7 being the only companion available for this mission, because many of us have not been keeping him geared *at all*, your best bet is to do the puzzle on the ground floor of the Temple. However, for a lot of people, that doesn't work out too well. Did a lot of googling and came up with some solutions.

First of all, the puzzle glitches visually on some video cards. As best as you can tell, click each panel until it shows a vaguely trapezoidal shape. [You know, short line at the top, long line at the bottom.] The goal is to make the whole thing on the floor of the Temple resemble the Imperial symbol. That's the easy part.

Now, the annoying part. All those mobs you killed to get there? Get ready to kill them all over again. You must run back out to where your ship is. There's no need to *board* your ship, just stand outside the Kaas City instance, where you landed on Dromund Kaas. Right-click your portrait, go to phases, and reset current phase. That will respawn all the mobs you've killed. Kill your way back to the Temple, and magically the glitchy chest that you couldn't open is now suddenly interactive.

Inside are five rating 102 pieces of gear for T7, making him a nearly-viable companion again! It's worth the time, in my opinion, to gear him up before taking on the Emperor, especially if you are doing this solo. Even though the Emperor was nerfed into oblivion, it's very handy having a decently-geared T7 to help with the adds.

TL;DR: Kill your way to the Dark Temple. Solve the puzzle. Run out of the class instance. Reset current phase. Kill your way to the Dark Temple again. Loot the treasure chest and its free T7 gear.

By mc008agent at 2012-05-02 23:21:08
Leads to Crystal Ball.
By Soumamitsuko at 2012-01-03 00:12:12
I just did this "puzzle" and the chest spawned, but I couldn't open it. I could do the opening animation and it would have the cast bar, but nothing would happen.
By Mephestio at 2012-01-21 07:38:35

Here's my 2 cent of how i killed the Emperor:

First of all i had to head to a GTM to get some gear for my T7 as like the rest of you, i hadn't used him since level 10-15. All though i had geared him, he still did not put out much damage let alone able to take any, however him hitting the clones is useful, anyhow this is what i did and recommend:

Head back to the GTM and get some gear for your T7 before attempting to fight the Emperor as T7 can be of some use.
Step 1. Head to the top of the throne: Use Sabre Throw and then Force Leap that way you don't have time running back and forth.
Step 2. He'll spawn some clones, make sure you keep an eye on the Emperor's cast bar to interrupt what you can, use Strike to kill the clones and build up some Focus and then get as much damage onto the Emperor as you can, remembering to use defensive cool downs and Call Of The Force.
Step 3. When the next lot of clones spawn run to the top of the stairs and LOS the Emperor behind the pillars, during this time the Clones will run to you, giving you a chance to Strike them.
Step 4. The Emperor will run up to you once he's finished casting all his fancy abilities, again put as much damage onto him as possible (Use a Medipack if needed).
Step 5. When the Emperor spawns his next lot of Clones you can either Force Push him to LOS the same pillar or run to the opposite pillar, again finish the Clones with Strike to build up some Focus.
Step 6. Finish him off, he will only spawn 3 lots of Clones, so now all you need to worry about is interrupting his abilities.

T7 is of some help with getting rid of the Clones if he stays alive long enough but really, he's pretty crap.

I did this as a level 48 Guardian (Defence Spec).

May the force be with you.

By Regiment at 2012-05-03 16:40:56
Solo'd as a 49 Watchman Sentinel. Just focused down the Emperor while ignoring the adds, went down fast and T7 lived, just cleaned up the adds afterwards.
By Draewind at 2012-03-15 19:43:04

I just did this and tried all the tricks above. I got nowhere. When I single target the adds I can't watch the Emperor's cast bar and the adds all cast. When I run and run the Emperor lives a long time and casts Force Blast until he finally gets me.

