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The Master Stratagem

Following the Eagle's defeat and your confrontation with Darth Jadus aboard the Dominator, you were granted a well-deserved rest from your duties in Imperial Intelligence. Now the time for rest is over, and a new mission begins.

You've been summoned to Dromund Kaas. Travel to Imperial Intelligence headquarters and speak to Keeper.


  • Use Your Ship to Travel to Dromund Kaas
  • Speak to Keeper
  • Travel to Nar Shaddaa
  • Use Your Ship's Intercom
  • Go to the SIS Meeting Place
  • Speak to Hunter
  • Locate the Imperial Droid Factory
  • Scout the First Location
  • Scout the Second Location
  • Scout the Third Location
  • Access the Main Computer
  • Defeat the First Wave of Droids
  • Defeat the Second Wave of Droids
  • Defeat the Final Wave of Droids
  • Overload the First Emergency Panel
  • Overload the Second Emergency Panel
  • Overload the Third Emergency Panel
  • Take a Speeder and Escape
  • Rendezvous with Hunter
  • Speak to Ardun Kothe
  • Use Your Ship's Holoterminal

Important conversationsClass     Companion  

  • Imperial Agent
    I'm here for a meeting.
    +15 with Vector
    Imperial Agent
    [Flirt] Maybe something else.
    +15 with Kaliyo
    Imperial Agent
    No thank you.
    Imperial Agent
    Get out of my face.
    +15 with Kaliyo

    Imperial Agent
    The Hutts and I go way back.
    Imperial Agent
    I can't just fight my people!
    +15 with Vector
    Imperial Agent
    How about I blow it up?

    Imperial Agent
    This is the first test, then.
    Imperial Agent
    But you still need me.
    Imperial Agent
    You really are obnoxious.
    +15 with Kaliyo

    Imperial Agent
    What's going on here?
    Imperial Agent
    I did what I had to.
    +15 with Vector
    Imperial Agent
    My feelings aren't relevant.
    +15 with Kaliyo
  • Imperial Agent
    I'm looking forward to it.
    +15 with Kaliyo
    Imperial Agent
    You're still bitter, huh?
    -1 with Kaliyo
    Imperial Agent
    We're not "selling out."
    -1 with Kaliyo
  • Imperial Agent
    I appreciate that.
    +15 with Vector
    Imperial Agent
    What are your doubts?
    +15 with Vector
    Imperial Agent
    Just don't draw suspicion.
    -1 with Vector
  • Imperial Agent
    It's an honor to be here.
    -1 with Kaliyo
    Imperial Agent
    Where's the man in charge?
    Imperial Agent
    This is all you've got?
    +15 with Kaliyo

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in X-70 Phantom, Dromund Kaas, Imperial Intelligence Headquarters, Nar Shaddaa: Mezenti Spaceport, Star Cluster Casino: The Red Lounge, Imperial Droid Factory, and Republic Safe House


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 6760 Experience


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5 comments found
By GrnKnight at 2012-02-19 00:20:33
By Morthraine at 2012-01-14 21:50:15
If you saved Watcher X, he talks to you in this one.
By HaikenEdge at 2012-05-13 11:14:21
Even if you kill Watcher X, he still talks to you.
By rshel at 2013-11-03 23:17:03
After you use the intercom upon arrival at Nar Shaada, the Kaliyo and Vector conversations above occur. The Vector notes fail to show affection gain from the "what are your doubts" choice.
By MaxWilder at 2014-12-01 04:22:56
Wow. I think this is the first time a part of the story (and the way I interact with it) has actually disturbed me. Well done.
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