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By Hyperspacerebel at 2012-03-27 10:40:43
Let's help keep the forum uncluttered! Please keep your guild recruitment and offers limited to this thread. Thanks!
By RMYuma at 2012-03-31 21:49:51

[Rogue Moon(EU) Republic] Red Moon recruiting for endgame operations

Hello fellow Rogue Moon players!

Red Moon (SW:TOR PvE guild on the Republic side on Rogue Moon (EU)) is currently recruiting all classes and roles to bolster our ranks! Our roots start in WoW in 2005, where we played for over 6 years as a semi professional high end raiding guild. In december 2011 we created a guild in SW:TOR. Our aim is to conquer end game operations in a relaxed way. We don't want die hard game play, but we do want progress in operations (hardmode and later on nightmare).

What the guild expects from you:
? Be a nice and honest player in general
? Show yourself from your best side
? Help out fellow guildies and the guild (mats, quests, flash points)
? Show interest in the end game fights by discussing them on the forum and/or on TS
? Be willing to wipe&learn (have patience)
? Be a proud Red Moon member, supporting the guild in every way you can

What you can expect from the guild:
? A friendly, mature guild
? Organised ops with lots of fun and progress
? Practical jokes during ops!

If you want to apply, please go to:

Yuma / Ashbarrel

By Bishybob at 2012-04-02 10:12:23

The Suffering
Server: Hydian Way (EU)
Alignment: The Empire; Sith
Level/Class: All levels and classes welcome.

PvE - Operations, Flashpoints. Social and casual PvP

Who are The Suffering?

We are a gaming community that started 17-2-2005 (coming towards our 7th birthday!) originally in WoW, then spread our influence to Eve, Rift, Warhammer, Lotro, AoC and the list goes on. We have a multicultural demographic, ranging across Europe, with English as our language.

We believe in our community, which is why we have members who've been amongst our ranks since the beginning, across all the platforms. And we have a successful raiding/op'ing/rifting/fleet background wherever we've been.

Having arrived in SWtor on the first day of early release we are now opening our ranks to limited recruitment. We aim to recruit about 5 members a month, which we find is a good number for both sides to get to know each other well, without becoming just another face in the crowd.

What we're looking for

As always we look for mature, like minded players who will fit into The Suffering community. Ideally you may want to do Operations a few nights a week (we won't drive you into the ground with a 6 night a week schedule). Alternatively you may choose to apply socially, and see how things go before declaring an interest in Operations, thats fine too. We have a crafting community, mumble, and you can progress within the guild structure.

Op'ing? Yes
Social? Yes
Immature? This is not the guild you are looking for.

How to apply?

Our forum is below

Feel free to have a look around, read, post, say hello. If you've decided your want to apply, use the application template and we'll get back to your shortly.

Alternatively if you just want to have a chat in-game about the guild, poke one of our officers in-game and we'll be happy to help.


I hope your are enjoying your SWtor experience, and if you choose to enjoy it with us, so much the better. Check out the forum

By Drixxuz at 2012-04-02 20:18:25

Sith Spec Ops is new PVE and PVP Guild looking for active players of any and all classes and levels. We are willing to help players with anything we can. Working on setting up some guild flashpoint runs and pvp groups. If intrested contact us in game Drixxuz or Dimonik. Feel free to drop by our website.

Thank you for taking the time to read this

By ZamZoso at 2012-04-04 20:47:15


Who are we?
Vu'traat is a Sith-aligned guild located on the Sanctum of the Exalted (US) server. Our goal is to provide a mature, drama-free gaming environment for friends, old and new. We pride ourselves on our laidback nature, our organizational skills and our knack for exceling in every facet of MMO games. We enjoy providing a guild where our members can excel in any area of their choosing: PVE, PVP, RP, Crafting and Raiding.

What does Vu'traat mean? In Mandalorian, it means "special forces". The story behind this guild is that when the new Mandalore assumed his role as the new leader of the Mandalorians, he had many strategic meetings with the Sith Emperor. One result of these meetings came the formation of a joint task force comprised of a traditional Mandalorian clan, an Imperial intelligence branch and a secret Sith society dedicated to unconventional warfare. Details on these groups can be found in the LORE section.

Current Progression:
4/5 Nightmare EV
0/5 Nightmare KP

Raid Times:
We are currently recruiting for our Sun/Mon raid team. Times are usually 6-9 EST Sunday and 8-11 EST Monday.

Classes Needed:
- Ranged DPS (Snipers, Sorcs and Mercs)
- Healers (Operative or Sorc)

What we are looking for:
Mature players who:
- Can follow the raid leader?s instructions. Not standing in lava, void zones, etc. is a plus!
- Show up to raids optimally specced for PVE
- Can show up on time (and by on time we mean 15min before raid start)
- Can maintain solid attendance as we only raid 2 nights a week.
- Take time to research your class and take pride in working to improve your game.
- Are respectful to your fellow guild mates. Assist them where you can and support each other?s victories.

If this sounds like you:
Then be sure to stop by our website: and fill out an application or contact one of the following officers in game :
- Recruitment ? Chasey, (alts: Wynter, Chambord)

By DerPanzer at 2012-04-13 08:38:41

Phantoms of the Empire -- Kath Hound PvE-RP Server

The Phantoms of the Empire are a community Guild established originally to cater to players who enjoyed story-telling while progressing their toons. We were considered "RP-Heavy" by Kath Hound standards and are proud of it. This means that we accept roleplayers only. Anyone, however, who is interested in seeing what we're all about is welcome to sit in on our meetings or just meet with one of us to ask questions and maybe try their hand at the roleplay aspect of the Guild.