So, I decided I would stand there and ignore the adds and keep on the Emperor. I interrupted Force Blast the few times it was cast and simply damaged the Emperor with everything I had (49 Guardian Shield spec tank). I think T7 may have killed a few adds, I took off all T7's threat generating abilities and put up his buff that increases his damage and decreases his threat. The Emperor went down pretty fast, about the same time as a very hard mob would have. I am glad I read these strategies so I didn't waste time trying using aoe swiping abilities on the adds. I had the Emperor focused, and when he died, the focus target disappeared. Almost the only way to know he was defeated.

No running, no target changing, just kill the Emperor as fast as you can without distraction other than interrupting Force Blast. Once he is defeated, the adds are an easy clean-up.

By Aleron at 2013-01-01 21:30:56
The puzzle worked the first time for me. Here are the five green droid pieces I picked up from the puzzle chest.
QT-5 Sensor Unit
QT-6 Core
QT-6 Motor
QT-5 Parts
R-15 Micro-pulse Blaster Pistol
By krycis at 2012-01-13 16:03:46
Well, this quest bugged out on me. Not only was the chest not lootable, but after running back to the hall and back to the chamber the Emperor decided to give up. He had the "Talk to Me" icon over his head and when I approached I got to see the completion cut scene. All very anti-climatic and angering.
By bluefrostburn at 2012-03-29 14:24:23
I used xstdoom's fix for the chest puzzle/instance reset, and followed reqq's advice and started off around pillars and LOSing. I ended the fight with t7 and 100%, I'm glad to see TorHead becoming populated with great advice thanks again guys.
By amphitrite at 2013-11-21 01:03:33

I'm a 47 Sent with medicore gear, combat spec, and a T7 I haven't used since I got Kira and I easily one shot him. He was equivalent to a strong mob...

Ignore adds completely and just focus him. The ONLY thing I interrupted was Force Blast because I was worried it wouldn't be off CD. I didn't even use any defensive CDs, just Call on the Force. T7 was in his dps stance and died but the adds don't hurt at all and I was over 50% when he died.

I assume he has either been major nerfed or people are far too worried about the adds.

By mdm111 at 2014-10-28 04:00:56
They seem to have abandoned the whole puzzle aspect of the bonus quest, as I just took a Jedi Knight through this mission and there's just a destroyed astromech you can interact with in the stairwell as you climb to the second floor within the temple.
By neora5 at 2014-11-10 02:14:25

It looks like the puzzle is no longer in this mission. Instead, there is a broken astromech that can be clicked. It's next to the medical droid on the stairs that lead up to the bossfight at the back of the Dark Temple. As soon as you get near it going up the stairs, the "Ancient Relics" bonus mission activates, placing a marker on your map for the droid's location (next to you).

Also, the mission now provides green gear for every slot on T7:
QT-5 Sensor Unit x1
QT-6 Core x2
QT-6 Motor x2
QT-5 Parts x2
R-15 Micro-pulse Blaster Pistol x1
Universal Response Shield Generator x1
Advanced Response Module x1
Advanced Response Implant x2

Note: T7 is only required in the Dark Temple & the bossfight. You can use any companion in Kaas City.

By ravikk at 2012-09-13 23:00:42
After being defeated twice at level 50, spamming the Emperor suggestion, even without Calling on the Force worked, by keeping up the interupt kick and ignorng all the spawns. T7 was still alive after fighting the spawns and my stats were still above 50% after defeating the emperor on the first spawn. Luckily I had chosen to arm T7 with those armors given on quests just prior to this one, before knowing of this quest. The Jedi Councilor had the same type of battle at his end game with a death quake spell, and spamming interupt was the ONLY way to suceed in that character's quest.
By chrrrr at 2012-03-01 05:15:07
Use regg's youtube link. Using the pillar method you don't have to worry about gearing T7 or interrupts or anything, just maneuvering.
By Nyteyes at 2012-12-20 20:10:23
This totally worked. It really sucks for a lot of players that we can only bring T7, HOWEVER it does make sense since droids cannot be manipulated by the Emperor. If you like me have T7 that is way behind on gear you should definitely do this strat. It works and its not exploiting the game by any means. Line of sighting a mob is a great and common tactic used in PvE and PvP MMO games. Props to the poster for showing us this.
By BuddhaBubba at 2012-03-19 09:46:20

Did this as a level 50 Jedi Guardian Tank Spec.

