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Schematic: Grade 2 Energy Shield

Schematic: Grade 2 Energy Shield
Slot 67
Total Stats:
Armor Rating 56
Requires Cybertech (110)
Use: Learn to craft this item.


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By Hyde at 2012-02-05 17:54:25

Farming Cybertech Schematics with Slicing?

Cybertech schematics drop from Slicing for the following Grade 2 and Grade 4 spaceship upgrades:

  • Ship Armor
  • Beam Generator
  • Energy Shield
  • Shield Regenerator
  • Missile Magazine



1) NOT Crafted: Beam Charger (given as a mission reward, see below)
2) These crafted items buff 3 stats (the green vendor-purchased upgrades only buff 2 stats).

"Purple" Cybertech Schematics (think of it as Grade 6 unless they add 6 later):
Crafts the same slots EXCEPT the Beam Generator/Charger. The purple "Rendili Beam Generator" is Purple mission reward and you can craft the purple "Sienar Systems Beam Charger". See below for a list of the Purple schematics.

Level ranges for Slicing missions:

A schematic will drop from a Slicing mission equal to the level required to use the item it builds.
EXAMPLE: Schematic for Grade 2 Missile Magazine (useable by L22 toons) drops from the "17-24" Slicing missions.

Grade 2 - level 17-24 slicing missions

Grade 4 - level 33-40 slicing missions

"Purple" - level 41-48 slicing missions for all BUT the Kuat:

"Purple" - level 49-50 slicing - Kuat Drive Yards Missile Magazine


Upgrades that can NOT be crafted:
a) Purchased from vendors for plain ol' credits: Grade 1, 3 and 5 upgrades

NOTE: Grade 5 has better stats than Grade 4, but Grade 4 has 3 stats instead of 2 (ie, it buffs more stats but to a lesser degree).

b) Upgrades rewarded by completing missions:

c) Purchased from the Fleet Commendation Vendor

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