We are at 67 members as of 4/12/2012 and steadily climbing, with 12 level 50s and around four more on their way in the next week. Because of this we enjoy involving ourselves in HM FPs and Ops as much as we can at this point and are dedicated to helping everyone get to that point as well.

The Phantoms are a social Guild. Those who apply should expect that they may be asked to help their fellow players in the same way they may have been helped when they are lower level, even if it's only in the form of questions concerning class specializations and whatnot. We cultivate the community that we've grown up in and want to keep it friendly and laid back.

All classes are welcome and anyone who is looking to get in on the ground floor of our still-growing Guild is welcome to join us. We have a number of divisions for PvP and PvE to allow players to specialize in either, or both, to better get a handle on the game and their characters if need be.

If interested send an email to Sparda or Minora on Kath Hound, Empire-side. All interviews for the Phantoms are conducted In-Character to allow the recruit to get a feel for how we roleplay and vice versa.

By blivengo at 2012-04-30 12:07:26

[Dreshdae Cantina] (US-EST, EMPIRE) <Gung Ho Guns> LFM HM/NmM 8-man OPS

<Gung Ho Guns> is currently recruiting all classes/specs for further progression with hard mode and nightmare mode operations.

At its core, the guild is a small group of mmo veterans that have been raiding together since Burning Crusade in WoW (some since 40-man MC/BWL in vanilla). We don?t consider ourselves ?hardcore,? but we don?t like to beat our heads against the wall all night then pat ourselves on the back and say ?gewd attemptz gaiz! when that?s clearly not the case. The best way to describe the guild would simply be ?no nonsense.? We don?t fight over loot, we don?t whine about raid spots, and we don?t give up on hard fights even when new, easier content with better loot comes out. If you like to raid so you can get gear and stand around admiring your paper doll, look elsewhere; if you like to raid to finish what you start and overcome challenges, then we might be the guild for you.


5/5 Story, HM, NmM EV
5/5 Story, 1/5 HM, NmM KP (we only have one tank, so that?s as far as we can go realistically)
0/4 Story, HM, NmM EC (same reason as above)

Raid Times:

Tuesday 9:30 pm ? 12:00 am EST
Sunday 8:00 pm ? 12:00 am EST

To apply, visit our website @

If you have any questions, look for Legato, Azqi or Itari in-game.

By Pocket at 2012-05-01 14:30:33

<The Jedi Council>
The Progenitor EU - Republic

The Jedi Council is a newly formed guild looking for active, mature members of all levels.

I have never been too keen on the idea of forcing someone into a guld that only focuses on one particular aspect of the game, as like me, a lot of people like all parts of the gaming experience.

My short term goals for the guild are to slowly build up the member base, I would much rather have 10-20 active and mature friends than 200+ anonymous names.

For the future I intend to get into Rated Warzones, when they eventually turn up :P
Also to get into progressive content, but I won't be in any rush to do so as I am well aware people have real life commitments like work and of course, a social life.

My overall goal to contribute to the community on The Progenitor is to make a name for myself and my guild, I would like to be recognised as a friendly, understanding Jedi than just another GM.

I intend to start making PvP and PvE based videos for the community, guides etc. I may even make a few while I level to show how the experience on The Progenitor can be an enjoyable one.

Like with the PvP and PvE aspects of the guild, I never wanted to force anyone into RPing with me. I admit, you have joined a RP server to RP, so there will be some sense of roleplaying involved.

I have a rule in my guild, respect comes first. Either when IC or OOC guildies must refer to each other using their titles and, if accordingly, their full character name and of course we all follow the jedi code, whether you are of the order or not. Dissention and spitefulness is not something I tolerate as a Jedi.

We will be having weekly meetings, events with other guilds and regular RP sessions.

I have already opened relations with a couple of other guilds for future RPing events.

The Guild name and back story are quite simple, we are a collection of jedi and Republic Citizens who have banded together under the nickname given to us by the peopel of Coruscant. We have become renowned for doing good deeds, so while still only jedi knights in the order, the people often refer to us as the "Council of the people". But we would never be so bold as to refer to ourselves under this title in polite conversation, we are a humble group of friends with a nickname that just stuck.

For more information and to apply please visit out website -

By MasterMaiSkyblade at 2012-05-02 20:58:58

The Army of Light


"The Time is Always Right to Do What is Right."

Founded: February 2010
Leadership Structure: High Council lead by High General Jephos Mispir
Alignment: Galactic Republic
Style: Role-play (RP) | Player-vs.-Environment (PvE) | Player-vs.-Player (PvP)
Current Membership Size: 100+
Server: Sanctum of the Exalted | RP-PvE | US EAST
Communication: Xat Chat Rooms | Private Ventrilo Server | Deluxe Forums
Age Group: Preferred 18+ (16 Minimum)
Time Zone: All Accepted (US East-Based)
Recruitment: Jedi Consulars | Jedi Knights | Smugglers | Troopers
Requirements: Maturity | Respect | Dignity | Loyalty


Ventrilo Server Information
Port: 8454
Password: Available Upon Request


O' Brave, ancient galaxy, that hath such soldiers in it...
Guardians of peace and justice...
Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty, and is defended through sacrifice...
Every generation has its challenges - its own battle to face...
Our ally is the Force - through the strength of the Force the shroud of evil holds no sway over us...
We have dedicated ourselves to rekindling the light of the Order - ours may be a smaller beacon, but it has been growing both in size and in brilliance...

We are like tempered steel, purposeful and razor-keen. Always we shall be in the front rank, a burning brand to our enemies, a brilliant fire to our friends. Ours is a restless life, and never shall we know peace, though we shall be blessed for the peace that we give to others. We shall take comfort in the fact that, though we stand tall and alone, others may take shelter in the Light we cast...


