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With every passing year, the consoles are growing quickly with consistent changes in their equipment and programming which are making it enticing for kids as well as for grown-up to have a little start in their lives. The voyage of consoles was starting in 1972 with the Magnavox Odyssey, first support ever to be associated with T.V, after Odyssey the Atari’s came into the console world who brought their CPU based recreations and vanquished the business sector, after Atari, Nintendo went to the business sector with their higher determination and bigger foundation shading creating consoles and them surpassed the Atari consoles deals and afterward Sega accompanied their cutting edge uber drives yet were not able to deliver any enormous number deals. The genuine change in console world came in 1995 with the entering of Sony with its new 3D, circle based framework and began offering its PlayStation and soon turned into the business sector pioneer and after that in 2001 Microsoft came into the console business and presented its Xbox which was first to utilize hard drive and soon turned into the greatest contender of the console world. Presently the eighth era consoles which are better as far as yield, quality, representation, outline rates, hues, utility and so forth. With every passing year consoles are getting to be imperative instrument for intelligent fun, diversion, instruction, diminishing anxiety, and wretchedness or notwithstanding to connect internationally.

In 2016 the gaming consoles resemble super collaborating machine which is only the span of a little portable workstation, however, can do a large number of operations at a solitary time. The 2016 consoles can render yield which should never be possible, it incorporates 2D or 3D face following, downloading diversions and application inside, playing 3D or 2k recordings, miniaturized scale sd stockpiling, movement sensors, expanded reality, camera, program and what not..!! Characteristics of Xbox One S

Below is a list of 3 best new upcoming consoles.

1. Xbox One S

Characteristics of Xbox One S

-4K video rendering which is 4 times better than any PCs graphic card.
-8 Jaguar cores CPU clocked at 1.6 GHz which is faster than any PCs CPU.
-HDR(High Dynamic Range) support which renders double the amount of vibrant colors that human eye could see.
-Support for HDMI 2.0, which supports four times the clarity of 1080P(Full HD) display, highest audio fidelity, multi-streaming audio and much more.
-Supports wide angle theatrical aspect ratio of 21:9.
-2TB of hard drive with integrated power supply.
-Built in IR blaster for wireless gaming.
-Expected to be released in August 2016.
-Expected price 315$.

2. Sony PlayStation 4 Neo

Characteristics of Sony PlayStation 4 Neo

-Sony’s VR(Virtual Reality Gaming).
-New Soundcloud, iTunes, etc.
-8 Jaguar cores CPU clocked at 2.1 GHz which is faster than any PCs CPU.
-4K video rendering which is four times better than any PCs graphic card.
-2TB of the hard drive with integrated power supply.
-Digital gaming while game getting download.
-Dual Shock 4.5 consolers.
-Expected to be released in September 2016.
-Expected price 325$.

3. Nintendo Nx

Characteristics of Nintendo Nx

-Free form touches controller for both right and left-hand players.
-8 cores CPU clocked at 2.1 GHz which is faster than any Consoles.
-Nvidias’ fastest GPU.
-4K video rendering and recording.
-Live T.V to Console display.
-Hybrid home-handheld device.
-Expected to be released in March 2017.
-Expected price 310$.