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Sergeant Hurd discovered that medicine has been stolen from Fort Garnik's stock. He believes a Cathar at the refugee camp may be responsible.

Speak with the Cathar named Yael at the refugee camp in Fort Garnik to determine her involvement.


  • Speak to Yael
  • Loot the Stolen Medicine

Important conversationsClass     Companion  

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Fort Garnik, Talloran Village, and Ord Mantell


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 1035 Experience


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By sahib at 2011-12-05 07:16:40
Strange LS/DS options here. Basically, by stealing from the military you're being part of, and condemning some soldiers to die, you are given LS points.
By WaruiTanuki at 2012-01-02 22:56:42
Based on the Lore entry for the refugees, they're not any better than the gov./military, since crime is running rampant through their camps and they fight each other over scraps. How do you know the refugee woman is even going to use the medicine for humanitarian purposes? All you have is her word and a sob story, but how do you know she's not going to just sell them to the highest bidder and leave the sick, but resource poor among them to die? The kid? Could be part of the scam. Both sides are composed of corrupt and non-corrupt individuals, so assigning "need" based on morality is impossible. Giving it to the refugees ensures that the non-corrupt soldiers die along with any corrupt ones. Even if they're corrupt, more soldiers in fighting shape on the front lines means a quicker end to the conflict, meaning the refugees don't have to be refugees anymore, and won't need to steal supplies. If you want to give it to one or the other, you should think in terms of which would do the greater good in the long term, which means giving it to the soldiers should be an LS choice. Or, just make it where, whoever you give it to, you have the option of giving it for free or demanding payment as the LS/DS choice. As written, this is a faulty LS/DS choice, in my opinion. Oh, and for that matter, other than the word of an unapologetic thief (Yael), I haven't seen anything by the point when I got this mission suggesting that the millitary is corrupt.
By Bracolem at 2011-11-23 21:24:31
As a trooper, talking to Yael, will let you threaten the child she is standing with. Doing so will grant you 100 dark side points, and result in you needing to go loot the medicine from Talloran Village.
By asmodai at 2011-11-25 13:27:58
Handing the medicine to Yael will give you 100 light side points as well as Hardened Plastifold Boots as Trooper.
By LentzRose at 2011-11-27 13:40:22
Handing the medicine to Hurd will give you 50 Dark side points as well as Drelliad boots as Smuggler.
By asmodai at 2011-12-06 06:45:48
The Smuggler's Drelliad Boots.
By idiggory at 2011-12-31 13:52:05

I think the light side/dark side aspect of this mission isn't so much about citizen vs. soldier, it's about need. The military command and gov't on Ord Mantell is pretty corrupt, and as a result the refugees are suffering even worse than they should be. This isn't so much about choosing who gets to live or die (getting the medicine back is certainly better than not). It's about who needs it the most. The refugees are powerless--even though the military is fighting the separatists, the corruption in their ranks is keeping the refugees from receiving aid. Giving them the medicine is doing your part to make up for that corruption. Giving it to the military is ensuring that their corruption keeps the refugees downtrodden.

Remember that not all light/dark actions are about screwing others over. A lot of them are about self-sacrifice vs. greed, or righting wrongs. And the greater good is almost never the goal of a light side choice. Giving the medicine to the army might very well save soldier lives sometime in the future. But it will definitely save refugee lives now. And the army has active supply lines--they very well could get more medicine. This is the refugee's only shot.

By idiggory at 2012-01-08 11:28:36

The difference is that the refugees have no other options, but the military does. It's a choice between helping the group who doesn't have any power, and helping the group that does. The military is fully capable of keeping their base stocked with medicine. If the officers weren't all slacking off or using the funds for their own gain, it would be. The refugees have no options at all. Neither of these two groups deserve to die--but the military actually has the powerful to keep that from happening. The refugees don't. The military can order in a new shipment, which would take under a day to arrive from off-world (and they have a fully defended spaceport). The refugees have no hope for more medicine at all.

The reason why it's so important to get back this shipment has as much to do with hiding the ineptitude of the soldiers as it does with actually retrieving the medicine. Hell, are we supposed to believe that their ENTIRE stock of medicine was stolen by one Cathar? I can't help but believe that they are still quite stocked. Even if they weren't, they could absolutely get a new shipment, but they are too busy covering up their own (laughable) breach in security that they don't consider it an option. Meanwhile, the refugees have to suffer, with their only hope for recourse being the minefield game. Yeah, no. This is a fine light side / dark side option. It's a choice between defending the weak vs. defending the strong.

By pcr082 at 2012-05-01 07:13:08

(More facts less Story please :P )
As a Smuggler, handing in the medical supplies gives you both 50 Light AND 50 Dark side Points. Yael provides 100 Light side Points.
Both NPCs provide credits, experience and :

Drelliad Boots
Binds on Pickup
17 Armor (Rating 10)
Durability: 100/100
Total Stats:
+3 Cunning
+4 Endurance
Item Modifications
Augment: Open
Requires Medium Armor

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