What is The Army of Light?
The Army of Light (AL) is a guild for the Bioware title, Star Wars: The Old Republic (SW:TOR). It has a light to medium Role-play (RP) atmosphere and focuses on both Player-vs.-Environment (PvE) and Player-vs.Player (PvP) in-game. To this end, the guild has successfully completed all endgame Operations and currently boosts several Battlemasters and War Heroes. The AL is open to all regardless of race, origin, belief, culture, religion, political affiliation, age, time zone, country, local area, gender, or experience. However, a strict dedication to the Republic and the guild are required for membership. Our host server in-game is Sanctum of the Exalted.

How was The Army of Light Founded?
The foundation began to fall into place in late January of 2010. Dissatisfied with poor leadership and environments lacking in both maturity and dedication, Master Jephos Mispir struck out to see where the Force would lead him. He began to understand the fundamental flaw within the Republic ? the allowance and even welcoming of Imperials and practitioners of the Dark Side. Therefore, he began to recruit others to the cause - to assist him in creating a new Republic stronghold, free of the corruption and impurities that plagued so many others. Together they laid out the framework for what would ultimately become the guild, and shortly thereafter The Army of Light was officially established in February of 2010.

What does The Army of Light Offer?
The guild provides a sanctuary and a home for over 100 citizens of the Republic. Membership makes one a part of one the oldest, most established, and highly respected organizations in the entire SW:TOR community. The popularity of the AL Recruitment Thread on SW:TOR?s official website is almost unrivaled. In addition to the large support network of experienced administrators and Flag Officers that is available 24/7, the AL is hosted on a professionally purchased and maintained web domain that features full chat rooms, deluxe forums, and an interactive role-playing environment.

What other Features does The Army of Light Provide?
The AL maintains its privately owned Ventrilo client for voice communication, its own Wikia listings, and periodically releases member-created guild Podcasts, Newsletters, and recruitment videos. In addition, the AL Activities Council (ALAC) coordinates social activities for members and allies designed to provide an enjoyable, stress-relieving, community-building atmosphere. These include game, trivia, and movie nights, chat room ?DJs?, role-playing scenarios and story lines, and contests.

What does it mean that The Army of Light is a ?Role-play? Guild?
This means that we choose to act as our in-game personas in addition to as individuals sitting at keyboards. The reason is so that we can more fully immerse ourselves in the Star Wars universe and better enjoy our time spent here by ?living the fantasy? as opposed to simply playing a computer game. This philosophy affects everything from our behavior and language when interacting with one another to our titles and the guild chain of command. Besides, who?s never dreamed of being a lightsaber-wielding Jedi, an indomitable Trooper, or a dashing Smuggler?

What other Councils and Agencies does The Army of Light Possess?
In addition to the Social Council and the Academy, there are a fully developed Diplomatic Corps. (ALDC) and an official Recruitment Council (ALRC). The ALDC is responsible for creating and maintaining relationships and alliances with other guilds, crafting necessary treaties, and identifying and solving any issues that arise for the AL in the SW:TOR community. The ALRC is responsible for maintenance of the guild?s Application Center, SW:TOR Recruitment Thread, reviewing applicants, and seeking out and mentoring new recruits.


What Type of Person is The Army of Light Seeking to Recruit?
The Army of Light is seeking those who are dedicated, mature, and willing to exclusively support the Galactic Republic and the guild. While we do not wish to limit potential recruits before the actual application process is complete, there is a major requirement that must be met: maturity. This is a defining characteristics that all AL members must possess as immaturity is not tolerated. The Army of Light is an equal opportunity guild. We do not discriminate based on:

~ Belief | Religion
~ Political Affiliation
~ Time Zone | Country | Local Area
~ Race
~ Origin
~ Age (18+ preferred)
~ Gender

Are There any Other Requirements for Membership?
Members are to be of the highest personal character. A deep dedication to continuous learning, integrity, maturity, humility, and loyalty is mandatory for membership. No member may belong to any other guild while a member of The Army of Light. We wish to have only the finest gentlemen and ladies who embody respect and a sincere willingness to role-play as forthright and upstanding defenders of the Galactic Republic. We believe hard work, contributions to the guild and the greater good, maturity, selflessness, and activity should be rewarded. We strive to eliminate injustice, tyranny, evil and threats to our peace, security, virtue, and way of life.

How does one Apply for Membership to The Army of Light?
Click the ?Join? button at the top-left of our website. This will take you to the AL Application Center which is located on our Forums. Copy the application questions into a new thread. The title should simply be [your name]?s Application. Members of our Recruitment Council will then review it and typically respond to you in 48 to 72 hours or less. Applications are more likely to be approved if they are well thought out, not overly brief, and have proper grammar and spelling. While you wait, you are welcome to tour our forums and website further or to interact with our members in-game. Any member would be happy to answer any questions you may have while you wait -- so please feel free to ask! Please check back on your application thread for updates and/or additional instructions.



We are one people united for one cause: destruction of the Tyranny of the Sith Empire. Therefore, as a guild, we have decided to not let ourselves be divided by class, but to instead embrace one system in a show of solidarity. We are all soldiers.

High General


Sergeant Major
Gunnery Sergeant
Staff Sergeant

Lance Corporal
Private First Class



"Training to become a Jedi is not an easy challenge, and even if you succeed, it's a hard life."