-Went to GTM and got T7 some decent armor (also quite annoyed that I was forced to use T7)
-Executed the same pillar-dancing strategy mentioned by other commentors
*Note: you can not pull the emperor to the stairs and force push him down the central channel as commented by paryn (they must have patched this)

It was definitely the toughest mission of the game and I yelled in frustration a few times. But it was ultimately satisfying to defeat the emperor.

By jzheng05 at 2013-06-28 19:47:56

My advice is mainly directed at Sentinels, I being a Sentinel when I played this. I don't know if this will work for Guardians, but I believe this strategy suits sentinels BEST.
If you had not geared T7 beforehand - you should solve the red laser puzzle first!

I solved the red laser puzzle (the panels were pretty glitchy) in the middle of the temple, which gave a chest that contained level 50 green gear for T7. Basically, make the panels resemble a trapezoid shape, as you want the overall image to look like a Imperial icon. Solving the puzzle will result in a blue light emitting from the symbol and a chest appearing afterwards. Some players, after solving the puzzle will have a bug where the chest is not lootable. This can be solved by leaving the instance and then returning, although this resets all the mobs.

The actual fight wasn't difficult at all, much to my disappointment. As a Sentinel, I just ignored the adds he summoned and basically spam DPS the REAL Emperor. In other words, try to kill the Emperor before he kills you. Occasionally, I interrupted his channels, as those were his main damage arsenal. T7 even managed to survive, much to my surprise - as he held off the clone adds. Make sure he holds aggro for the clones, because the clones can deal some big damage if they are all focused on you. Keeping hitting the loony Sith Emperor, make sure you interrupt his Force channels with force kick, force leap, awe, and force stasis. If he does manage to slip a channel without you noticing, flip on your defensive wards. After killing the jerk, I basically finished off the adds (very easy to kill - but it makes you dizzy looking at so many of them.)

I ended the conflict with no damage dealt to my character at all, and T7 with half health. I still don't know how that happened, but as a Sentinel - my advice is that you should ignore the clones. As soon as you kill the Emperor, you won't half to worry about his channels - and his clones are simple to dispatch but are annoying.

May the Force Be With You.

By DarkAcolyteNZ at 2012-04-21 22:51:46
Draewynds method worked for me
By JuJu at 2014-04-01 23:12:16

Solving the puzzle:
There are 6 pillars (3 on each side) of a red beamed diagram on the floor. Think of the Imperial logo icon sliced as a pie and each of the pillars control one piece of that pie. Each pillar controls one slice of that imperial logo pie. Go to any pillar and click the blue panel. You will see one piece of the image (one slice of the pie) update each time you click with a different design. To create the imperial design, you will need to select the design that has a short flat piece towards the middle and a longer straight piece on the outside. Select this design on every column and there will be a mini-explosion type animation and the chest is ready to be looted.

Emperor was relatively easy to kill with T7's upgrades. I think he's been nerfed since some of these posts. I'm level 48 jedi sentinel using T7 upgrades from the chest and neither of us were close to death at the end.

By Algin at 2012-05-03 09:23:56

Draewind's strategy worked fine for me. FOrget about clones and pillar hugging. Just pound Impy with everything you have - did it as watchman sentinel, with lev 49 mods in orange gear and T7 in puzzle chest green stuff.

