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Rebublican Droid S-4S0


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Fleet Commendation

Fleet Commendation
Can be used to purchase reward items from the Fleet Commendation vendor, or upgrades for your personal starship from the Starship Upgrades vendor. Both vendors can be found near the Galactic Trade Market on the fleet.

These are earned by completing daily Space Combat missions.

Exchange with a Starship Upgrades vendor in the Supplies quadrant of your faction's space station for Pilot clothing as well as advanced ship tech.


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By zamflits at 2011-12-29 10:30:53

Torhead isn't linking the items you can buy properly, so here is a list (im a sith sorcerer with light alignment if that makes any difference):

Update: in the last patch, several items have been added:

Edit 1: Looks like the automatic link parser is broken as well (or not implemented yet).
Edit 2: Added social items. Torhead's link parser works now, so ive updated all links.

By Symbol at 2011-11-27 14:22:37

There is a little droid S-4S0 behind the Starship Upgrades (Captain Gek on the Republican Fleet). He sales a few random crates (all level 50), the one torpedo tube from above, and pilot's clothing that requires social 2 and higher. The imperial droid, S-1A0, is located behind Ensign Brukes.

Every time you complete a space mission you receive 1 Fleet Commendation. If it is part of a mission from your ship, you will receive between 3-6 (what I have gotten so far) additional commendations OR a chance at a rare ship upgrade , but you will also receive the 1 commendation in addition to these benefits (They will show up in2 different mission complete frames)..

I noticed that the Imperial seller has a few starship upgrades not available to the republic side at this point in beta. I assume they are still adding/fleshing out items.

FYI, I bought an Ancient Imperial Storage box for 20 commendations and sold it back for 1,450 credits. I then bought it back and opened it, and it contained a green pair of level 50 heavy armor boots. I sold them for about 1,100 credits. Probably not ideal early on, but might be a way to make some quick cash if you have been doing the daily space missions and need a quick buck for your level 25 mount.

By Hyath at 2011-12-19 16:33:29

Imperial Fleet Starship Upgrades Vendor is S-1A0

Location is in the Galactic Trade Market @ X: 4520 Y: 4796

By DrZip at 2011-11-28 22:08:24
Republic Fleet at S-4S0
He's a robot in the North East: X: -4555, Y: -4834, Z: 649 (if that helps).
By wolvensense at 2012-01-23 15:44:58

(As of 01/23/2012) Possible important details to note when looking for the Republic NPC that allows you to spend Fleet Commendations:

1) Check out the posts in this thread by Hyath and DrZip noting the exact coordinates.

2) Not good with coordinates? At the Republic Fleet, main level, as you look at the generally circular, large map, the Starship Upgrades vendor will appear in the upper right hand part of the map when "Vendors" are selected in your left hand side bar. The Starship Upgrades vendor is not the NPC you are looking for. The NPC you are looking for does not currently appear on the map, but appears "behind" said vendor near a display in the back of the room.

3) The header of this thread speaks of this NPC being in the "Supplies" quadrant of the aforementioned map. The quadrant currently marked as "Supplies" on the Republic Fleet - Main Level, large map, is not or is no longer the location of the NPC you seek. As other comments have noted, the NPC that accepts Fleet Commendations is in the quadrant marked Galactic Trade Market.

4) iv00w's comment about this NPC standing in the southeast of the Galactic Trade Market might be misleading. Looking at the large map, this NPC is, indeed, in the "southeast" relative to merely looking at the Galactic Trade Market Quadrant, but looking at the map as a whole, this NPC is in the "northeast" quadrant of the "full circle" as one would read a map of the Earth.

5) This Starship Upgrades vendor that you seek on the map to further find the Fleet Commendations NPC who does not appear on the map should not be confused with the many Starship Upgrades vendors found in normal spaceports across the in-game galaxy. Those vendors currently only deal in credits, not commendations.

6) If you look up "Fleet Commendations" on the in-game help menu and select one of the first options that deals with further asking where to turn in your Fleet Commendations, the resulting text falsely indicates that a player can do this at any of the Ship Upgrades vendor throughout the galaxy.

7) I have not yet found a Codex entry in-game that better and properly answers this question.

By airman4nba at 2012-03-11 08:17:21
As of today, patch 1.5 ( 11.03.2012 ) there is a hard cap of 1000 Fleet Commendation. Consider spending some prior to hitting that cap.
By Armond436 at 2012-01-10 23:22:11
Torhead currently claims they stack to 99, but I have 101 in my inventory, so I suspect they'll stack to a thousand like Warzone Commendations.
By DiAToR at 2011-11-23 01:14:09

these are awarded for every victory in space combat

for empire they can be spent on fleet station

By iv00w at 2011-12-25 08:55:33
Not sure if this changed since you posted, but at the moment he's in the south east, in the Galactic Trade Market district.
By DarthCariss at 2011-11-28 19:18:32
Most of the things you get with the Commendations seem to be higher level stuff, and often require a lot of these commendations, so you probably won't be using them for a while.
By Teacosy at 2011-11-27 05:43:41
wrong, it depends on what mission your doing.
By ohmslaw1972 at 2011-11-27 07:41:35
where do we spend them?
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