What is The Army of Light Academy?
The AL is committed to education and continuous learning. The Academy has both a practical and a role-play benefit to it. Classes are held on a variety of subjects and are taught by experienced members and leaders of the guild. In this way, the members? knowledge of the Star Wars universe is expanded, information valuable in-game is shared, members earn rank and prestige, and the AL community is strengthened. Running concurrently with the Academy are the guild?s Class and Mentorship programs, including the Jedi Master-Padawan system.



Who Leads The Army of Light?
The Army of Light is led by the guild?s High Council (HC) which is headed by High General Jephos Mispir, the guild's Founder. Most seats on the HC come with term limits and are filled by guild-wide election. The current Council membership is rounded out by Generals Mai Skyblade, Ludwig VanCover, Iron Panther, Gole Liath, Cosan Rosland, Korvus Starlight, and Cargus Andzap. Class plays no part in eligibility for leadership and all members of sufficient rank, training, and capability are welcome to run for election.



General Requirements:
At The Army of Light, we have a few policies that must be followed. These policies contain Membership, Activity, Personal Codes of Conduct, Chat, and Forum Policies. All can be found listed on both our official website and our Forums. A few words that can easily sum up these guidelines are: maturity, respect, integrity, loyalty, and dedication.


Advice for Membership:
As a part of your experience with the Army of Light, you will be expected to be aware of the following expectations:
* Maturity - We desire our members to be dignified and respectful to all others and to themselves.
* Fun - Just because we have rules, doesn't mean you can't have fun. Fun is encouraged and its why we're here!
* Respect the Chain of Command - We also want our members to obey and follow orders conveyed by the leadership. When you join, you will receive more information on this and told and who your main superior officers are.
* Flexibility - We want our members to realize that they must start off at the lower ranks, then, earn their positions and work hard for them. We do not want members who join and immediately expect rank and privilege. We also want our members to accept and make the best of their ranks. We will give you what we feel is necessary. If we feel you are ready to be promoted, we will do so, but please, do not ask for a promotion or bemoan the rank of a fellow guild mate. Members must complete Officer Training to achieve a rank greater than Gunnery Sergeant.



How does Another Republic Guild form an Alliance with The Army of Light?
All Republic guilds may visit our Forums and fill out a Diplomatic request form there. You are also encouraged to contact any of our officers in-game. While we do not expect our allies to be long-tenured or massive in size, or to share many of our policies, we do expect them to hold to a policy of "Mutual Defense" and to the principles of honor, respect, maturity, and personal dignity.

? Thirteenth Legion ?
? Shadow of the Tower ?



Where can Additional Answers be Found or what if there is a Technical issue?
Additional information can be found on our website and in our forums. E-mail inquiries can be sent to





By Harrow01 at 2012-05-04 14:38:07

PANDEMONIUM is a veteran guild whose founding members have been together for over four years. We are comprised of laid back, fun oriented, no drama adults. Pandemonium prides itself on excellence in all areas the game has to offer - from Leveling to Raiding, PvP and everything in between. Above all else we give our members a place to call home regardless of the world we play in. Pandemonium is Recruiting!


- ACTIVE: We maintain an active guild from the top down starting with the guild leader to the officers to the players. You will find Leveling, Questing, Instancing, PvP, and Raids to be planned and executed often. Pandemonium also recognizes the fact that the life blood of a Guild is the new player. That said we are constantly on the lookout for new members with a like minded demeanor to join our team!

- ORGANIZED: Organization and stability are two of our greatest strengths as a Guild. With a strong real life military background amongst the leadership of Pandemonium, maintaining guild structure and direction have always been a core focus. You will find Pandemonium to have an extensive background of leadership in place that eliminates any confusion in regards to guild style, culture, or regulations.

- BALANCED: Pandemonium sees each aspect of the game as a part to the whole, as such you will find that we enjoy all the components of the MMO equally, from Crafting to Questing, from Leveling to Raiding, we enjoy and do it all to the full extent!

- MATURITY: Pandemonium has always catered to more mature players and while age does not always equal maturity we adhere to an eighteen or older rule with the average age of our members in the 25 to 35 range.

- COMMITTED: Pandemonium is not a "pick-up" guild we have an extensive application, probation, and interview process to help "weed" out those that lack patience, maturity, and motivation. We ask our members to be loyal to the Guild as we are to them.

- DIVERSE: Pandemonium caters to a wide range of players from all over the world. Some of the people you will find in Pandemonium include: Teachers, Soldiers, Moms, Business Owners, College Students; you name it!


- DRAMA: We place a lot of emphasis on finding members that are a near perfect fit for our style and culture to ensure a match between our current membership and new applicants. Drama is NOT tolerated within Pandemonium. If started it is expected to be resolved privately between the involved parties. If it cannot be resolved the leadership will issue one warning. If it happens again you will be removed from the Guild permanently.

- SINGLE FOCUSED: We do not cater to those seeking a single focus on one sole area of the game. Our emphasis is on the person behind the keyboard more than anything else and folks who enjoy every aspect of the game. Instead we seek out like-minded, fun oriented adults who enjoy all that the game has to offer; crafting, leveling, pvp, and raids!

- SELFISH: Pandemonium prides itself on the level of commitment to its members. Therefore, we encourage players who not only like to have fun but ALSO enjoy helping others succeed to apply.

- BORING: There is always something going on in Pandemonium! We strive to get our members involved in content of all kinds. From small groups to larger scale endeavors such as server wide events, competitions, and raids! We also highly encourage ALL our members to get involved and will give them the tools to do so.


- Pandemonium, now a four year old group that has inhabited many mmo worlds of the past and future, seeks motivated members to help crush The Galactic Republic and The Jedi Order into the ground.

