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Daily Commendation

Daily Commendation
Slot 67
These commendations can be used to purchase a variety of gear and other specialty equipment, including some of the best Relics currently available. Mission Support vendors can be found on Ilum, The Black Hole, and Section X.

Daily Commendations are primarily acquired from [DAILY] and [WEEKLY] missions in the following areas:

Section X, The Black Hole, Ilum, Belsavis, and hard mode flashpoints.


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By Calthaza at 2012-01-03 16:07:24

Hi there.

Welcome to the EMPIRE guide to Daily Commendation.
At the moment i have found 18 daily quests that rewards Daily Commendations, aswell as a few non-daily quests, which i wont speak of here.

Out of those 18 quests, there are 11 on Belsavis, in which 2 are H4 quests, and 1 H2+, and 6 on Ilum, in which 1 are H2+ and finally 1 Space Mission.

NOTE: You might need to do some of the regular quests on Ilum, and the Bonus Series on Belsavis to get access to all these quests.

Belsavis: When you arrive at Belsavis, take the Taxi to Imperial Domination Outpost.
Corporal Haddon gives you the quest: (HC4) Lights Out which rewards 3 Daily Commendations, aswell as an Orange quality weapon for one of your companions, or a Item box.
Lord Shaar gives you the quest: (HC4) Old Enemies which rewards 3 Daily Commendations, aswell as an Armoring Item.
N4-71 gives you the quest: Invisible Threat which rewards 1 Daily Commendation.
Major Charkron gives you the quest: Unintended Consequenses which rewards 1 Daily Commendation.

Then go south, and enter the South Rakata Teleporter, and move to Deep Launh Point Teleporter.
Darth Synar gives you the quest: Reluctant Volunteers which rewards 1 Daily Commendation.
AR-72 gives you the quest: Ancient Transmissions which rewards 1 Daily Commendation.
Specialist Nattis gives you the quest: Found in Translation which rewards 1 Daily Commendation.

After that, head north to Signal Monitoring Station.
Lord Atren gives you the quest (HC2+)Freeing the Fallen which rewards 3 Daily Commendations, aswell as a Mod.
Galko gives you the quest The Carriers of Xenovirus Prime which rewards 1 Daily Commendation. NOTE: Galko is giving you this thru a holocron, that you access by activation the right Monitoring Station in the first room upstairs.
SD-9 gives you the quest Droid Malfunction which rewards 1 Daily Commendation.
While doing the quest Droid Malfunction, stop in the tunnel, and activate the Monitoring Station there, and AR-72 gives you the quest Deadly Mutations which rewards 1 Daily Commendation.

Time to go to Ilum. When you arrive at Ilum, go inside then to the left.
Lord Tetsu gives you the quest: A Tightened Grip which rewards 1 Daily Commendation.
G-4T gives you the quest: (H2) Poisonous Strategy which rewards 3 Daily Commendations, aswell as an Enhancement.
Operative Che'nash gives you the quest: Operation Shatterstorm which rewards 1 Daily Commendation.
Major Dermian gives you the quest: Defend the Shipment which rewards 1 Daily Commendation.

Take the Taxi to Imperial Waystation.
Captain Barstead gives you the quest: Rightful Owner which rewards 1 Daily Commendation.
Colonel Baramak gives you the quest: Sabotage which rewards 1 Daily Commendation.

Added in Patch 1.1.1
On your ship you now get access to the quest Operation Ascendant Pride which awards 2 Daily Commendations and 15 Fleet Commendations.

You can now get a maximum of 27 Daily Commendations each day from Daily quests.
I will update whenever i find any more quests that gives Daily Commendations.

Cal'thaza - Vanquish - Hex Droid EU-PvP

By Blaire at 2012-01-10 17:03:56

For Republic players:

Ilum (8 commendations)

MissionStarts atRewards
Republic Base Camp
[Heroic 2+] Darkness on IlumMaster Moran3x Daily Commendation and an enhancement
Jam the TransmissionsAgent Falcon1x Daily Commendation
Pilot DownL4-B51x Daily Commendation
Republic Waystation
A Fair FightGeneral Orias1x Daily Commendation
Crystal Clear SabotageCaptain Sarmuk1x Daily Commendation
Icy DestructionMajor Dumerin1x Daily Commendation

Belsavis (17 commendations)

