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Guardian/Marauder or Juggernaut/Sentinel?AFAIK story is only dependent on the class choice, not the advanced class. Having customizable…Strayuss2014-04-15 15:27:58
Conversation Gains - Mission level 50-55Are there conversation gains for the Flashpoints that were introduced in Update 2.7?chaharbagh2014-04-11 19:13:08
Ready to Raid!Bump :)Kaikuson2014-03-14 11:37:18
Conversation Gains - Mission level 50-55Not yet, sorry. We've got our attention split atm. I haven't forgotten, though.Calthine2014-03-13 16:42:06
Conversation Gains - Mission level 50-55Any news about this? It would be nice to see this fixed.ADG123119902014-03-10 15:04:50
Delays, delayskk, try now! You may have to dump your cookies for the site.Thanks folks!Calthine2014-03-06 07:12:47
Delays, delaysI can't believe someone was able to wade through all that to make a post! Yes, something is…Calthine2014-03-06 06:32:07
Delays, delaysI think the coders screwed something up. Site is borked. Normal page formatting is gone. Originally…Jumper12014-03-06 00:19:27
Chrome Malware Detected??Oh, your bad ad report: Please follow the instructions here to report bad…Calthine2014-02-17 16:53:30
Chrome Malware Detected??No worries, I got 'em :) The 503 error is being looked at (gosh, I hope they fix it soon!), but…Calthine2014-02-17 16:48:47
Chrome Malware Detected??Sorry your site kept saying service unavailable and I kept trying to resubmit it. Didn't realize…thertras2014-02-17 15:12:00
Missing Missions - FIXEDOriginally, there were the companion gains, PLUS what the NPC was saying that buy fifa 14 coins…angelafmy2014-02-14 09:22:21
The Emprire seems to favor simetryNow that Macworld 99 is over and the bartering begins to achromatize from the Connectix Basic…angelafmy2014-02-14 09:19:19
SWTOR FRAUD!!!!!Well said, IronJelly! /cheer EMPHaraljier2014-02-13 22:28:34
looking for someone to refer mesure, but I can't see your email address.Shoot one off to …IronJelly2014-02-05 23:44:10
Crew Skills: A Guide.Probably. If anyone would like to write us a nice section on that, I'll add it!Calthine2014-02-04 16:50:49
Crew Skills: A Guide.Should this guide be updated to reflect the addition of Advanced Crew Skill levels?chaharbagh2014-02-03 17:39:18
Mission Yield LevelsModerate Abundant Bountiful Rich Prosperous WealthyI'm also looking into what the yield ranges are…lamooreus2014-01-30 01:04:18
Is TorHead still alive?I understand. I was a Game Producer before, and I know what such work needs. Thanks anyway. :)Bouma2014-01-29 04:41:50
Is TorHead still alive?I answered your email this morning :)Short version: We will not be localizing Torhead. I know that…Calthine2014-01-28 18:20:32
Is TorHead still alive?Thanks for all the work done. And Hope this will keep going. Now, what is needed is the…Bouma2014-01-28 05:24:39
[Guide] Sith Sorcerer / Jedi Sage Hybrid DPS (0/13/28)is this still a viable build?Xelajul2014-01-19 16:52:28
Firefox search boxThere is an addon for firefox that adds it to your search box. Check here.Unofficial Torhead Search…AnthonyK2014-01-16 21:39:27
making a consular with rattataki legacy unlockI agree, the Customer Service in SWTOR is lackluster in the game. Have you tried the phone help? …IronJelly2014-01-07 16:17:28
Broken links in skill trees.Holy crow, that ain't right. Looks like it's not *all* abilities. Let me work on some repro…Calthine2014-01-01 23:03:38
The Emprire seems to favor simetryThe Empire is all about order, efficiency, and standardization. The symmetric designs follow from…damien662013-12-31 11:02:49
Missing Missions - FIXEDHmmm. I suspect it might not be in the data any more. We'll take a look.Calthine2013-12-30 04:11:11
Missing Missions - FIXEDHere is one of the first reports of this being broken,…ADG123119902013-12-29 12:19:27
Missing Missions - FIXEDThe one in the picture?, it's…ADG123119902013-12-29 12:18:01
Missing Missions - FIXEDWhat page was that on?Calthine2013-12-28 19:11:44
What happened to the ZAM SWTOR Wiki?Thank you :)damien662013-12-28 03:29:24
Missing Missions - FIXEDThis is what I mean., there were the companion gains, PLUS…ADG123119902013-12-28 01:29:46
Conversation Gains - Mission level 50-55Thanks, I'll get a ticket in on that. Now I see what you're looking at, looks like it's all the…Calthine2013-12-26 16:58:09
What happened to the ZAM SWTOR Wiki?We no longer maintain the site and released the URL back into the ether, but we never…Calthine2013-12-26 16:50:55
Conversation Gains - Mission level 50-55The starts of the Makeb missions:…henrikmm2013-12-26 15:12:07
Guild Recruitment Thread<The Grand Imperial Remnant> is now recruiting. We are a new Imperial/Sith guild that has…Tizzation2013-12-25 22:38:53
Conversation Gains - Mission level 50-55Please provide links for specific missions which are missing conversation gains. While I haven't…Calthine2013-12-23 17:16:14
Missing Missions - FIXEDI see dialog on . What browser (and…Calthine2013-12-20 16:58:08
Missing Missions - FIXEDThere was never any companion convo gains on Quesh. (I was never sure WHY that was...) As for…ADG123119902013-12-19 18:24:07
Will Torhead be updated for the Galactic Starfighter Expansion?FYI, I do not know for sure if we're going to develop new skill calcs for the expansion. But the…Calthine2013-12-17 17:17:16
Quick question about ToRBe sure to check your talent build and rotation, for example…Strayuss2013-12-16 23:48:12
Missing Missions - FIXEDOh, by "missing" I thought you meant "not in the data." "Giving a…Calthine2013-12-16 05:23:08
Missing Missions - FIXEDSeems to me that quite a few missions are now missing again.So far, most of "The three…henrikmm2013-12-15 13:11:08
Is TorHead still alive?Thanks Hannibal08, this is excellent info that I can take to the devs for fixing :) I'm going to…Calthine2013-12-14 05:27:21
Is TorHead still alive?Thanks for looking into this, Calthine!Here are three missions example, all from a Makeb series,…Hannibal082013-12-13 21:07:02
Is TorHead still alive?Hannibal08, please link me to an example of a quest that you think is missing dialog information;…Calthine2013-12-13 17:18:20
Missing Missions - FIXEDangelafmy, can you link me an example of what you're seeing (or not seeing), please. Two or three…Calthine2013-12-13 17:18:54
Is TorHead still alive?Does the data that's being updated include affection numbers for mission dialogues? I suspect not,…Hannibal082013-12-11 19:27:39
Missing Missions - FIXEDIt used to show gains and losses for every option in a conversation not just the…angelafmy2013-12-11 08:53:00
Is TorHead still alive?From my experience the only *head site that really gets any attention is…angelafmy2013-12-11 08:42:55