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By johnel08 at 2012-02-20 23:20:01

Hey guys and gals,

I am IN LOVE with the red chest armor that has a shoulder guard and a collar snap. Here is a pic: http://ctrlv.in/66319

The question is: are there any custom gear versions of this AND same color?

The Altruist's Cloak and Deadeye's Prototype Jacket and Esseles Scoundrel's Jacket have the same texture (mostly). The other problem is that I can't find this version in the database at all! Two versions exist that I have. One is the "Drengineer Ranger's Jacket." All the Ranger Jackets in the database look nothing like it however. The other version is a "Sleheyron Fiberglass Cuirass."

Any feedback would be lovely! (My char's sideburns require it!)

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