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Jedi Sage gameplay (Light)


Doctor Ianna Cel analyzed the rakghoul serum you brought her and discovered that, while it functions, it is only partially effective due to mutations in the rakghoul virus.

The doctor provided you with some of the serum for protection and asked you to become infected by any rakghoul. Fight rakghouls as you travel across Taris and attempt to get infected.


  • Get Infected by a Rakghoul
  • Report to CB-08-4

Important conversationsClass     Companion  

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in The Sinking City, and The Brell Sediment


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 3170 Experience


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By Bludwyng at 2011-11-30 00:19:34

Only the red Rakghouls north by northeast of Waypoint Station Aurek give the update. You have an hour and a half to find one and let him hit you till you get the update. There is no timer for reporting to the droid once you are infected.

IF You have received stacks of Recently Infected and the quest does not update, open your Quest Log and click the Reset button on the quest, then try to get infected again. It should update.

By shmup at 2011-12-31 12:15:41

You can receive the infection form any Rakghoul, but it's clear that the bigger red ones will infect you what seems to be 100% of the time.

I had to constantly reset my quest, though. If you get infected, but the quest doesn't update, and you reset the quest and next time it still doesn't, just keep going. It took me about 8x of getting infected before it actually worked. Very buggy as of now.

By cleanlaundry at 2011-11-24 13:18:18
You have to let the larger red mobs hit you until you gain the infected debuff. The first time I tried, I got the debuff but the quest didn't update. I had to abandon the quest and go back to the questgiver to get get it again. After that it worked correctly.
By BaldMonkey at 2011-12-25 22:21:59
This DOES NOT need to be one of the red ones. I got it from just one of the random mobs of rakghouls. I did however need to reset for the quest to notice I had the debuff on and give me credit for the mission.
By Alariban at 2012-01-02 07:07:06
Just to be clear you hand this quest in at the Brell settlement not the same place where you get the quest
By TrooperLoser at 2011-12-28 20:12:12
Successfully infected by a Gargantuan Rakghoul.
By anathama at 2011-12-20 22:20:30
I got it from an elite red rakghoul in the tunnels near the first quest hub in Taris; I don't think it's so area specific as Bludwyng mentioned.
By TheHangmansJoke at 2011-12-30 23:52:17
Tried all the Rakghouls to no avail, then the instant I aggroed and got hit by the Gargantuan Rakghoul in the tunnel wreckage northeast of Waypoint Station Aurek, it completed with no resetting involved.
By Mazurati at 2012-01-25 08:00:17
Worked for me. Tried to get infected, but quest log wasn't updating. I "reset" quest and got infected and viola! TY,
By zajan at 2012-02-07 11:55:53
NOTE : do NOT attempt to do this quest while in a group. The quest does not work properly if you are. ( Had to find out the hard way... )
By Grayseven at 2012-06-02 10:44:48

Any Rakghoul can give you the infection, not just the strong or elite ones. If you find yourself not getting infected after clearing spawn after spawn, reset your quest. After my first reset, I got the infection from a pack of 5 normal Rakghoul and the quest updated.

Edit: I ended up running laps in the far north-east corner of the map where there are quite a few spawns of normals, strong and elite Rakghouls. If you are having problems finding them, head up that way.

By jimmyt568 at 2012-07-07 20:09:37
Best way to achieve quest.. make way to heroic area..engage any and all rat's ya can .. any rat can infect..
By cinthiabh at 2013-07-17 15:49:09
Thanks a lot :D
By niemassacre at 2011-12-27 17:12:29
Definitely a buggy quest, but you can get it done. Check for the "Recently Infected" debuff above your health frame. If that comes up, but your quest doesn't progress, select the quest in your Mission Log and hit "Reset."
By Piblo at 2011-12-28 14:12:55
Got mine on a Ferocious Rakghoul under the bridge in the Sinking City around -514, -143.
By Stoick at 2011-12-18 10:17:10
Very bugged for me. I tried resetting and abandoning, but the 1.5 hour timer was still there :( This quest can bite me...oh wait :)
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