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Sith InquisitorAnything that is specifically for a companion is always a quest reward. spanish programs -…xfilesera2015-03-28 07:28:22
Torhead is ClosingYeah, they stopped caring around 2012 I think. Look how the place turned to garbage. Barely…ADG123119902015-03-27 07:22:01
Torhead is Closingactually this looks very promising and they've meet there goal but ya still disappointed in ZAM and…LentzRose2015-03-26 17:48:51
Guild Recruitment ThreadThe Hammerfist Clan ? Dual Faction ? The Shadowlands ? 18+We are currently recruiting players (age…jamesthelass2015-03-25 00:54:46
Torhead is ClosingSo what sites do we use Swtorhub and Swtorspy are not the best and not in this setup. If EA/Bioware…LentzRose2015-03-25 00:33:22
Torhead is ClosingADG... The (unofficial, since I am no longer a ZAM employee) answer is more difficult than that. As…Bludwyng2015-03-20 17:06:29
Torhead is ClosingThe SWTOR wiki pages still exist on the ZAM site, from before Torhead was started. Maybe the…Bludwyng2015-03-20 16:53:28
Torhead broken?Looks like we were abandoned after all...ADG123119902015-03-18 17:56:59
Torhead is ClosingI don't buy this whole "Traffic is low" BS, same with the "So many problems, we…ADG123119902015-03-17 19:12:10
Torhead is ClosingWell that's unfortunate. I really appreciated the work ya'll did in terms of quests; rewards,…GrnKnight2015-03-17 03:58:24
Torhead is ClosingAn update two weeks ago is too little too late. This is just plain silliness, when you go to the…Hiddenpalm2015-03-16 18:03:29
Torhead is ClosingThanks for all your kind notes.Makeb was always problematic in the data; we had to go tweak the…Calthine2015-03-16 15:31:40
Torhead is ClosingHow bad. I just started the game, and this site was still full of usefull informations to me. All…nosfebarbu2015-03-15 11:21:23
Torhead is ClosingThank you for the good years, I use your site almost daily for various companion affection gains…fleshribbon2015-03-15 01:58:28
Torhead is ClosingI'm sad to see the site go, as I used it extensively while leveling my first characters. Thanks for…sensical0xymoron2015-03-15 00:29:43
Torhead is ClosingSorry to see that you are closing. Thanks for creating the site and I used the site as i leveled…MorsGladius2015-03-14 20:01:44
Torhead is ClosingStopped coming here when the content became ridiculously out of date. Only reason I'm back now is…nocturnalg2015-03-14 15:15:09
Torhead is ClosingWhen I go into the "Database" drop down menu, then go to "Locations", and see…notorious982015-03-13 21:53:46
Torhead is ClosingThanks for all the work you did in the past. I am sorry to see you shut down. I know it's a lot of…Banthabreeder2015-03-13 19:32:44
Torhead is ClosingIts because this website is out of date. 3.0 came out months ago, and most of the content here is…profanity2015-03-13 19:30:30
Torhead is ClosingWait, so.... is it because the traffic is low, or the problems that you "aren't going to be…ADG123119902015-03-13 19:04:52
Torhead is ClosingActually, it was updated about two weeks ago, but there are so many problems that we aren't going…Calthine2015-03-13 18:57:39
Torhead is ClosingAnd by "months ago", fatninja really means "since April of 2012".notorious982015-03-13 18:34:18
Torhead is ClosingExactly this. I use to come here all the time but once it stopped being current then why the hell…fatninja2015-03-13 18:05:01
Torhead is ClosingWell, considering how far behind you've been on updating everything up to the current patch, i'm…ADG123119902015-03-13 16:25:38
3.1 UpdatesHrm, I'll have to send someone spelunking. Thanks, that's great information.Calthine2015-02-27 17:08:26
3.1 UpdatesCalthine, I realize you said you're not finished uploading all the data, but I wanted to point out…ExiledMessenger2015-02-27 14:59:43
Getting organized with a new guild calendarHello,There are two new things available in the basic DKP system has been online…Allgenda2015-02-26 15:10:16
Patch 3.0Things are clicking right along. I passed your lists along to the person playing with the data. …Calthine2015-02-19 23:34:49
Feedback form - unable to submitI'm using Windows 7 and can't replicate it in Chrome or Firefox, leading me to believe it's…Calthine2015-02-18 23:59:22
Feedback form - unable to submitI can replicate the issue on Ubuntu as well (Chrome and Firefox). It appears to be a font issue,…Hyperspacerebel2015-02-17 16:25:50
Feedback form - unable to submitI am using Linux Mint and I tried with Chrome and Firefox.I looked at it again, and it's a css…Thaldi2015-02-17 00:21:43
Patch 3.0Let's see how the database shakes down after we get the 3.1 data processed. Menus are…Calthine2015-02-16 20:32:47
Whitelist for adblock? No. Here's why.There are absolutely not supposed to be any ads autoplaying sound on our network, ever. We rely on…Calthine2015-02-16 20:27:48
Broken Link - About ZamThanks, I'll find out where that's supposed to be going.Calthine2015-02-16 20:24:13
Feedback form - unable to submitIt's active for me. What device/browser are you trying to use it from?You can mail feedback…Calthine2015-02-16 20:23:28
Patch 3.0I want to throw my support behind what Ohnoto states above. In addition, since we have your…Kurvah2015-02-12 13:01:15
Patch 3.0For me, personally, I understand about the disciplines calculator. I'd like to just have a better…Ohnoto2015-02-13 03:43:04
Patch 3.0Soon (tm). We won't have a Disciplines calculator immediately. And I may need some feedback with…Calthine2015-02-09 16:48:00
Patch 3.0It's good to know this hasn't been forgotten or dropped by the wayside. From what I have seen,…Ohnoto2015-02-03 14:29:25
Getting organized with a new guild calendarYou can now see the guild roster in the group section of the interface. Next step is a basic DKP…Allgenda2015-01-23 11:34:34
Patch 3.0We are not forgotten. Something will happen, I'm just not sure when. I've been trying to get the…Calthine2015-01-22 17:12:35
Patch 3.0Discussions ensue. I will update with more information when I have some.Calthine2015-01-08 17:05:35
Guild Recruitment ThreadGuild - Republic Specforce Server - Begeren ColonyRepublic Specforce is a Military RP guild that is…ThirrenBC2015-01-02 22:49:31
Patch 3.0Hope everyone at a happy holiday, I'm really looking forward to the changes that are going to be…DarkLordMagus2015-01-02 05:06:01
Need advice on Healer levelingSimply Levelling as tank u can easly do ur quests and when u need to tank u are still ready. it…compac2014-12-20 06:39:13
3.0 Updates?Answered over here: I can have it all…Calthine2014-12-13 17:45:51
Patch 3.0Sorry, thought I answered this one. I do not have an ETA. Here's what I know:Torhead uses an old…Calthine2014-12-13 17:37:17
3.0 Updates?It's been well over a week since Update 3.0 was released. Are the changes coming soon?chaharbagh2014-12-13 15:02:10
Patch 3.0Is there any ETA on the website being updated? It's also worth noting that the Skill Trees have…chaharbagh2014-12-12 20:53:50