Revan's fate after the Foundry encounter

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By devizz at 2012-02-28 05:55:39

There were countless topics made on official swtor forums with people arguing over this - main concerns were whether Revan fell to the dark side or remained more kind of "grey jedi" and whether he survived the Foundry flashpoint and used force ability called: "Fold Space". These are all rumors of course, nothing confirmed BUT...

Let me give you a link to short interview that focuses on lore related questions:

Drew Karpyshyn - say whatever you want about him, but this man is a legend. The lead writer of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and
Mass Effect 1. And of course the creator of Revan character. Also, an author of what I consider one of the greatest Star Wars books to be ever released - Darth Bane: Path of Destruction.

For three years he was working on Star Wars: The Old Republic, continuously contributing to it's storyline. Most recently he wrote an amazing novel called simply: "Revan". While according to me and many other fans it was a great read, some people reacted rather negatively to it and had very controversial opinions about the whole plot. Well, De gustibus non est disputandum.

Anyway, recently Drew retired from BioWare in order to be able to focus more on his own projects and to spend more time... golfing. Was his decision forunate or not that remains to be seen but as Drew put it: "However, I feel that?s an essential step for every creative artist to take at some point. It keeps us fresh, it keeps us energized."

You can share your personal view on this matter in the question poll.

Overall, Drew is a really nice guy (at least from what I hear, tbh I don't even personally know him ). But it seems that this opinion about him is rather accurate, because not many writers spend their free time answering theirs fans emails (and even those nasty ones written by haters!).

I emailed Drew Karpyshyn recently and asked him a few questions mainly related to lore (and I also got an answer to the ones related to Revan's final fate and his possible reappearance in the future!), so here you go, enjoy this exclusive set of Q&A:

Hello, first of all I would like to say that I am huge fan of your books and games (KotOR series, Bane trilogy, Revan novel - you make SW lore even greater than it already is!).
I just recently finished SW:TOR (or rather completed my first character's storyline) and I have few questions and it would be great if you could find some time to answer them.
All right, so here it goes:

Q: Did Revan really fall to the dark side again? How come he wants to commit genocide and exterminate the whole race? And how is that possible that Republic is supporting him in doing so - it's against all principles that the jedi believe in. And there are jedi aboard the foundry, along with republic troops.
A: Revan always walked on the edge of light and dark, and being corrupted by the Emperor's presence for 300 years did push him over in that direction. However, that doesn't mean he can't be redeemed again later - remember, you never see him die; he just vanishes. We left that door open on purpose.

Q: After the Foundry encounter, Revan speaks the same line as Malak did during his demise on the Starforge. Is this some sort of homage to Malak or? If yes, it kind of confirms that he fell to the Dark Side.
A: It's more of an homage than proof of anything.

Q: Is there a chance that you will ever write another book related to Revan? For example about his childhood, how Kreia/Arren Kae found him and how he became a jedi. It would be great to find out more about him. We know that he came from the outer rim and that Revan was in fact not his real name (it was revealed in TOR: "Revan - it is not my real name, it never was, but it will do).
A: Nothing planned right now, but you never know what the future holds.

For full interview head over to

So, what do you think happened to him? :>

By Kunovega at 2012-02-28 06:48:11

Actually if you played the first KTOR games it was always clear Revan wasnt his real name

In fact TOR is the first game/story where a Darth keeps his own name

In KTOR as with all other star wars stories, when someone takes on the title of Darth they take on a new name

Dooku was a Jedi Master who fell to the dark side of the Force and became the Dark Lord of the Sith, known as Darth Tyranus

Anakin Skywalker fell to the darkside and beame Darth Vader

Palpatine goes to the darkside and becomes Darth Sidious

I cant actually think of any Darth X where they did not take on a new name along with the title. It was made clear prior to TOR that Darth Revan was his "darth" name.

Its actually a bit strange that in TOR you keep your name when you become a Darth, I understand why it happens as a game mechanic, but from a storyline point of view its highly inaccurate to the rest of the star wars universe

As for what happens to Revan... honestly I do not like the version of Revan encountered in the foundry. I am hoping this is just another clone or pretender, perhaps a clone made by the old emporer and corrupted in an attempt to gain some understanding or power over the real Revan. Of course this imposter does not know he isnt Revan (just as you are lead to believe you might be Revan in KOTOR2)

Im hoping somewhere down the line we find out that the cult of Revan is correct: the cult believes the real Revan remained "balanced" neither jedi or sith and that he returned and took over the place of the emperor but was than imprisoned by the senate and is now in seclusion/capture

Honestly if I was in charge of the storyline I would save this for a future expansion and than use it to completely recraft the game. Bear with me and follow along for the moment:

1. Revan from pre TOR was implied to be the most powerful force user and one of the few to walk the line between dark and light (though falling to both sides at one point or another), by the end of KOTOR2 you find out he/she has left to "save the universe from some greater destruction"

2. The infinite engine, the foundry, the vault on nar shada all contain power that is said to be beyond real understanding. in TOR we seem far too capable of taking on these supposedly powerful things, and can even do that content solo (if you are high enough lvl), its not even end game to see these things. but if you actually follow the hints, its implied they are weaker than they could be: such as the power source requiring years to regrow or grow further when you complete the vault

3. Imagine for a moment that the Revan in the foundry was just a clone, something the emperor created to toy with and try to learn from

4. What if the real Revan did come back as the cult believes and removed the old Emperor, but the senate now has him captured

5. We don't know what he found while he was outside the galaxy fighting this "greater evil"

What if what Revan found was something beyond the infinite engine, beyond the infinite empire, beyond the rakata, beyond the dread masters, beyond anything so far in the storyline?

