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By nosferato22 at 2011-12-29 00:10:59
I just hit 10 on my bh and i have been stuck on which to choose between powertech and mercenary. both sound amazing. ive heard that merc does more damage but powertech is more mobile. im not looking for which is best dps i would just like to hear opinions on the 2. maybe it will help me choose.
By Gereon at 2011-12-29 07:21:18

Powertech is more of a melee, short ranged fighter/tank

And merc is range dps/healer.

Powertech has many istant casts with cooldown and is very mobile

Merc has many skills with casting time and is more stationary.

Both can put up good dps if skilled correctly.

What do you like more? short range mobile brawler with jetpack, rocketpunch and flamethrower or stationary ranged rocket launcher? ^^
Your choice ^^

Powertech lvl 24 here, played Merc in Beta but i personally like the mobility much more ^^

Edit: I forgot, PT can only use one blaster and Mercs can dual wield ^^

By Ravenite at 2011-12-29 07:31:44

DPS difference -should- be ~5% due to devs between both classes, so it pretty much depends on the style you want to play and if you want to try heal/dps in future.

Pretty much what Gereon wrote - PT close range single wield OR dual blaster laser pewpewshow on range with some rockets here and there

merc bodyguard here

By vortae at 2012-01-31 03:50:09
I would say, merc is probably better for DPS, mainly because its ranged and the game is swarmed with melee classes already. Between 2 tanks, and upto 2 melee DPS most raid groups will not take more melee, hardmode flashpoints are also significantly harder with melee DPS and some verge on impossible with 2 melee DPS. (TFE, juido wei. BFI kel thaak) down to severe DPS loss while moving. Im not saying dont play PT, by all means play whatever you prefer, but unless your playing with friends, this is something you should consider as most groups are less happy about taking melee.
I know this well, 50 assassin, 50 marauder, both full columi geared.
By iamtehg at 2012-02-04 17:53:07
I'm a 50 Marauder here and I echo every point Vortae said. The end game is alot more difficult, and in some cases seemingly impossible, stacking melee at this point. I've been sat for a few bosses just because I was a melee and didn't complete Battle for Ilum till the melee officer in our guild had done it since you have to have at least one ranged for the Kel fight. I'm full columi geared with my 4p so I'm easily able to put out the numbers needed to get past that encounter. It's just that ranged are at a premium compared to melee at this point, especially in my guild, and having encounters that predicated toward ranged makes life fairly difficult for everyone. I'd suggest going Merc here but it's all up to you. I just know you'll have an easier time with the ranged class in the endgame, unless you know your guild will be crawling with ranged already.

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