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You came to Nar Shaddaa to neutralize the local terror cell, and with the help of the imprisoned Watcher X, you found and destroyed the terrorist front company VerveGen.

To ensure that the terror cell can't rebuild, you need to destroy its communications hub. Take a speeder to the Network Access area, head to the terror cell's communications hub and destroy the main computer there.


Important conversationsClass     Companion  

  • Imperial Agent
    Why so angry?
    Imperial Agent
    It's my decision.
    -1 with Kaliyo
    Imperial Agent
    Worried about your secrets?
    -1 with Kaliyo

    Imperial Agent
    He knew your secrets.
    -1 with Kaliyo
    Imperial Agent
    His mistake.
    +15 with Kaliyo
    Imperial Agent
    I'm glad he fought us.
  • Imperial Agent
    It's already a problem.
    +40 with Kaliyo
    Imperial Agent
    I'll take care of him.
    +40 with Kaliyo
    Imperial Agent
    There wasn't any breach.
    -30 with Kaliyo
  • Imperial Agent
    I'm a loyal agent.
    -1 with Kaliyo
    Imperial Agent
    You're not a reliable source.
    Imperial Agent
    Finally, we get to fight.

    Imperial Agent
    I won't.
    +15 with Kaliyo
    Imperial Agent
    You can still surrender.
    -1 with Kaliyo
    Imperial Agent
    Intelligence won't let me.
    -1 with Kaliyo

    Imperial Agent
    You planned this.
    Imperial Agent
    I don't understand.
    Imperial Agent
    I'll kill you.
    +15 with Kaliyo

    Imperial Agent
    I'm listening.
    -1 with Kaliyo
    Imperial Agent
    I should trust you?
    +15 with Kaliyo
    Imperial Agent
    You can't bribe me.

    Imperial Agent
    Not a chance.
    +15 with Kaliyo
    Imperial Agent
    I'm intrigued.
    Imperial Agent
    You scum.
    +15 with Kaliyo

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Terror Cell's Communications Hub, Nar Shaddaa: Mezenti Spaceport: Docking Bay 66, and X-70 Phantom


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 4585 Experience


1 NPC found
2 items found
NameLevelReq.SlotSell Price
A-60 Elite Stealth Saboteur
24Ranged Main Hand, Slot 67290
Fusion Saboteur
24Ranged Main Hand, Slot 67290
10 comments found
By yodascooby at 2012-01-07 01:03:41

As of Jan. 7th, 2012, there is no accompanying text to your possible responses to Darth Zhorrid. Until they fix the bug, here are the exact responses.

First choice
1 - You asked me to seek out the people who murdered Lord Jadus, and that's what I've been doing.
2 - It was a great honor. I only hope to live up to your expectations. [-1 Kaliyo Rep]
3 - If I recall, you tried to have me murdered as some sort of test. [+15 Kaliyo Rep]

Second choice
1 - I understand and I beg forgiveness.
2 - I assure you, my lord, I've reported all my findings to Intelligence.
3 - My orders come from Keeper, not the Sith.

Third choice
1 - My task will be to find these "secrets"?
2 - You think Jadus's secrets will win the council's respect?
3 - I think you're in over your head.

Fourth choice
1 - Was he afraid of something? And why Nar Shadaa?
2 - And this advisor can tell you what Jadus knew.
3 - Do you think Yanol knows something about the terrorists?

EDIT: Confirmation credit for entries 4.2 and 4.3 go to "nezroy" and "Torheadborkedmyacct", respectively.

By silphcow at 2012-02-24 18:12:36
Next quest in the line is Shadow of the Dark Lord.
By Chocolina at 2014-11-04 22:04:59

Reply to:

By Icelandic at 2012-01-10 11:56:34
***WARNING*** Light-Side Plot Outcome Ahead ...

***WARNING*** Both-Side Plot Outcome Ahead ***LAST WARNING***

In autumn 2014 the light side choices lead unavoidably into killing Watcher X, where as my dark-choice Char helped him escape and received the letters which you quoted.
Personally I think, it should be the other way round. Watching my light-side char killing him, feels just wrong.

I would like to post the letter which my light-side character received, but I'm playing in another language and my English isn't good enough to translate it properly.
So a short resume must do:
The letter is from Fixer 7, who is thankful, because he saw Watcher X as a great threat: he still has never healing scars from a mission which went out of control because of Watcher X, and he considers himself with his scars as lucky compared to many others. He and the other Fixers will do an autopsy and researches so that "a mistake like Watcher X" will never happen again.