- While Pandemonium is intended to be a long term Endgame style Guild; we are not a Raiding Guild in the strictest sense. We are a Guild that Raids often, consistently, and successfully without all the bullsh*t that comes out of most Raiding Guilds.

- Our primary focus is of course on grouping and fun. In our guild environment, if you don?t like grouping then we are not the Guild for you. If you?d rather be a loner then we encourage you to do just that, alone. We love playing all parts of the game and experiencing ALL CONTENT. We reach this goal by teamwork, selflessness, and PARTICIPATION above all else.

- Since all of our members are adults we do not censor our guild environment. Again, we are laid back adults who like to have a great time while enjoying the game together. However anyone who discriminates against another player based on race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. will be permanently removed from the Guild and your actions posted on every major forum associated with the game itself.

- The Leadership of Pandemonium prides itself on being open, honest, and understanding. We are here to help you succeed. We want players who are ready to succeed.

If an experienced, balanced, no-drama guild with a focus on group and end game content piques your interest, then Apply Today!


PANDEMONIUM is forming our 4th operations team and are especially looking for tanks and a healer or two, although excellent DpS players are always welcome.

We are also looking for tanks and healers to fill positions in our existing raid teams! So if you think you?ve got what it takes to be a PANDEMONIUM raider then check us out!

Raid Schedule:

Team 1 -- Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday -- 8pm to 11pm Eastern
Team 2 -- Tuesday, Thursday -- 8pm to 11pm Eastern
Team 3 -- Tuesday, Friday -- 8pm to 11pm Eastern
Team 4 -- TBA (Raid team is still being formed.)

Please visit our guild website and review our guild charter and structure @

[UPDATED: 05/04/2012]

By woobe at 2012-05-25 07:00:14

Hey followers of SWTOR and players.

not quite guild recruitment, more server recruitment...but plenty of guilds named on the unofficial server forums below.

This is a post regarding the upcoming server transfers. obviously at the moment we don't know the full details of what servers will be selected for the transfers, but I want to give you the option of a great server.

We have an unofficial forum with a very active community, feel free to sign up and have a look around.
According to we are between 10-14 on overall server population. Obviously the release of Diablo 3 has hit population a bit but we are still managing good population during peak times.

We are actively trying to promote the server as a friendly (both imp and rep) server that has a thriving PVE and PVP community and we are hoping that more people will want to move here if we are one of the servers selected for transfers.

Feel free to make an alt and look us up if you ask around on our unofficial forum you can find help both factions.

TLDR: Hydian Way EU looking to recruit people to keep the server busy and fun.

By Ashton at 2012-05-26 05:36:01

[Nightmare Lands] Pandion Knights (Empire) Looking for casual gamers

If you are looking for an EU based friendly, casual, multi-gaming community then please read on about the Pandion Knights, a community that has been around for over 10 years.

A Bit of History
The Pandion Knights was setup over 10 years ago by a group of friends. It was setup because we wanted to play games online but most communities we saw either had a huge set of rules ..etc to agree to or they were very competitive and serious. (One even required you to request holiday!)

We wanted to form a community where people could come back from work, study, family life and simply play some games with like-minded people.

Over the years the community grew and grew playing a variety of games from the FPS classics of COD and Battlefield to the MMO's we all know like Everquest, STO Online and of course World of Warcraft.

Who we will appeal to?
If you are the type of player who wants to be part of a Guild that is the best then and does World Firsts do not apply. We are not a hardcore serious community.

That said through we also want to progress through games like anyone else and you can only do that by working as a Team. So if you are the type of person who like to help other and likes to work together to achieve a common goal then look us up.

As for your personality ..etc. Well we have people from all walks of life and our main members tend to be either people with families or who work full time. Ages range from 18 to 50+.

As mentioned we play a variety of games and we even play some unusual types such as virtual board games and some consoles.

We have TeamSpeak 3 server and regularly meet up through the year with people with one big event in the Summer for a BBQ.

Who do we want?
We are not restricting any Class however we are only going to be focussing on "The Sith Empire".

Play what char you want and have as many ?alts? as you want. All we ask is that they are active and you use our community tools (Forums ?etc).

Server details
We are located on the Empire side on Nightmare Lands.

How to join and more information?
Head on over to our forums ( to check out what we're about.

If you do wish to join then make an account on our forums. Once registered you can put a post-up in the ?Apply for PK Membership? and let us know.

By Dupus at 2012-06-03 09:32:26

Ambassadors of Truth Hydian Way EU (Empire) is recruiting

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

What defines a guild? How does a guild attract new players that share their ideals? How does a player looking for a prospective new guild choose which is right for them?
Do they just look at who has the best operation progression?
Do they look for a place where they can get a group at any minute, of any day?
Do they look for a guild with a heavy focus on role play?
How about looking for a guild where there is no preasure to raid at all?
....etc.. and the list goes on.
The reality is that no one guild can provide all things to all people.
One thing that I think most every prospective new guild member is looking for though is stability and routine.
Stability in the sense that they will log on and find the guild is still here, drama free, good times and bad times.. ever present.
Routine in the sense that pre arranged in game events run the same time day after day, week after week. Not at the whim of a handful of players with the best gear.. but set in stone for the whole guild so people can start to plan their own real lives (outside of the game) with those timings in mind. Noone misses out.
After 10 years of playing through Everquest, Everquest2, World of Warcraft (where AoT is still very active) and now into Star Wars TOR, it would be fair to say AoT has learned some valuable lessons about how to create a great place to play the game from within.
Today, very deliberatly, AoT operates a small empire guild on the Hydian Way SWTOR EU PVE server. You will find us raiding the latest content, grouping the latest Flashpoints and can be assured that no matter what the game or the community throws our way, we will still be rising to the challenge.
AoT is a fully worldwide guild. We have players all the way from Japan to Europe. English is our common language. (many UK based players). Many long term friendships have been formed within our ranks over the years, but you will not find us a "cliquey" place. Infact quite the opposite is true, as a small guild we always welcome active players, keen to get involved in all areas of guild life. (From raids to tradeskills etc..). Mature, respectful people that we can get to know.

