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The Wolf Baron has captured hundreds of Organa citizens. He has demanded a meeting with Duke Charle Organa to negotiate for their release. Go to the coordinates the Wolf Baron has provided in order to start the negotiations.

Meet the Wolf Baron at the rendezvous point along the Apalis Coast.


  • Go to the Wolf Baron's Coordinates
  • Defeat the Blackguard Ambush
  • Defeat the Wolf Baron
  • Defeat the Wolf Baron's Guards
  • Defeat Thul Prison Guards
  • Defeat Sith War Apprentices
  • Return to Duke Charle Organa

Important conversationsClass     Companion  

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Wolf Baron's Field Base, The Apalis Coast, and Organa Castle: Duke Organa's Salon


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 5765 Experience


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By Satman at 2012-03-16 06:54:05
Defeating the sith apprentices is not a simple task. There are level 28 and level 29 siths. I found the level 28 much easier. The only one I found was in a building where one of the freeze weapon guys were located. The level 29 casters have a nasty blow that can one shot you right near the end of the fight. Maybe silencing them and staying shielded would help. The 28 seems to primarily use his light saber and is a much easier fight. I let him reset and killed the same one three times. Go out kill other Thul guards come back and finish.
By Gumblejak at 2012-04-23 18:55:07

There appear to be 3 types of Sith War Apprentice:
- level 29 glows red - uses alot of lightning attacks, big damage spikes and hard to kill
- level 29 glows blue - uses death field, less damage, much easier to kill
- level 28 no glow - mostly uses sabre and generic force attacks, also easier to kill

I found a level 28 at one of the drop ship platforms. There were several blue glow level 29s scattered around.

By Armstrong at 2012-02-17 16:43:17
"Paladin of House Organa" would have been an awesome title to have access to!
By Dorian73 at 2013-04-16 09:00:02
Whatever you lose, you can always make up in gifts. So if you lose 30, get it back by grinding some gifts. I should think this would help, no?
By srmalloy at 2013-10-19 13:49:44
It's not an optimal solution, because it means that you start the fight without your companion, but I've found that if you send your companion off to sell your trash drops before you start a conversation, it 'insulates' them from the affection loss of your choices. I haven't tried it with this particular conversation, but if you send your companion to sell your trash, then go through the conversation to that choice, and wait until there's only about ten seconds left until your companion returns before making the choice, you should get them back only a few seconds into the fight and not have to eat the affection loss.
By Frankieo at 2012-01-16 00:58:32
You can rest happily in our jails until the Republic ransoms you back--or you can have three hundred deaths on your conscience.
Choosing "For their sake, I surrender." while having Kira Carsen grants you not +40, but +45 with her.
By HollyC at 2012-05-28 02:15:45

If you're not a Jedi Consular, you're screwed in companion affection unless you take the light side choice.

If you ARE a Consular, you're slightly less screwed unless you take the dark side choice.

Maybe it shouldn't, but that bugs me. We always tell each other not to make dialogue choices based on the companion affection result, but yet many of us still do it. A -30 hit says a lot, and it can hurt a lot.

I'm looking to make my Smuggler lean toward dark side and now I have to either eat the =30 or else try to have C2-N2 as my active companion, which will probably result in me getting killed in the fight withe the Wolf Baron. And I've found that companion affection choices still apply even if I have an "active" companion dismissed or running a crew skill mission. So I might still be on the -30 end with Corso or Bowdaar even with C2-N2 out.

Maybe it shouldn't bug me, but it does. A lot of people make dialogue choices based on companion affection even though we all tell each other not to.

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