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By floofwolfe at 2011-12-16 03:39:55

Just had a few ideas, after stalking all the companion pages around here... ^.^

Maybe add their crewskill bonuses in the Quickfacts box for easy ref? Same for where/when/from what quest they're obtained. And their role/spec.

And besides the regular tabs for skills/related/comments/pics/etc, maybe add a tab to list all the customization thingies (you know what I mean, right?) for easy access? And a tab for all the quests related to/given by/involving/requiring them?

And, you know, a million other things that can't be too important, since I forgot them the moment I actually created a thread for them... XD

By CodyBye at 2011-12-16 17:37:31
We're looking into this. :)

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