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The Dark Council

You defeated Darth Thanaton in the Kaggath on Corellia, but he fled the final duel, seeking refuge from the Dark Council.


  • Travel to Korriban
  • Go to the Dark Council Chambers
  • Speak to Darth Enraj
  • Defeat Darth Enraj
  • Defeat Darth Enraj's Sith
  • Enter the Dark Council Chambers
  • Defeat Darth Thanaton
  • Speak to Darth Thanaton
  • Use Your Ship to Travel to Dromund Kaas
  • Go to Darth Thanaton's Meditation Chambers
  • Use the Intercom on Thanaton's Desk

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Korriban: Imperial Orbital Station: Imperial Agent Airlock, Sith Academy: Dark Council Chamber, Dromund Kaas, and Sith Sanctum: Darth Thanaton's Meditation Chamber


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 11305 Experience


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29 comments found
By anthonypants at 2012-02-01 01:26:24

After you kill Thanaton, you get to make some conversation choices:

If you saved Darth Achelon, you can tell him to kill Thanaton's supporters, collect artifacts and rituals, or "serve the people".

Your force ghost friends show up too, and you have the option of keeping them around or freeing them. I forced them all to be bound to me, and didn't make any pact in blood. I got the opportunity to ask them I could help them find peace, but Kalatosh Zavros told me, "No, you are too dark. You are doomed to our same fate and therefore cannot save us." I'm DS 4; maybe LS inquisitors get a different option? If you force them to stay, Andru and Ergast get pissed off. If you tell them they're free, Horak-Mul would rather stay with you than be forgotten on Hoth.

Then you get to talk to your followers, and you tell them your next goals are to find more power, to defend the Empire against the Republic, or to take over the Sith Empire.

Afterward, you can talk to Khem Val to start The Escape if you have enough reputation with him.

By Eratus at 2012-01-10 01:50:59

What worked for me: (level 50 Lightning Sorcerer)

* Even though I never used him before, Talos Drelik did the trick. Just not having to worry about healing was key.
* Constantly move to avoid zones.
* Keep up Affliction and Crushing Darkness as much as possible.
* Using Static Barrier on cooldown.
* Interrupt every healing (revivification) Thanaton casts.

The fight will take awhile, but shouldn't be a problem.

By Vekrara at 2012-01-18 17:02:01

I'm Corruption spec (heal) and I tried doing this quest with Talos as the companion and ran out of force when I got Thanaton to 50% so I ran outside to reset the fight. I tried using Xalek since I've really kept his gear up to date and was able to down him on the next try. I had him in Force Barrier stance and I just made sure I put down revivification where Xalek was tanking and used Innvervate as much as I could to proc a free Consumption. I also had to pop Recklessness and both my Relics which helped out a lot. Xalek didn't take too much damage except during Force Storm. I just put him as passive for this part and just stayed out of Force Storm. Rinse and repeat. Oh and I also disrupted his heals. Didn't interrupt the other ones.

**Why did I get a downrate for this? This is how I was able to down him after trying other ways. SMH**

By krisbane at 2012-02-24 16:29:45
Revivification is the biggy. Save your interrupts for that, watch where you're standing at all times, keep DoTs on him and you shouldn't have any problems. If he gets that spell off, though, and you can't knock him out of it's field of effect it's incredibly hard to get his health to go down.
By Janus1 at 2012-03-02 09:28:08

Note, the last part "The Dark Council" where you are directed to Travel to Dromund Kass:

You MUST use your starship to get there - don't take the shuttle from the Fleet, etc. Otherwise the mission won't update properly.

When it updates, it should read "Go to Darth Thanaton's Meditation Chambers"

By Sleagh at 2012-10-06 15:17:43


If your lightside, I hold the title of pure you can save all 4 of the ghosts and set them free into the force. I know most of you are dark so figured id put that out there for those curious =D

By Dragonkitty at 2012-01-18 10:50:38

I did this quest as a level 49 0/8/32 Assassin. I started out with Xalek and failed hard. Per comments here I switched to Talos. I have never really quested with him so most of his gear were items he started with. First phase of the fight used interrupts as much as possible, Talos had no problem keeping me healed. Second phase of the fight Thanaton starts spam casting Force Storm. At this point he cannot be controlled, but force storm is pretty easy to avoid if you keep moving. After he gets bored with Force Storm he becomes controllable again, so back to interrupting as needed. Talos and I were at full health at this point from avoiding Force Storm so the end of the fight was pretty easy.

