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By fmatthews at 2012-02-09 17:33:33
I just hit level 31 and realize I need to reset my skill points. I mostly solo, so I am interested in the best build for my commando. I was told that it's best if I put all my skill points in one tree, so, perhaps someone can give me some suggestions. Thanks in advance.
By kkitty at 2012-02-10 06:53:35

the best advice i can give is play what feel you like but PLAY WHAT SPEC YOU LIKE THE BEST

the 3 spec's are healer and 2 dps
healer(combat medic) the spec i am and i am loving it i feel i can do good dps(single) and great single target heals
dps(gunnery) respet into it a bit it makes me feel a bit like a turret but ooo god i loved loved it
dps(assault) not played this spec yet but it seem great with dot and you do not dmg on the targets with dots while being mobile
dps spec you can do sub pair heals when needed to but do great dmg

for the companions
(combat medic) feel the robot you get is the best tank out of the 2 you get and his dps is good to boot. you can heal him for like 80-90% of the game and for dps compaion i say jorgan cause you can keep him up to date with gear and you can make him do area of effect dmg or single target dmg when he gets higher
dps (Gunnery and assault) you can go with ether the robot for tanking, healer chick for heals if you need it for that fight, or jorgen because the easiest to get gear(handmedowns) companion

for the tree look like i say somthing like this

but plz remeber play what you like the feel

PS sry for the crapy grammer and spelling

By fmatthews at 2012-02-10 12:56:00
Thanks for your suggestions. I respec'd for gunnery and will give it a try for awhile. I can always change it later (for a fee, I know.)
By cupidstunt at 2012-02-22 03:06:26

Gunnery is the way to go if you want to maximize your DPS. I would suggest keeping Elara most up to date in terms of gear for levelling (and solo questing at max level). For a viable levelling and the best possible end-game raiding spec, give this a try:

You may choose to pull the points out of Tenacious Defense and drop them into Soldier's Endurance when you first hit 50 simply because there are a couple of fights where the HP boost will be essential to your survival (ie. Hard & Nightmare Mode Jarg & Sorno). Once you've got 17-18k HP, you're safe to drop them back into Tenacious Defense, though.

If you've any other questions or would like to chat further, drop me a line at

Cupidstunt aka Libertine

By Coopar at 2012-03-14 10:44:48

Anyone else have any opinions on the companion you should use for the Combat Medic spec?

I have been using M1-4X (Robot) 90% of the time, but now his Republic Propaganda has successfully brain washed me, and his affection is maxed, who is the next best tank? Tanno Vik seems to suck, but that might be a gear problem. Perhaps Yunn?

TL:DR Wondering which companion to start gearing up for tank role other than M1-4X. Thoughts?

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