Right now.... we are looking for a few new players to come and join the guild and help shape the next chapters of AoT's story here in SWtor.
one or two of the following:-
Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, Healer and Tank.

AoT and the empire need you!
So why not drop us a message on our forums (AoT's website) or come see us in game. Lets do a few groups and see if we all get along.
Thanks for reading.
and may the force be strong with you.

By YungDizzy at 2012-06-17 00:44:57

Faction: Sith
Server Type: PvP - EST THE FATMAN
Timezones in Guild: Active members in EST CDT PST & GMT
Guild Type: Casual, but active
Type of activities: Help provided to lowbies and newbs, normal and Hardmode groups, PVP groups, World boss runs, Operations groups, Ilum groups and more!
Communication: Forums, Vent, some members have skype

A Little About Us

ENDGAME CENTRAL was formed 6/15/12 as a group of likemined people who would like to make a establishment of people in the game. We are a new guild,but a guild founded on our core values from our past and things we have learned over the years. Above all we are a group of friends with like-minded interests in gaming.Endgame Central Leaders has been involved in Star Wars since beta testing and now has several 50s working toward end game content and PVP. If you are looking for a fun, well established, friendly guild... we are the guild for you!


ENDGAME CENTRAL's ultimate goal in Star Wars is for our members to have an enjoyable, fun experience. We have members of all different levels and classes. We strive to offer a little bit of everything for gamers within SW. We have PVP, PVE, and social events. We here at ENDGAME recognize gaming for what it is... a pastime meant to be enjoyed with friends. Because of this, we do not require people to participate in guild activities. Still, we hope that everyone that joins our ranks will want to participate in activities and help make the game enjoyable for other members.

Who are we looking for?

ENDGAME CENTRAL is looking for new members that are friendly, active, and willing to participate in guild activities. We do not require members to participate in any event the guild hosts, but participation is encouraged. We can get silly and joke around, so you should have a bit of a sense of humor to join the list. We are not looking for anyone who enjoys causing drama, has a god complex, or can't take a joke. We encourage new members and are happy to add people to our circle of friends. We are also willing to help new players as well, so if you are new to star wars we might be the guild for you.

How Do I Sign up?

You'll need to visit our site here:

There you can read more about the guild and sign up to become a member!

You may also contact some of our guild members to talk more about the guild or to be added into the guild in game: Ner'Lanco, Tubbysmalls, Dr. Facilier

If you are already in a guild, we are also always looking for new allies.

Thank you for your interest in ENDGAME CENTRAL! We hope to see you around the Site and in game.

By Noggs at 2012-06-23 01:56:22

[Jedi Covenant] Remnants of Surik (Republic) OPS/PVP LF More!

Guild Name:Remnants of Surik
Server Name:Jedi Covenant
Website URL:
Time Zone (US East, US West, EU):EAST Coast
Server type (PvP, PvE, RP):PVE
Description of who you are and what you are looking for:

We are a Galactic Republic casual, mature guild that is currently focused on gearing up for End Game Content through both PVE (Dailies, Flash Points and Operations) and PVP. We are very organized and enjoy helping each other out and having loads of fun doing it along the way!

We believe like most casual guilds, that REAL LIFE COMES FIRST! We understand that everyone has jobs, families and obligations outside of SWTOR, so we keep a very loose, flexible and worry free environment in terms of attendance, attitude and overall atmosphere.

We are currently recruiting openly any and all classes regardless of spec and builds; Right now our current focus is on increasing the amount of members and activity we get in our new guild/virtual family

So if these simple things appeal to you, and you are a mature/friendly/polite player then feel free to join!

Ways of "joining" the guild:

- Go in-game and whisper to any of these: Ajaxz, Inoroshi, Evardin, Eldeling, Morocia, Tigro, Helion, Solen, Otom, Hayward, Duren, Mrxgrimreaperx, Lacroix, Foote, Sakic, Drury, Abeischer, and Brakeirus.

- Go to our current home outside of the game: and apply through there. Though we encourage all our members to join us on the guilds page anyways even after joining in-game to continue the fun

If you'd like to know where the name of the guild came from, maybe this will help serve as good reference:

We represent the Galactic Republic in the Jedi Covenant (PvE - EAST Coast) Server, come and join us and May the Force be with You.

By KnightLenwe at 2012-10-06 23:36:28

[Empire Of Lucavi] {Social/Casual} Guild Looking for Members!

About Us:
We are a newly established empire guild on the SWTOR server Jedi Covenant. We are a {Social/Casual} leveling guild that aims to maintain a relaxed and fun environment for our members to enjoy SWTOR when and how they want, free of unwanted politics and drama. I know from personal experience that real life comes first and should always come first.

We have a Voice over IP channel set up to help our guild organize and team up in game. Or to simply chat while leveling up alts or farming ect. All of witch is free to use no member has to pay for.

So if you are looking to meet some new people and wanting to get help when you need it free of shouting in general chat then apply today! Our door is always open.

Guild Summery:
Name: Empire Of Lucavi
Recruiting: Any Class and Any Level

Finally if you are looking to get an invite to the guild in game. Simply search for any member of the Empire Of Lucavi and request an invitation to the guild. You can reach me at Relkul in game

By MasterYoda77 at 2013-01-28 00:45:25

1st Armored Division


1st Armored Division defines "Military Realism" as an attempt to simulate a gaming environment that possess the traditions, tactics, and strength of the United States Military.