What if some future content lets us free the real Revan? What could this do to the game? To the story?

Anything, anything at all. You build up a legend to that status and he could come back from the edge of reality with something that opens entire alternate universes, game changing events that let the developers completely break free of all restraints currently imposed by the star wars movies and books. Imagine a TOR expansion set anywhere, any time. Propel the story to the time line of the movies even and change event there. And, all without breaking lore. Why? The movies happen in one time line, the game events would be taking place in a parallel universe opened by Revan through the infinite engine.

Even if they didnt want to go that extreme it would at the very least open up the ability for a third faction, Imagine Empire, vs Republic vs The Cult of Revan...

I've already written tons of material that would work for this, heck if I had the resources I could design entire games around it, let alone TOR expansions, and if you dont like the ideas i've presented so far, I could give you 100 more but all center on one thing, we've not seen the real power of Revan. Even if the jedi in the foundry was the real one, maybe it was just him in his weakened state after waking up from seclusion or stasis

Someone at bioware needs to let me make the Revan Cult expansion, it wont just revamp this game, it will revamp this industry. I guarantee a 3 faction TOR will thrive for years longer than the current system which i feel has its hands tied with star wars lore. Revan is the key to doing anything at all with the storyline for decades to come

My faith is in Revan, screw the empire and down with the republic

By Dhamp at 2012-02-28 07:44:17

Dont forget that all the Darths you listed are fallen Jedi, or part of the Rule of Two period.

SWTOR Sith aren't. They were raised as Sith or slaves, and have no light-side history to shed or identity to conceal, the Sith have been through a lot of different iterations over the years that share little resemblence to each other. They are the vestiges of the Sith Empire.

Revan is Grey or Potentium, his redemption didnt make him lightside, it made him not dark side.

He's also been in a mind war with the Sith Emperor for 300 years, he's probably just as affected by the Emperor as he was by Revan.

By snekadid at 2012-02-28 11:43:22
In fact TOR is the first game/story where a Darth keeps his own name

are you talking about the sith warrior story because in the inquisitor you get your own darth name, or are you talking about NPCs? in which case they might of just picked their names ahead of time. besides, everyone just calls you apprentice or master or fluffy regardless of your name, this might give you some identity if they start calling you Darth "?" in cutscenes. <yes i know the name but thats a spoiler even if not an impressive one, and if you becoming a darth is considered a spoiler then you were probably surprised as heck when people betrayed you :P>

(just as you are lead to believe you might be Revan in KOTOR2)

I can't think if a single point past starting the game where i thought The exile might be revan so this confused me to no end, they made it pretty clear your not revan from the get go and that your a jedi that got caught in the aftermath of revans war with the mandilorians.

Dhemp, I don't think palpatine was ever a jedi<unless your talking about some book that happens behind the movies and im sketchy on the cannon qualities of those>, I mean the whole order was pretty surprised he was even force sensitive.

By Dhamp at 2012-02-28 12:42:35
Dhamp, I don't think palpatine was ever a jedi<unless your talking about some book that happens behind the movies and im sketchy on the cannon qualities of those>, I mean the whole order was pretty surprised he was even force sensitive.

Palapatine wasn't a Jedi. He was a Rule of Two Sith, which meant he kept his identity as a Sith Lord secret.

Darth was not exclusively used with an assumed name. som Sith kept their birth names, some chose a new name to signify their "rebirth", or to hide their past lives which could be used as a weakness by their foes.

The original Sith didnt follow this practice, and not all of their imitators did - Revan as an example - when he was on the Dark Side, he was Darth Revan, as well as being Revan before and after.

By Kelborn at 2012-02-28 14:01:32

The title of "Darth" is an honorific that pretty much says "hey look, I'm a big bad mofo look at me! you wanna fight? c'mon, bring it!" The Sith in this era (TOR) have diluted the concept of it with all the Warrior/Inquisitor players becoming a Darth, and how many Darths there are in the story. Back in Revan's era of supremacy there were very few Darths, because they were the "elite" of the Sith. Even in the Bane novels this concept is touched on. Proclaiming yourself a Darth was like putting a big target on your head, but also saying that you were powerful and scary. After the NJO era things change a bit, especially with Krayt's "One Sith" and all that.

Whether or not a Sith wants a new name under the Darth title is up to them. If Palpatine and Dooku became "Darth Palapatine" and "Darth Dooku"... I'm pretty sure someone would have noticed that something was up. Anakin becoming Darth Vader is part of the rebirth concept; he's wasn't Anakin anymore after falling to the Dark Side.

By breakininmiguel at 2013-08-04 17:33:05

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