The talent that lowers the kick CD is a must in this quest. When clones appear, set T7 on them, while you burn and hit Emperor - use the Inspiration first, to get his HP down fast, then cauterise/overload saber, and all other offensive stuff, while interrupting his cast bar. Then use the skill,t hat restores immediately the 30 centering, and use the Transcendence. He will be dead in no time

By atashe at 2012-01-23 23:10:16

xstdoom's method worked for me really well. for me the real difference maker was making sure T7 was up on the 2nd spawn of clones. that small difference made or broke it for me. kill 1st set of clones quickly, then start interrupting emperor so that T7 stays alive. 2nd set of clones come out and start off killing them, while running to a pillar somewhere. T7 will die, and you'll be behind a pillar with some time to kill the clones.

after that, i basically just pillar humped. I didn't change pillars either, i just kept running around one, LOSing the real emperor if I couldn't interrupt. i used my 1 min CDs that interrupt after the 1st set of clones, and shortly after the 3rd set, they were all up again. but by using the same pillar, i could LOS even the shorter cast time ones.

By Bigsauce at 2011-12-27 03:19:43
You get upgrades for T7 in a chest by completing a super easy puzzle just before the mezzanine. I also bought some gear for T7 at the GTM but am still having serious issues. I've gotten him to 50% and I'm at level 49, but even with perfect interrupts and feeling like I'm doing every small thing I can do out to win, that's the best I can do. Although I fully appreciate the challenge of this fight, they don't really quite prepare you for the difficulty. Seems like he has two abilities that hit for half my health, running around to get rid of the mirrors leaves you open to these and there's just nothing you can do. Even with what.. 5-6 ways to interrupt? It's just ridic.
By Thaldi at 2015-03-15 23:45:35

There is an interesting primer on the Emperor on the swtor website.


This is a timeline of events, and research connecting the dots regarding what we know about the Emperor and the entities we meet during the game. Be forewarned; spoilers galore.

By Hannibal08 at 2012-02-08 17:28:03

To open the chest you need to leave the instance. All the way back to your ship, not just back to Kaas City. The easiest way to do this is just to queue for a warzone and when it ends the chest will be lootable. The instance will also be completely respawned, but that's not really a big deal since you'll still be right there where you queued, which should be in front of the chest.

It will contain some green gear for T7, though Bioware said on their forum that it should be blue gear. It's definitely not however. It's also not a complete set of gear for all slots. I think it's just five items, though I could be remembering wrong and it's just four.

Also, there was what appeared to be a quest item in the chest. Some sort of droid parts. It had the yellow color of quest items, yet when I looted the chest it did not enter my inventory. The chat log actually just said "received item: ", like I'd received and item called blank. It wasn't on my mission tab right after that when I checked, so I have no idea what that was about. Probably just a bugged item that didn't belong there anyway, but it was a legitimate item with description text and a real name. Something like "Spare V-19 Droid Parts". I'd search for more info, but I can't remember the exact name.

By Sheemo at 2012-05-08 18:08:34
Well, I am still trying to kill the ratbastard, but the chest may be fixed. It showed up the first time I made the symbol and has respawned twice since. (I left the instance AFTER getting the chest, dying a few times and trying to get the emperor to respawn, and rage quitting for a few minutes, and it was back when I returned.) So, I have T7 upgraded and will be going to try again today, following all this advice, and hopefully be done with this mess of a quest!
By Joeser777 at 2012-11-11 17:44:18

When you come in you'll notice the emperor on his throne is a level 0 with about 555 health (unless it was just bugged for me).

I did this as a Jedi guardian, as SOON as the cinematic ended I mashed Sundering Strike which does roughly 704-803 damage, it seemed to have one shot the emperor before he teleported to his chair as I guess it hadn't updated his level for the fight yet? (prob would've fixed up when he teleported to his chair) Thus initiated the cinematic of me winning...

So if you can get lucky enough to mash something really fast (that does roughly 600+ damage) before he teleports when the cinematic ends XD

By brunorocha at 2012-04-13 23:43:10
I JUST did this quest adn i didnt trigger any "puzzle" no one said anything, there was no "blue glow" on anything, i didnt know where this puzle was so all i thought was: at one point there will be a door that i will need to unlock to progress, after doing a puzzle i would unlock two doors one would have T7s equipment and the other would lead me tot he emperor.
There was no such thing, so now that i finished the quest (wich in my opinion ended not very epically, if anyone asks i'll say why) can anyone tell me where is the puzzle, what i should do *as of 1.2* so that if i make another knight i will get the equipment.
By mmx2 at 2012-01-22 05:55:10

This was a pain in the royal rear as a Tank spec guardian in full prototype tank gear and t7 having a mix of good and bad gear, but nothing under level 44ish

The puzzle was broken but I played it till it worked, Just had to go by the design on the floor as it shaped into the empire symbol. Of course the chest bugged out if you leave the instance area where your ship landed and reset the phone (not the quest) you can loot it. It's only worth it if your T7 is extremely under geared.

