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Patch 3.0Will TorHead be updated to Patch 3.0?Ohnoto2014-12-10 20:22:27
3.0 Updates?I was wondering if TORhead was going to update for 3.0? :)Thanks! Zyera2014-12-05 22:40:29
Cannot Upgrade or Install Augment Kits at Modification StationsI am trying to install an MK-4 augment kit into my equipment at one of the Modification Stations…Kurvah2014-12-01 12:10:33
Free Online SWTOR Gaming Manual?Is there such a thing? At 64, I'm finding the game a little daunting and was hoping there's…Waldteufel2014-11-25 19:56:22
Trooper Armour question.I got a lvl 10 trooper about to join the fleet after wrapping up business on Ord Mantell, I've…VeniVidiVicious2014-11-18 13:27:08
Mission Reward data missingSince the 12x XP started, I've become very interested in only doing missions that will improve my…MaxWilder2014-10-15 21:03:57
Expansion! Woo-hoo! 18:24:55
Site Maintenance Sunday Sept 28We will be performing site maintenance on Sunday the 28th. We expect the downtime to be minimal,…Calthine2014-09-28 00:31:25
Site Maintenance Sunday Sept 28We will be performing site maintenance on Sunday the 28th. We expect the downtime to be minimal,…Calthine2014-09-28 00:31:22
Error 503 Service UnavailableI'm getting this message while trying to upload screenshots of an NPC. Any ideas?ashamancurtis2014-09-21 02:21:00
Companion Page - HK-51 / TreekI am wondering why I cannot find companion pages likes the rest of the companions for HK-51 and…henrikmm2014-09-20 07:45:02
Auto-play Verizon AdIf you get this ad, please email and tell us where you are located. We're…Calthine2014-09-19 16:31:07
what after "no place left to hide"? I'm in trouble. Help please!Hi Guys! I'm in "trouble". Once ended "no place left to hide"mission (the…poppletum2014-09-15 08:08:52
after "no place left to hide mission" BIG TROUBLE. HELP!Hi Guys! I'm in "trouble". Once ended "no place left to hide mission" (the…poppletum2014-09-14 20:00:33
Mission missingHi Guys! I'm in "trouble". Once ended the mission against Avarok on Belsavis and taken my…poppletum2014-09-14 17:21:48
How do you get level 55 implant schematics? biochem? Help Please?I reached hero reputation on Makeb and purchased level 53 schematics from vendor on fleet but wont…BOBOFET2014-08-29 17:14:08
I want a Hood for my Sage.Greetings It's a strange thing, my Jedi Sage cannot seem to wear a hood no matter which hat/head…armorwars12014-08-09 09:56:49
I want a Hood for my Sage.Greetings It's a strange thing, my Jedi Sage cannot seem to wear a hood no matter which hat/head…armorwars12014-08-09 09:55:42
High level legacy?Greetings I was just wondering if anyone knows what bearing a high level legacy has, other than…armorwars12014-07-16 10:14:45
republic pilot suit mods questionIf I fully mod my pilot suit with mods for aim, will that boost my aim stats in space missions? Is…bamaredwingsfan2014-07-14 20:13:53
SWTOR respec toolHello, I'm working on an in-game respec tool.The tool would use the Torhead's skll calculator build…loadingx862014-06-22 15:51:43
How do you buy things?Hi i was just wondering how do you i buy something for my character.CrystalThief2014-06-02 19:32:52
Patch 2.7.1 UpdatesWhen are updates for patch 2.7 and 2.7.1 gonna be put in. The skill calculator for the sith…DarkLordMagus2014-05-04 03:45:19
F2P & WarzonesHi. I am a Preferred player who has been playing Warzones the past several weeks. I have three…Kurvah2014-04-23 00:53:19
How to Add Conversation Gain DataI'm curious how I go about submitting data on companion affection conversation gains/losses. I've…praetorian752014-04-20 19:57:08
Getting organized with a new guild calendarHello,i have created a guild calendar that you can use for your guild : .You don't…Allgenda2014-04-18 09:42:09
Guardian/Marauder or Juggernaut/Sentinel?I'm going to create Mirror AC's for my characters, one on each faction. I already have a Sith…Orotomo2014-04-06 17:56:37
Red Error Text in your faceThere are a couple of long threads about this on the official site and the only way I've found to…jdb20072014-03-24 18:06:02
Ready to Raid!Hello fellow Torheads,I have been playing Swtor since it's beta, with a long hiatus until November…Kaikuson2014-03-12 12:02:37
Site issuesAs many users noticed we had an issue last night that made the site show up as exploded menus on a…Calthine2014-03-06 18:13:44
Chrome Malware Detected??Since yesterday getting warnings about known malware from Google Chrome if I leave…thertras2014-02-17 15:08:14
looking for someone to refer meHey guys!I'm about to start the game and I'm looking for someone to refer me, Im going to pay for 2…theASCHE3602014-02-05 07:35:47
making a consular with rattataki legacy unlockIs this not possible or something? I am preferred status and i got the legacy unlock for this race…deaths3x2014-01-05 05:04:06
Delays, delaysThere have been a couple issues reported over the holidays: I want everyone to know that I have…Calthine2014-01-03 23:49:30
Broken links in skill trees.An absolute ton of broken links in the skill trees. Like clicking on a skill in a locked tree gets…ZedFighter2014-01-01 02:18:41
Treek Missions Missing Dialogue/InfoThe Treek Companion Missions for both factions are all missing dialogue options. Also only the…damien662014-01-01 09:46:37
What happened to the ZAM SWTOR Wiki?I was using the ZAM Wiki to keep track of quests, but whenever I try to access it now, it gives an…damien662013-12-24 03:47:50
Conversation Gains - Mission level 50-55Are there any status on adding the conversation gains for these missions.We are atleast some who…henrikmm2013-12-22 20:00:02
Skill Trees UpdatedWe had a bug that was causing issues on the Skill Calculators, but it's all better now and the…Calthine2013-12-09 21:01:48
Quick question about ToRGreetings not sure if I'm posting in the right area but couldn't figure out where else to post. I…Bosti5892013-12-09 05:31:49
Jedi Sage Healer skill tree progressionI am leveling a Jedi Sage Healer (current level 20). I was wondering what the current wisdom on the…Aoedyn2013-12-05 23:07:37
Will Torhead be updated for the Galactic Starfighter Expansion?...actually, my headline asks the question.Hey Catherine, is there any chance there's a way I could…IronJelly2013-12-02 23:14:59
Can't post on the forums?I have a couple reports of people who can't post on the forums, but we haven't been able to…Calthine2013-11-21 17:05:02
newbie questionCan a Bounty Hunter and a Jedi join in on the same flashpoint mission?jammer2013-11-18 05:24:40
Sage Tree SkillsOn the the Balance Tree, Psychokinesis was replaced by Will of the Jedi. Increases willpower by…Torezz2013-11-16 17:39:16
Pyrotech storyline/leveling build advice plan on using this for going through the…valium2013-11-14 16:14:32
Trojan or virus?Hello there,since yesterday it has occurred several times that when I have Torhead open for a…Ielea2013-11-11 19:53:37
SWTOR FRAUD!!!!!SWTOR rips its customers off! I have played this game since it came out... have been a paying…SirBlunticus2013-11-03 18:06:18
My commandos armorMy commando(23) is wearing chest,leg,and boots from atthiss loot drops and a helmet from a fleet…Jedisageiscool2013-11-01 02:24:26
PVE Builds - Good?Bounty Hunter - Powertech -…ornato2013-10-30 15:35:02