TL:DR Use Talos, avoid Force Storm, Win

By Cetan at 2012-01-27 03:37:32

Soloable at Level 46 (when 50s are no longer Red-Con) Assassin, Madness tree.

Companion was Talos, gear was Oranges with 40-44 mods, 100-108 armor rating.

Used Dark Charge, guarded Talos, and basically used Discharge, Shock, Death Field, and Creeping Terror. When I got the occasional Trash on him, I used Crushing Darkness insta-cast procs. Took around 15 minutes, but didn't have to pop a medpack, Deflection, or even Channel the Force.

Always keep moving, don't stand in his Death Field or Affliction. I try to Jolt every Revitalization, or Overload if Jolts on cooldown. If nothing works, I run clear to the opposite end of the room to force him to move out of his heal circle to be in range of me.

By xxxLesy at 2012-02-01 14:50:22
As a light side inquisitor I got the option to redeem them and it worked. Everyone was happy.
By Quozzy at 2012-01-09 22:57:14
Not too hard as a lvl 50 assassin, I used my healer companion and just put him on follow during the lightning phase. Otherwise interrupt as much as possible and it's fine.
By Drummdude01 at 2012-01-08 16:39:34
Just did it as a lightning spec sorc with khem val. Khem didn't even have to die. Really not that hard, and no bugs.
By Sixo at 2012-01-09 10:08:33

I am specced healer, and have leveled up with Khem.
On certain boss level sorcerer mobs he has gone down like a rock, and I've had to put him on passive just to move out of Force Storms. But against Thanaton, I could just let him stand in one place while i dealt damage to the boss. Threw the occasional Static Barrier and Innervate (for a free Consumption) on Khem.

Save your interrupts for when he uses his heal (Revivification).

By brunorocha at 2013-10-21 20:53:14
I have a really bad bug in my opinion on the last cutscene, when the time comes to keep or release the ghosts, Zavros says that i binded him by blood so he'll just leave. Except i binded all ghosts by force. I did however ask into binding them by blood and then when my only options were to bind by blood or force i chose force. Since i am preferred status i can't make a ticket or post in the forums so if a kind sub could please tell the MAN that i am having this issue i'd appreaciate it.
By GeneralK at 2012-03-28 11:52:35
soloed thanaton as a lvl 48 madness sorc. after a swearing fit trying to kite Khem Val my ultra gear'd tank outta the lightning storm spam and watching him die hilariously.. i switched to my ghetto Andronikos ranged dpser(note andronikos has no helm/ implants/ or earpiece at this time and hasnt had new gear on him since lvl 30).. what a joke the fight became.. during about 50% hp thanaton starts spamming force storm just run around like a chicken with your head cut off using force speed and dotting up thanaton.. interrupt revivication at all costs.. and force lightning that hurts.. use overload u can get within melee range of him just be sure to run away if hes laying down an aoe thrashing.
after a tough fight thanaton finally died. awesome cinematic and awesome ending.
By neoshade75 at 2012-01-22 04:59:23
L50 Sorcerer, Lightning
Gear rating ranged from 112-120 (would have been higher if I had remembered to buy Corellia Commendations before leaving the planet)
I used Xalek. It was a tough fight but I won on the first try. Make sure you stay out of the zones, interrupt often, keep up your rotation between healing and static barrier(ing) Xalek (you'll also have to heal yourself with Dark Fusion and Medipacs). Really tough, but doable. My gear leaned toward Accuracy and Critical Rating.
By DarkNonique at 2012-05-05 03:04:09

Did as 47 Assassin tank. Main companion has been Andronikos. So, his gear was up to date, minus implants/relic. This fight was a complete joke.

Interrupt what you can, focus revivification though, and stay out of his AoE. Didn't get below 80% and I didn't need to blow any of my CD's.
Was really hoping for more of a challenge.

As far as the ending, I'm rather upset one of the DC members actually killed him and I didn't get to deliver the final blow.

By Burijetto at 2012-05-27 13:01:26
By Quozzy at 2012-01-09 22:57:14
Not too hard as a lvl 50 assassin, I used my healer companion and just put him on follow during the lightning phase. Otherwise interrupt as much as possible and it's fine.

Just want to corroborate this comment. I tried and failed as a Deception Assassin several times with Khem Val as my companion. Then I switched to (a seemingly undergeared) Talos and got him on the first try.