MissionStarts atRewards
Republic Wilderness Outpost
Emergent MedicineSergeant Kayen1x Daily Commendation
Restraining the DarknessMaster Korman Reyes1x Daily Commendation
Strengthening The ChainMajor Harris1x Daily Commendation
Melt'water Outpost
[Heroic 2+] A Lesson is LearnedDoctor Everis3x Daily Commendation and a mod
[Heroic 2] Open CommunicationsAgent Hextal3x Daily Commendation and a companion weapon
The Tomb/Oasis Republic Station
[Heroic 2] The Stasis GeneratorGeneral Skylast3x Daily Commendation and armoring
Containing the BeastCaptain Valn1x Daily Commendation
Prison RepairsLieuteant Scraife1x Daily Commendation
RiotCaptain Devlin1x Daily Commendation
Sleeping RakataMaster Vij Markos1x Daily Commendation
Unheard FrequenciesDoctor Larek1x Daily Commendation

Corellia (9 commendations)

[Heroic 4] Chasing the Shadow3x Daily Commendation and a customizable chest
Counter Eco-Terrorism1x Daily Commendation
[Area] Criminal Crackdown2x Daily Commendation
Eyes and Ears1x Daily Commendation
Forced Labor1x Daily Commendation
Stolen Victory1x Daily Commendation

Space Combat (2 commendations)

Operation New Eclipse2x Daily Commendation 20x Fleet Commendation

Ilum vendors: Sergeant Talgo (item modifications) and Captain Ullesin (accessories)
Belsavis vendors: Sergeant Koep (item modifications) and Captain Ja'dan (accessories)
Corellia vendors: Sergeant Zov (item modifications) and Lieutenant Amonos (accessories)

By Donnicton at 2011-12-24 23:00:35

When you complete enough quests on Belsavis to start the Bonus Series quest line, it will unlock and send you to a set of small quest hubs where you can complete quests each day for these commendations.

They are primarily single player, but there is one [Heroic 2+] quest and two [Heroic 4] quests that award not only daily commendations, but a choice of one of several high quality items mods upon completion(each time you do it).

The daily commendations can be turned in at vendors in the starting hub for a selection of somewhat mediocre implants/earpieces (120 apiece), two mounts for 200 apiece, and power rank/rating 126 barrels/hilts/armoring (8 apiece). The implants aren't much but the mods are amazing and you can't craft anything that high at this current time.

By Sydneyfox at 2011-12-28 04:22:28
The vendors of the items you get for these commendations, are on Illum.
By Voidheartd at 2012-01-11 14:36:17

I realize there's already a comment with this but I wanted a list of the missions with the NPC names and locations to facilitate affection gathering.
Republic missions:

Republic Base Camp
Master Moran - [Heroic 2+] Darkness on Ilum
Agent Falcon - Jam the Transmissions
L4-B5 - Pilot Down
Republic Waystation
Major Dumerin - Icy Destruction
Captain Sarmuk - Crystal Clear Sabotage
General Orias - A Fair Fight

Republic Wilderness Outpost
Major Harris - Strengthening The Chain
Master Korman Reyes - Restraining the Darkness
Sergeant Kayen - Emergent Medicine (note that picking up Strengthening the Chain seems to hide this until you complete that mission)
Melt water Outpost
Doctor Everis - [Heroic 2+] A Lesson is Learned
Agent Hextal - [Heroic 4] Open Communications
Frozecavern Canyon
Captain Devlin - Riot
Tech Station (General Skylast) - [Heroic 4] The Stasis Generator
Oasis Republic Post
Leftside Monitoring Station Console (Captain Devlin) - Prison Repairs
Rightside Monitoring Station Console (Master Vij Markos) - Sleeping Rakata
Monitoring Station (Doctor Larek) - Unheard Frequencies
The Greater Menagerie entrance
Holoterminal (Captain Valn) - Containing the Beast

By Patrico12345 at 2012-01-16 04:42:32

NOTE: The below information is from a reddit post I found that may be useful to some. Original post found here.

Poisonous Strategy (Heroic 2+) - 3 tokens and artifact Enhancement 22
A Tightened Grip - 1 token
Defend the Shipment - 1 token (note: this is frequently bugged)
Rightful Owner - 1 token
Operation Shatterstorm - 1 token
Sabotage - 1 token

Belsavis (bonus series must be completed to unlock these)
Old Enemies (Heroic 4) - 3 tokens and artifact Armoring 22
Lights Out (Heroic 4) - 3 tokens and choice of level 49 orange companion weapons
Freeing the Fallen (Heroic 2+) - 3 tokens and artifact Mod 22
Deadly Mutations - 1 token
Ancient Transmissions - 1 token
Found in Translation - 1 token
Invisible Threat - 1 token
The Carriers of Xenovirus Prime - 1 token
Reluctant Volunteers - 1 token
Unintended Consequences - 1 token
Droid Malfunction - 1 token

I count 25 available tokens per day. A few notes on the heroics:
-Poisonous Strategy can be fairly difficult with two players if neither has CC. You must defeat two elite Jedi at once, they hit hard, and they love to use AOE which will kill your companions quickly.
-Old Enemies can be easily 2-manned with a healer, and would likely be soloable by a healer and a well-geared companion (mine isn't quite there yet). The trash on the way to the boss is harder than the boss himself; stealth helps a lot.
-Lights Out is very easy to solo if you don't mind dying a couple of times, or if you have an instant in-combat stealth escape button. The objectives are guarded but can be clicked while in combat.
-Freeing the Fallen is the easiest of all of them. The Jedi Master's damage is very low, and most classes can probably solo this with the appropriate companion.
-The artifact-level components granted by the heroic quests are BoE, and if you don't need them they do sell pretty well on the GTN. The credit rewards for the quests themselves are 7k-14k; the total for doing all dailies is around 150k/day.
-All dailies reset each day at 7:00AM EST.