?Military Rank Structure
?Discipline and respect are the guiding principles in the Old Ironsides
?We have used experience from hardcore gamers and U.S. Military Veterans to better our unit
?Old Ironsides is a brotherhood that values its members and will move great lengths for them
?Many of our members have experience within SWTOR since it's inception
?Military Realism means we take our jobs seriously
?If it's document write ups or in-game tactics, Old Ironsides gets the job done with military precision

We are 1st Armored Division


?Military Rank Structure
?Simulated Basic Training
?Opportunities to advance in rank and command
?Team speak 3
?Experienced and helpful Battle buddies.


The unit is its members. This means taking part in team or squad events. It is about finding a mutual rhythm for you and the unit. You are the face of the unit so when you do obtain the honor to wear the 1st Armored Division tags it is about representing the unit with the highest and utmost respect for the game and the gaming community.


Please visit our website and feel free to look around and if you like what you see please fill out the Membership App. at the following link:

We are highly active, and as such you can always send one of our memebers a private message in game for help answering any questions that you may have.

We hope you will make the right decision.

By MasterYoda77 at 2013-02-11 01:21:28
Just an update we are still recruiting players of all levels!
By Tizzation at 2013-12-25 22:38:53
<The Grand Imperial Remnant> is now recruiting. We are a new Imperial/Sith guild that has just recently formed on Jedi Covenant. We have experienced players that know a lot about SWTOR for all you new and returning players. We are a mature 18+, social, family friendly guild. We have a guild page HERE, as well as mumble for voice chat. Our guild is into PVP, Raids (once we get a team going again), leveling with leveling pacts, Flashpoints, Guild member created events, and End Game content. If you are interested and you don't mind helping build a guild from the bottom up please feel free to visit our guild page and fill out a simple application.
By Arwith at 2014-08-18 03:25:24

[EU] [Tomb of Freedon Nadd] <Empire of TAW>, <Republic of TAW>. TAW is now recruiting!


The European unit in the Star Wars division of TAW is recruiting all that wish to join us in an epic Star Wars adventure. If you are interested, or have questions, don't hesitate to drop me an email at, and I will get back to you as soon as possible with answers to questions or a guide to joining TAW. It is important to know first off, that even though we are a CoC (Chain of Cammand) guild, and that you, as a player, are active and support our guild in-game, REAL LIFE COMES FIRST. Each week we hold a Mandatory meeting on a Sunday, where we discuss game news, talk about promations, and then move on to a group event, whether it be a Flashpoint, Operation, Warzone, or even helping another guild member with various missions with regard to leveling. However, we do not wish to impact your daily lives too strongly. Very often, matters arise, that may slow your day down, or force you to take care of other things. Your daily life and success comes first, and that is why our website has a great excusal feature that allows you to be excused from our meetings in advance.


The Art of Warfare (TAW) is a premier online multi-gaming community that has been around since 2001, with more than 2500 members playing over 20 games of all genres. In SWTOR we have been around since launch and have two healthy sister guilds: and . We are a large community of players and our guilds are strongly grounded in teamwork and friendship. Every member is treated equally and with respect, and we have a diverse community with people coming from all walks of life. We maintain a social, family-friendly atmosphere and we hold our members to a high standard of conduct. No matter what your interests are, whether you are casual, hardcore, or something in between, you?ll find what you?re looking for here.

>>Recruitment Video<<

What we offer:



      Recruitment Status:
      OPEN to European players of all levels, classes, and interests


      Our People:

      Roster (European)
      Full Roster (Entire Division)

      As of yet, most of our players play on the Empire side, but that doesn't mean we aren't looking for republic players! The more active players on the Republic side, the better, and it leaves you in with a chance to be a member of the Republic Fireteam, once we have enough members.

      Empire Alpha Team ops:
      Every Friday* - 8pm GMT

      Teampeak 3 mandatory meeting:
      Every Sunday* - 8pm GMT

      * Unless told otherwise

      Our Officers:
      SW Division Officers:,
      European Officer:


      Ready to join our family? Contact Arwith at

      By Anxton at 2014-11-16 05:10:41
      TOR-Fans, a cross-faction community on The Ebon Hawk, is in search of more friendly faces!
      For information, and to sign up, visit our website at:
      By ThirrenBC at 2015-01-02 22:49:31

      Guild - Republic Specforce
      Server - Begeren Colony

      Republic Specforce is a Military RP guild that is looking for more Troopers (Smuggler exceptions can be made) to join our ranks. We are a part of a Multi Guild Community which is made up of 6 guilds: The Jedi Order, Republic Specforce, Republic Privateers, The Sith Order, Mando?ade Aliite, and Imperial Blackops. All of these guilds have between 350 to 500 members that participate in PvE, PvP, RP, and GSF events both within their respective guilds and in the community. Participating in events in our guild is highly encouraged but we will never force you to participate in an event.