By JChaosATL at 2012-06-08 23:02:39
Level 47-48 Sorc. I started my attempts as 47 healing spec and struggled to handle interrupts while my companions DPSed. Brought Talos out, found my DPS was slow and I couldn't keep Thanaton off of Talos, so he died. Leveled to 48 (I only needed like 10k xp, I was trying to get my Darth title at 47 like I did on my Juggy) then respec'd Madness, geared Talos, went in and it was cake. Kept DoTs up, stayed out of the fire, interrupted Reviv, one shotted the fight. It was MUCH easier with ranged companions, and vastly easier as DPS. He doesn't hit hard physically, and his spells are laughable if you're dodging them all, so there's utterly no point in running as a heals/tank setup with Khem or Xalek. Kind of disappointing, because Khem has been with me since the beginning, but it's just silly to use him. Wouldn't have minded using Xalek, but it just didn't seem to work well. I wish companions would avoid the fire automatically, because juggling passive off/on is awkward. But at any rate, easy enough quest, avoid fire and win.
By Ryukishi at 2012-01-05 11:49:57

Did this last night, L49 Assassin 02/31/7. Tried w/ Xalek blowing cooldowns, interrupting, not knowing Thanaton goes immune to controls at some point for about a minute. Vanished a few times to reset. Then I did it with my homeboy, Talos, and we rocked that $%^&. Never went below 40%. The split between you and Talos keeps the aoe damage down to a minimum. Sometimes Thanaton targets him, sometimes he targets you, but not nearly as harmful when its 2 melee together. I interrupted but not nearly as necessary or stressful. Your choice of companion can really make and/or break a fight. Talos=EZ Mode.

PS - I was Dark Side V, got the Darth Nox title, but didn't experience the bug that has been noted previously.

By Mogster1234 at 2012-02-08 02:08:41
Not too hard as a healing-spec sorcerer, just a long fight. In retrospect, I probably should have brought a dps companion since all Thanaton does is stand in one spot and cast spells. I used Xalek and put him on passive when I needed to pull him out of Thanaton's AoEs and heal him, then sent him back in. The key seems to be controlling Thanaton's heals: he will cast Revivification which puts a purple circle on the ground and heals him while he's standing in it, so be sure to either interrupt the cast or knock him out of it. (He won't run back in.) And keep dots on him as much as possible.
By mikl352 at 2012-12-25 11:34:59

- Of Mind and Matter ? Level 3
- The Plight of the Acolyte ? Level 4
- A Little Knowledge ? Level 5
- The Secret of Tulak Hord ? Level 7
- Martial Law ? Level 8
- A Map to the Future ? Level 11 [Khem Val & Lightsaber]
- Go to Dromund Kaas ? Level 11

Dromund Kaas
- Onwards to Dromund Kaas ? Level 9
- At the Foot of the Colossus ? Level 11
- Dismantling the Machine ? Level 13
- Giant Killer ? Level 14
- In the Hall of Traitors ? Level 15 [Spaceship & Start Chapter 1]

- Plans ? Level 15
- Scientific Inquiry ? Level 16
- Extraction ? Level 17
- The Path to Power ? Level 18
- Into the Pit ? Level 19

Nar Shaddaa
- The Call - Level 20
- The Prophet Arrives - Level 20
OR The Krayt Gang - Level 21
OR Curing the Rot - Level 21
- Manufacturing Miracles - Level 21
- The Big Show - Level 22
- The Final Act - Level 23
- Preparations - Level 24 [Kallig's Countenance]

- Andronikos Revel - Level 24
- The Pirate and The Girl - Level 25
- Vengance - Level 26
- Into the Dune Sea [Andronikos Revel] - Level 27

- The Secrets of the Jedi - Level 28
- A Woman Scorned - Level 29
- Secret Rendezvous - Level 30
- In the Halls of Elysium - Level 31
- Service Rewarded - Level 30
- Inheritance - Level 32
- Legacy - Level 32
- Taking Control [End Chapter 1] - Level 32
- Sith Hierarchy - Level 32

- The Padawan - Level 32
- Laying the Trap - Level 33
- Means of Persuasion - Level 34
- The Apprentice [Ashara Zavros] - Level 35

- Thanathon Strikes Back - Level 36

- Scouring the Wastes - Level 37
- Bitter Rivalries - Level 37
- Into the Assassin Temple - Level 38
- The Fallen Dreadnought - Level 39
- Conflagration - Level 41
- Battles to be Won [Talos Drellik & End Chapter 2] - Level 41

- The Price of Power - Level 41
- Prison Break - Level 42
- Strange Science - Level 42
- Ghosts in the Walls - Level 43
- Mother - Level 43

