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By LoudHawk at 2011-12-13 12:35:28
Anyone else love this show?
By RayEmery at 2011-12-14 15:24:37
Even though I like it more now (season 6 & 7) than before, but before it did have better plots and characters. The series feels a little lost and for good reasons after everything in Season 5. Season 6 was a bit diluted between the the Civic war in Heaven and the Purgatory plots, not to mention the weird pacing of the season. Season 7 much better, the Leviathans are fairly awesome aside from the fact that some cleaning detergent can harm and weaken them enough to kill... I'm just left with questions about Heaven and the Angels; After Castiel becomes the new deity and basically gives the angels freewill in which they no nothing about, he just leaves Heaven and self destructs on Earth because of the Leviathans. I'm just wondering what's going on in Heaven and what are these free angels now doing? Atleast Hell and the Demons have Crowley. The Leviathans are awesome my new favorite bad guys cause of their abilities and how much more smarter and dangerous they are (and the actors are doing an amazing job of selling these characters). I don't know how much longer this show will last (viewership isn't doing great), but I have a feeling when it ends, Dean will die and it will probably be by hands of Amy's son (Ep.3 Season 7).

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