      Restrictions ?
      Must be 18+ years old to join (If under 18 must have parental permission given on TeamSpeak)
      Must be willing to wear Red and White Heavy Trooper armor at all times. Officers are able to help you with this if help is needed.
      Must have an appropriate RP name

      What We Offer ?
      A large and active player base in both the guild and the community
      A website. Here is the link to the front page of the Specforce part of the website. Feel free to watch our recruitment video -
      10% XP and reputation bonuses
      A guild ship and guild headquarters
      A guild bank with 5 tabs
      Strong Leadership that changes out every 3 months so other members of the guild have the chance to lead.
      A way to progress in rank within the guild

      What We Do ?
      PvE ? We have multiple Ops teams in the community, flashpoint runs, and world boss hunts
      PvP ? We have people that consistently group up for Unranked and Ranked warzone premades, world pvp, and PvP/Rp events
      RP ? Not only do we have RP events within the guild and the community, but we also have a weekly Call to Arms ceremony where we recruit new members into our ranks. Following this ceremony we have an Honor Guard event for the initiation ceremony of The Jedi Order
      GSF ? We have multiple Squadrons on the Republic and Imperial side of our community. One of these squads is Specforce led
      Conquest ? We have conquered both Taris and Balmorra and have consistently placed in the top 10 each week. We also do Commander Runs for encryptions and are well on our way to unlocking the guild ship.
      Classes ? We offer 101 and 201 classes for PvE, PvP, RP, and GSF

      Ways to Join ?
      Sign up on the Website!
      Contact ingame our GM, Nyntramar, or any of our officers, Thirren, Draek, Hannez, Verdal, Lullanna, Tirrania, or Cathalia.

      By jamesthelass at 2015-03-25 00:54:46

      The Hammerfist Clan ? Dual Faction ? The Shadowlands ? 18+

      We are currently recruiting players (age 18+) for all classes and all skill levels for either or both factions on the Shadowlands server. No jerks or Gungans need apply.

      Benefits to HFC | SWtOR:
      Dedicated Mumble server, +10% EXP and Rep, Guild bank, Guild Flagship with amenities (Banks, GTN, Mod station, Appearance station, Slot machine), and just really awesome people.

      3 regular weekly ops open to any who sign up
      2 weekly progression runs
      1 planned social night for Conquest points; just about any level is welcome, depending on the planet we go to

      To Apply, Create a forum account and fill out the application form here:

      The Application process is so we can get to know each other to make sure that we're the right guild for you. We'll ask you some questions, so make sure to check back for answers! And of course, we can answer any questions you might have also.

      We have a very active and social guild, with 20+ people on in a given evening, especially on Ops nights. We are dual faction, and in order to maximize Conquest points, we have a biweekly alternating schedule for Ops and Flashpoints to focus on gaining CPs for that faction that week. There are several people in the guild who only game on one faction or the other, so there is almost always someone on, but most of the activity will be focused on the faction of the week.

      We do mostly PvE content as a team, though there are a few members who regularly queue for PvP or GSF. The social event is geared so that players at all levels can participate, not just max level toons. Guildies often group up when leveling and sometimes form static leveling groups to make the experience more fun. During ops runs, no one gets priority in terms of loot or signups and there is no difference between the newest members and the Officers when it comes to loot rolls; it?s about having fun, not hoovering all the loots.

      The Hammerfist Clan is a metaguild gaming community founded in 2001. We have teams in several different MMOs, including SWtOR, WoW, The Secret World, Rift, ArcheAge, and a few others. The SwtOR team is a prelaunch team and has always been on The Shadowlands server. We have a long and proud history on the Server and have run Events open to anyone interested in joining us, from PuG Ops to Fleet +10 Datacron runs.

      The wonderful thing about HFC is that we will have a team established in just about any new MMO that comes out. I, personally, will never have to wonder where I?m going to find a guild with people I like to play with in any new MMO I decide to play, because HFC will be there.

      We are an 18+ guild, with the average age of our members falling somewhere between 30 and 50. Conversations on politics and religion one the forums, in guild chat, and/or Mumble are strongly discouraged, but just about everything else is fair game.

      Real life testimonials from a few of our members:

      ?The genius of HFC is that the people ?in charge? allow and encourage the guild to evolve. Peeps move from game to game and are welcomed back; their RL selves change, succeed, and fail; it's fluid, it's organic, it's awesome.? Switch

      ?The Officer Corps considers its primary job to be to help create a fun environment where our Members (and Officers!) can game the way they want to with friends. We encourage friendships and participating, but everything is voluntary. Before decisions or changes are made the Officers always try and get input from members interested in giving an opinion, and the most frequent 'disputes' that have to be settled are Members wanting to pass on loot in case someone else in the Operation needs it more.
      If you want to be part of an awesome Guild that is part of a larger community and have fun with friends, then check HFC out.? Dragon, SWtOR team lead/guildmaster

      ?I was looking for a new kinship on LOTRO, my original kin had evaporated the kin I joined after that was going Hardcore. I had run a few PUGs with Hammerfist, and the rest, as they say is history. That was over 6 years ago?I would never consider leaving. (Besides they would just hunt me down and haul my sorry ass back here.) Even the threat of the abduction aside, the folks that we seem to attract here are by far the nicest bunch of lunatics I have run across in my 20+ years of traveling cyberspace.? Breygon, resident curmudgeon

      ?One of my awesome and closest friends of 4 years brought me into this game. I knew nothing about MMO's (I was a FPS player) and nothing about Swtor at the time. She introduced me to Swtor and HFC and I have been playing ever since. Since then I have met and developed solid friendships with some of the most awesome people I have ever met. I am proud to call my friends here at HFC my extended family.? Serenity, SWtOR Progression Ops Officer

      ?I stay because there isn't the "cool guys club" aka the raid team. In fact it's easy to get involved with the raid teams and have fun. Then there's the fact that if you ask for assistance, people actually go out of their way and help you out.? Ferg

      ?Nimmiel is my real life brother. So I came to be with family and the rest of you became my family too! Forty,

      Read more ?About Us? here:

      May the Force Be With You!
      ~James the Lass
      HFC | SWtOR Recruitment Officer

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