New Feature: Report Data Inaccuracy

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By thebee at 2012-04-17 13:33:23

There seems to be a quite a bit of data in some places that is inaccurate. It would be nice if there was an advanced feature to allow us to report what data is wrong.

So say I am looking at a schematic and the resulting item says its orange, but in game I test it and the resulting item is blue. I should be able to report that and possibly a screenshot be submitted for proof.

I know this would cause a administration nightmare, but we could also add the ability so the user base could vote that change up or down.


By fewyn at 2012-04-17 21:24:48
The feedback tool is the best place to report any data inaccuracies.
By chicurbanity at 2012-04-18 09:40:49
Fewyn has beat me to it! lol I always use the feedback button for inaccuracies. Works well enough :)

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