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By Kazmara at 2012-01-29 18:42:26
Will someone please help out a noob here? I just turned 50, went to Ilum and taxied to the PvP area. All of the quests appeared magically in my quest log and we had control of all 5 points. I hung out there for close to 30 mins. What did I miss? How does one turn in the quests? Did I not stay long enough to get the "Victory!" window like in Huttball?
By Spinky at 2012-01-29 20:22:54
you need to pick up the daily/weekly from your factions fleet pvp terminal.
By Kazmara at 2012-01-29 23:25:14
The daily and weekly quests picked up by the fleet pvp terminal are both "hunt and gather" type quests, not the Battle for Ilum quests. When I was in the pvp area, I had 5 separate quests, one for each of the control points. I saw the system text saying: Mission Complete: Battle for Ilum: Center Assault Area, for example, for each of the control points. However, when I left the area, the quests were gone from my quest log and I see no indication that I received any credit for my efforts there, i.e. no credits, no commendations, no quest completion rewards... only the system texts. I still don't understand. What is the point of controlling Ilum? What did I miss?
By Kazmara at 2012-01-30 12:21:21

I finally got an answer on this question from a helpful player in General Chat. The answer he gave seems to make sense as it supported what I experienced.

The "quests" that appear in your mission log, e.g. Battle for Ilum: Central Assault, are not really "quests" in the true sense, i.e. reporting back to an NPC or mission terminal for reward. They magically appear in your mission log, simply to allow you to track which faction has control of each contested point and gives additional information on gaining control of that area. That appears to be their only purpose, thus, they magically disappear when you leave the area. There seems to be no reward of any tangible value for controlling the entire area.

I posted this on the off chance that someone else might be looking for the same answer. I had a lot of people respond to me that they were confused as well.

By Fauxknight at 2012-01-30 13:31:23
Correct, they are really objectives rather than quests. Previously they made a bit more sense as completion of any of them was the objective of the daily/weekly, but you still need them to know kinda how the place works (I wish some of the mini games came with instructions)..
By DoubleX at 2012-01-31 02:11:23

The only thing the objective points (2 bases, north, south and central) do now is tell you who controls what. They go to helping two things:

1. Valor for kills in the designated areas. If you get kills outside the control points, you don't get the valor for them. If your faction controls all five points you get +100 valor per kill that you are a part of. Thats why you see so much AOE spamming during the fights. I can get my weekly (150 kills/crates looted) in about 30 minutes to an hour of good pvp battle with a few well timed AOE's.

2. WarZone valor buffs. If you control all 5 points you get +200 valor per warzone. If you control four it is 175, 3 is 150, etc etc. Now the tricky part is... When I grinded to 60 I always launched out of Ilum for the valor bonus but I had to head back to the entry point east of Central and pass the flag markers (you will warp from your bike to running when you do this) and go back into the area by a few meters to gain the valor buff again. If you take a point you can get the buff back but if your faction controls all 5, you have to do the above to get the bonus back. I really hope they fix that but I don't know.

Hope that helps...

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