- Building a Power Base - Level 44
- Visions and Visionaries - Level 44
- Secrets of the Force - Level 45
- Necessary Sacrifice - Level 46
- The Ritual - Level 47
- Testing [Xalek] - Level 47

- First Strike - Level 47
- Blood and Fire - Level 48
- Fatal Blow - Level 49
- The Duel - Level 50
- The Dark Council - Level 50

- The Escape - Level 50
- Looking Ahead - Level 50

By scottd90 at 2012-07-15 10:32:29
I did this at 45 with talos as a darkness assassin, i had help from a 49 sorcerer with ashara, the first group was very easy. Thanaton was a bit annoying with his death field and affliction. his static barrier makes him invulnerable to incapacitating and movement affects
By zaki at 2012-10-13 22:55:38
Just did this as a Light IV and was able to get the light ending. I took the options "How can I help you find peace?" and then "Go then, find peace." There's a little ritual and some glowy stuff happens, and the ghosts basically get redeemed. I got no light side points for it.
By pennfold at 2011-12-27 12:53:22

Edit: Fixed as of 1.0.1 on 12/27/11

As of release the problems with this quest bugging out remain. For some characters the quest bugs in Thanaton's meditation chamber on DK and will not allow the completion of the cutscene showing the resolution of the story. Personally I have tried relogging, reloading the UI (ctrl+U x2), and dropping the quest to no avail (Note that if you try dropping it you'll have to go back to Korriban and do the hard part again). It is currently speculated that it is only bugged for people who receive the title Darth Nox in the previous cutscene on Korriban. Regardless it means that some people are unable to complete the culmination of their class quest and can not receive their "Darth" title.

On an absolutely related note, while you are on the quest and unable to turn it in, the problematic cutscene in question will erroneously begin under strange circumstances. For example, I was attempting to exit my ship once and Khem'Val appeared from a top down view against a backdrop of stars as though I were on a space mission. He then began giving all the dialogue of the cutscene while floating in space. It was illuminating but still didn't give me my title.

By C0BR4cH at 2012-01-26 21:16:01
Just completed this as 47er Sorc (Heal Specc). It was quiet simple, took Ashara as Companion as she was my best equipped one. She did the dmg, I healed everything away. Just puted sometimes the dots on Thanaton, interrupted his Revivication and decursed the Afflication stacks from Ashara. For me this fight was even easyer than the one on Corellia, Ashara received less dmg during the fight and I had to heal less.
By Tibius at 2012-01-05 00:59:29
Killing Thanaton in this quest proved to be more difficult than on Correlia, because the arena is small, and it would be hard to avoid his voidzones, but still doable. Personally I recommend Madness spec 3/7/31, since your companion hardly will survive Tanaton`s AoE, and Mad Sorcerers make good kiters. The fight took three steps: first, Tan used voidzone, Force Lightning and Slow, eventually healing himself with Revivification. Me and my trusty Xalek burned down all buttons and took off 25% of Tanaton`s HP, then I used Channel the Force to reset Electrocute and Sacrifice ho heal myself to full, and Xalek valorosly died to a lightning. A second later his demise, Thanaton began to cast Force Storms around the room, so I bubbled myself and started to run around on Force Speed, trying to avoid being hit; afer 25-30 seconds or so, the Storm phase ended, and Thanaton returned to his favorite Voidzone+Slow strategy, thus alloving me to kite him around the room: Affliction, Creeping Terror and Death Field did the job, with eventual Shock if the situation enables.... Jolt his Force Lightning, becase it hits really hard, Overload him away from his healing zone, use medpacks and Elecrocute+Dark Infusion to heal yourself, bubble constantly and run, run, run clock/counterclockwise around the chamber - at some point he suddenly die to your DoTs. A little bit dull, but at least not truly hard.
By Dysorl at 2012-01-09 00:30:41
The quest bugged for me as well. Though, creating a ticket and closing it triggered the cutscene.
By Amgigh at 2012-02-24 14:49:39
lvl 50 Sorecerer, lightning/madness. I tried with Thalos as companion first, didn?t go so well, so next time i chose to get my old pal Khem Val along. Took a presence stim. Interrupts and dots on Thanathon as much as possible, keeping out for his aoe, and keeping Khem with the Static Barrier , supporting with Lightning force between dotting an some healing, it wasn?t too hard. Much easier than on Corellia.
By jamesbond at 2012-01-29 23:15:07

Gayest most useless un-heroic quest in the %^&*ing game.

This game sucks so much cock.

I didnt have one bit of "fun" doing this quest.

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