By Icelandic at 2012-01-10 11:56:34

***WARNING*** Light-Side Plot Outcome Ahead ***LAST WARNING***

At the end of the mission, you choose to either let Watcher X escape Shadowtown with or without notifying Imperial Intelligence. If you choose to let him escape unheeded, he will send you mails detailing information that he has collected across his career. For posterity, and for the dark-siders among the Imperial Agents, these are those e-mails:

Message #1

[Message utilizes non-standard encoding. Attempted reconstruction follows.]

I had to perform physical violence last night. I find it distasteful. But certainly better than being locked in a box with a bomb in my head.

I've sent you what I can, for now. If our paths intersect again, I'll see what I can do.

One other thing--there's more to Czerka Corporation's corruption than the obvious. Still working out the pattern.

62-LEP+AB385project[sic] was initiated as a joint operation of Imperial Intelligence and the Science Bureau and has been running (in various forms) for almost seventy years. Branches include Project Harvest (alien genetic study and reformatting), Project Cicerone (SLV serum series, genetic loyalty programming and Castellan restraints), Project Protean lavl=vlas-?afr[sic]

Message #2

[Message utilizes non-standard encoding. Attempted reconstruction follows.]

You helped me, I help you. Contents downloaded from Intelligence databanks and encrypted to avoid flagging by the Minders' monitoring software. Suggest you delete after reading.

More to come later.

d-0P*Afleswrofile[sic] Addendum: Kaliyo Djannis
time spent with the Revolutionary Edge Brigade is unknown, but she has repeatedly contacted the Wheezer and his anarchists over the years. Criminal activity reports indicate a role in the Curovao Bombing (see alias "Lisha Tetch.")

If Kaliyo Djannis must be controlled and an appeal to self-interest is impossible, recommend locating the Wheezer and the REBThiU6rieriat2Ub[sic]

8?lEd8lU9oAile:[sic] Watcher Two
Name: Shara Jenn
Gender: Female
Species: Human (enhanced)

Message #3

[Message utilizes non-standard encoding. Attempted reconstruction follows.]

I promised you more data. I keep my word.

It's strange, being free of Shadow Town. I'd forgotten how many different-colored suns there are.

U#h*agie?Revaluated[sic] highly during initial operations and granted Watcher designation.

Personality: Watcher Two is acutely aware of the significance and the limitations of her genetic enhancements--although technically adept, she struggles with rapid environmental changes that leave her unable to integrate new variables. Following her teenage difficulties, she has come to accept her programmed loyalty controls but still suffers in field operations.

Watcher Two's emotional limits are well formed. Should she become romantically engaged with a human colleague, standard support and trust benefits may arise without compromising security. Her priorities are clear.

+9uplawoject[sic] Protean

By BikerGirl69 at 2012-03-19 00:33:25
You'll find Darth Zhorrid's responses on this quest: http://www.torhead.com/mission/cJMaQE3/shadow-of-the-dark-lord
By vorn at 2012-01-01 11:55:24

Ok - I tried to map the choices. Hope this helps agents trying to do this quest until they fix the bug:

Dialog Choice 1:
1 - Neutral Answer
2 - Great Honor (-1 Kaliyo Rep)
3 - Aggressive Response (+15 Kaliyo Rep)

Dialog Choice 2:
1 - Ask Forgiveness
2 - Assure Darth Zhorrid
3 - Hostile Response - You work for the Keeper not the Sith

Dialog Choice 3:
1 - Inquisitive
2 - Same
3 - Aggressive; Challenge Darth Zhorrids competence

Dialog Choice 4:
1 - Questioning
2 - Declarative
3 - Link to the Terrorists

By nezroy at 2012-01-08 00:19:40

I can confirm that 4th choice, 2nd option is "And this advisor can tell you what Jadus knew."

EDIT: This is in reply to yodascooby's comment...

By Torheadborkedmyacct at 2012-01-09 00:19:21

I can confirm that the 4th option is:

"Do you think Yanol knows something about the terrorists?"

By Djahn at 2012-01-02 06:06:08
Thanks so much, that was a big help!
By Hoticehunter at 2011-12-30 04:26:06
The conversation tabs with Darth Zhorrid on your ship doesn't have anything written down to tell you what your response will be, hooray for early mmo bugs! -_-
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