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Coruscant: The Works - Yellow Matrix Shard

Yellow Matrix Shard

Yellow Matrix Shard
A remnant of the Infinite Empire, this Yellow Matrix Shard can be taken to a Datacron Matrix Assembler on your capital planet and combined with other Matrix Shards of various colors to create a Datacron Matrix Cube.


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By Mikejuh at 2012-01-02 12:32:06

Found this one too at -188, -109 BUT that what the map says at player's location.
when i move my cursor to it, it says -192, 1745.

This gave me a hell of a headache, till i found the youtube link :

This will make it alot easier for you!
check also my screenshots for a visual where it is located.

Happy hunting :-)

By Finalkiss at 2012-02-25 05:35:28


Enter The Works via the northern Justicar Territory entrance. This will bring you the Hydrosupply area.

Head south and stay on the southern path through the Primary Junction Room. This will take you to Automated Maintenance.

Around 1069, -2302, head East. Do not go down the ramp, instead follow the path around the bend and head up the other ramp. This will take you to the Pipeworks Passage. Follow it to the easternmost wall and then north. Pass the Cthons to end at 1171, -2280. The crates here are your entrance to the secret path, and will give you access to the 45 degree angle pipe that's running up along the wall.

Turning Sprint OFF during this pipe portion makes it easier for some.

Follow the pipe up, and jump to the next one.

When you get to 1030, -2277, face south and jump to the new pipe. Follow this until it bends down again. You should see Wounded Soldiers below. If you turned Sprint off, you may want to turn it back on for this jump over to the next one.

Keep on trucking... up, up, up, then down to the lower one against the wall at 994, -2270.

You will come to a platform. Take a breather, then cross the platform north. You will be able to see the Datacron clearly, and the skinny pipe that leads to it. You don't need to step off where the pipe meets the platform, but it's your call. Grab your shard at 950, --2292. And grats!

By dru1440 at 2011-12-28 07:50:50
found at -188, -109 in Dromund Kaas, it's the area where you do the heroic Shadow Spawn. Sitting on top of a waterfall. Extreme south area there will be a path going from east to west to get to the waterfall.
By Doggir at 2012-01-09 05:09:49
Yellow Matrix Shards can be obtained at the following planets:
Dromund Kaas(Empire)
Nar Shadaa
By Biggus1 at 2014-02-23 17:22:54
The one on Nar Shaddaa requires you to jump on various pipes. Don't bother unless you are good at jump puzzles or have a lot of time to waste.
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