The actual emperor himself is fairly insane, He doesn't seem to have much health though. You need to use every CC and interrupt you have to stop his casting while maximizing your DPS and using your cool downs and med pack to prolong your life. T7 seems to be best to leave in Tank mode with his AoE taunts turned off so that he pretty much just focus' on killing the emperor and random clones and is still able to tank a solid hit. Like others, using the pillars to LoS any spell you can't interrupt and to avoid/easily kill the clones seemed to help a lot.

Over all not a huge surprise here, just another another crazy boss in the JK story line with abilities or cheap tactics that make it hard to solo. The fight even starts out cheap with him 2 feet from you so you can't leap on the initial pull, keep in mind if you wipe the 1st time, when you engage him again he'll port from the thrown to the bottom part of the room and run up behind you with clones.

By oriont at 2011-12-22 21:36:52
It is pretty much BS that they require you to use the droid, it is unbeatable as a solo with the crappy T7. I geared my healer from 30-50 and now I have to use the crappy T7
By Aldashin at 2012-01-01 03:24:42

Yeah, there are some seriously imbalanced "solo" quests in the game, but this might be the most imbalanced for a Jedi Knight.

Level 50, Guardian, spec'd appropriately, item quality gear is 116 or above in all slots, and the basic pattern is to go up against 2 strong opponents, watch T7 inexpicably aggro while doing almost no damage and with none of his threat abilities active while being Guarded by me, T7 dying, me popping a medkit and hoping I kill 1 of the strong opponents before the other finishes me off, call in a medprobe, repeat.

This quest needs to have some redistribution of mob difficulty, the choice to use your companion of choice (would be tough but doable with Doc), or a disclaimer in-game noting the intended difficulty of the quest, As it stands, this quest is the opposite of fun - not because high difficulty is bad in theory (it's not, when done right), but because the tools you're given are extremely limited and insufficient to complete the objectives without some massive cheesing of LOS with the pillars.

By paryn at 2012-01-11 16:16:15

So after a few shots at the emperor and not being able to stand toe to toe with him, I discovered a method of killing him that doesn't require other players to join your class quest.
One word: Force Push.
Step 1: Hit all his clones with Strike and go toe to toe with him. Bring him to about 75%, if possible. The lower the better.
Step 2: Start running away towards the spiral ramp.
Step 3: Position the Emperor so his back is to the cliff. Try to face him so that he doesn't hit the another part of the ramp, but has to fall all the way down the ramp.
Step 4: Force Push.

If it does not kill him out right, it should bring him pretty close. Not the method I would have personally used but for such a stupidly planned encounter, I think it's only fitting.

By undyingvisage at 2012-01-08 02:54:22
i literally had to hire 2 commandos at 100kCr each to help me complete this quest... all 3 of us barely made it with a healer companion of theirs....
By AK47RUS at 2011-12-22 21:16:35
OMG, this mission is SO HARD. Like really hard. You get only %^&*ing T7 to assist you in the battle with emperor. I've never used him since i was gained Kira. So my droid hadnt even got items in some of his slots. And can you imagine, this mission forces you to go with this naked piece of crap the whole way through the Dark Temple. I dont know what to say. IF someone actually knows how to switch companion during dark temple encounter, please, leave your comment.
By Joshmaul at 2011-12-15 21:28:46
So only Jedi Knights get to kill the Emperor? All Imperials get to kill Revan, and yet only one Jedi gets to kill the Emperor. Pshaw.
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