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Black Hole Commendation

Black Hole Commendation
Slot 67
These commendations can be used to purchase some of the best gear currently available (Rating 146). Speak to the Campaign and Black Hole Gear vendor on the Fleet to spend your commendations.

Black Hole Commendations can be acquired by queuing up for content in Group Finder, or by defeating bosses in hard mode Operations: Terror From Beyond or Explosive Conflict. They can also be acquired from any of the following weekly missions:

[WEEKLY] Section X Crisis
[WEEKLY] The Black Hole


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By TacitDesert at 2012-04-24 17:28:16

You get 6 from the weekly in The Black Hole on Corellia.
You get 2 per boss from Nightmare Karraga's Palace (Chests in the respective rooms contain them)
You get 2 per boss normal Denova (4 hardmode) with additional chests scattered through out the Ops which contain 6 extra commendations each. The chests are always located in the areas after the bosses. (After Zoth and Torn its in the ruins, after the tanks its directly to the right in the trenches when you enter them, and after the minesweeper boss its on an AA cannon outcrop surrounded by champions).
You also get Black Hole Commendations from the quest "Explosive Conflict'.

Used to purchase Black Hole gear on the respective fleet. Black Hole gear is a tad worse than Rakata and basically meant to rip out mods to improve certain pieces from what I have seen so far.

By Krigeren at 2012-04-14 10:53:30
That is not entirely correct.. You get the commendations from doing the weekly, where you have to do all correlia dailies, including the Heroic 4..
By Deceptica at 2012-04-28 16:57:04
You also get 8 of these from the weekly quest Rakghoul Conflicts, which requires you to complete both Kaon Under Siege and Lost Island on hard mode.
By Soliac at 2012-04-16 22:13:13
Why does it not say what these are the currency for like wowhead?
By Flik at 2012-04-13 13:07:02
Got 6 of them from daily heroic 4 on Corelia.
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