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By xythian at 2012-04-11 09:37:03

This issue has been brought up on the ToRHead forums in a number of different ways, but I'm going to do my best to reframe it in a constructive manner to help the ToRHead developers.

There seems to be a dual-edged opportunity and criticism within the ToR community regarding ToR data sites like ToRHead. On one hand, players are expecting (demanding?) the level of service that they get from the *excellent* WoWHead. As we all know, WoWHead provides comprehensive updated data weeks before patches go live. On the other hand, ToRHead provides updates at undetermined and unpredictable intervals *after* a patch releases. Nobody wants to wait around for a patch to release to just begin their theorycrafting or item wish-list shopping. Players expect to have this done by patch day so they can hit the ground running. In a cruel twist of fate, WoWHead itself has developed (and delivered) on this expectation and has set the standard for what players expect from a MMO data site.

It is of course possible to deliver on some of these expectations. MrRobot (no affiliation) was able to update PTR items (new gear, mods, etc) but ignored (or was unable) to update abilities. As best I can tell, nobody in the ToR community made updated skill calculators for 1.2. These seem like missed opportunities. Yes, it's more work to do this for ToR than WoW due to the lack of data collecting addons. But the payoff could be amazing. If ToRHead separates itself as the *only* ToR site to offer comprehensive pre-release updates, then it creates a space for all zealous ToR community members to congregate for this info. Further, this helps to build the Head brand, which I assume is going to carry forward into more MMOs in the future (GW2?). Don't let WoWHead be the exception, let it be the standard by which all data sites (ToRHead included) are compared.

On a more personal note, as a ToR site/application developer I am in desperate need of pre-release data to fuel the tooltips and talent calculators on my sites/apps. I have had nothing but wonderful success with WoWHead and we have both benefited. You give me great data and I pass along traffic as people click-thru the tooltips and talent/spec links. I would love nothing more than to continue this relationship with ToRHead, but I must go to whomever provides the best data. Currently, everybody is about equal (darthhater, r2-db, torhead) and I think there's clearly room for an all-star. WoWHead serves in this role for WoW and ToRHead is primed to be our data savior for ToR.

By fewyn at 2012-04-11 16:59:04
I know we have been really quiet on the new feature front the last few weeks, but rest assured we are working behind the scenes to make the site better and tomorrow you will see the site updated with the live data from patch 1.2. Just keep checking back, you never know when something new may pop up!
By xythian at 2012-04-12 08:57:28
Do you think we might see PTS based updates in the future? If BioWare is real about these "monthly updates" then we've all got a lot of work ahead of us trying to stay on top of ToR!

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