By Silowyi at 2012-01-31 12:33:11
As of the 31/1/2012 patch you also get 2 daily commendations for the space combat missions:
Operation New Eclipse
Operation Ascendant Pride
By Sunwind at 2011-12-28 13:42:48
I'm not sure why you think the implants you get aren't amazing, they have VERY high stats on them. and you CAN craft the purple mods.
By Morsmort at 2012-02-19 11:04:40

I had a nightmare finding dear Doctor Everis so for those who wan to do the [Heroic 2+] A Lesson is Learned:

Doctor Everis is located in the Melt water Outpost, south-west of the High Security Section in Belsavis.
Coordinates: 1308x325

By Akusala at 2012-11-02 14:50:06

thanks of all this very useful info.
Could anyone help me understand how to get Daily Commendations through Flashpoints? When I open Group Finder it shows me five normal mode flashpoints that reward Daily Comms but no where online does anyone mention Flashpoints in their guides.

If someone could share a link or make a list of normal mode Flashpoints (if any) that reward Daily Commendations? That was be fantastic!

By eefertank at 2012-01-29 15:46:53

I have found:
[Heroic 2+] A Lesson is Learned and
[Heroic 4] Open Communications
to be easy to solo as a Jedi Shadow. For "A Lesson is Learned" each piece of weaponry that you need to destroy is guarded by one elite and 2 strong NPCs or one champion. I sneak in, mind maze the elite, then kill the two hard NPCs. They are usually both dead by the time the elite recovers, then the elite is relatively easy to solo. Once they are dead you destroy the weapons cache and "talk to" the prisoners to release them. I can just mind maze the champions and then release their prisoners and destroy the weapons. I've only died once on this when a "hard" mob that pats around got into the middle of a fight. I usually take him out now after the first group.

"Open Communications just requires you to sneak into a dead droid and recover a "passkey" off it. Once you recover the key a mob of elites spawns, but I have no problem doing a "force cloak" and booking out of there. The hardest part of this is not aggroing the mobs when sneaking in, so I just mind maze one on the side of each group and sneak by with no problem.

By Rundin at 2011-12-27 08:44:00
This total does not include Flashpoints.
By mutts at 2012-03-02 09:35:30
For Imperials you can spend these at Sergeant Fereden and Lieutenant Plodd at Domination Outpost on Belsavis.
By rapt0220 at 2012-04-04 11:27:30


btw it's -1308

also this quest is for the republic

By Vuetee at 2012-05-09 16:04:01
The black hole quests give you commendations too. I think the ratio is the same - 1 for solo dailies and 3 for the heroic daily.
By francis2559 at 2012-02-02 11:15:39
No one mentions how to spend them, I know you can spend them like so:
Captain Jaden
Sergeant Koep
By Kaevik at 2012-03-03 21:15:25
You can also get two for the final daily space battle Ascendancy Barrier.
By Kessdona at 2012-03-01 02:18:35
Note for the Empire collection of quests:
Storm Chasing, the bonus series of quests from Operation Shatterstorm, gave two Daily Commendations upon completion. First day I've done it, so I'm not sure if it's repeatable daily as well, but it may be worth checking that and the bonus series tied to Poisonous Strategy as well.
By jilted at 2012-02-01 20:35:53
As of the latest patch, you now get 2 Daily Commendations for completing Space Combat: Ascendancy Barrier.
By List at 2012-01-07 19:06:33
There are a lot of dailies that you do in the Signal Monitoring Center area in Belsavis. More than Calthaza listed in his otherwise useful post.
By Rundin at 2011-12-27 08:41:23
The only planets that currently have quests for daily commendations are ilum and Belsavis. There are a total of 17 daily commendations available each day; this total includes Heroics.
By Rundin at 2011-12-27 08:39:16
Only planets currently have quests for these daily commendations, Ilum and Belsavis. There are a total of 17 commendations you can get a day.
By Shaolin at 2011-11-28 07:53:50
Found one of these as a drop off a level one mob in the starter area for Smugglers. Still not 100% sure what they are used for, but that is where I got mine from. Hope this helps!
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