so after reading about how guild wars 2 is doing there no auto attack

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By holla8 at 2012-02-21 15:36:57

anyone else think that guild wars 2 does it better as far as no auto attack then how bioware implemented the no auto attack system

i mean,my first impression of the auto attack way of it being handled in sw tor is just another keybind to juggle on top of your 30 you already have.with guild wars 2 it just seems like the better way of dealing with it.but i dont know,theres also some stuff ive read about guild wars 2 combat that i dont really seem to think id like but as far as no auto attack it seems like there doing it better then bioware

By Jetsu at 2012-02-22 13:07:18

Every game of this type I've ever played (even those with auto-attack) has "filler abilities" like TOR, because even with auto-attack if you get to a point where everything's on cooldown for seconds at a time and you don't have a filler you're just standing around picking your nose (and players don't like watching combat with no input regardless of how animated their character is).

Auto-attack is balanced into total damage/threat output by reducing ability damage. Ultimately, it creates a static % of damage that's independent of player input at all, reducing the difference in potential between a well played character and someone who's just mashing buttons by at least that amount. Since TOR did a good job keep players animated without auto-attacks I wouldn't trade it.

By Fauxknight at 2012-02-24 09:41:06

First off I think it makes it easier to balance classes by removing auto-attack since some classes use it and some don't. With out auto-attack you can more directly compare ability to ability of non-similar classes.

...but that doesn't seem to be the primary reason SWTOR dropped auto-attack. Their reasons seem to lie more with combat animations, where abilities are animated to match the GCD or channel time, and don't have to worry about too many other animations causing interuptions, the primary source of which is auto-attack abilities.

I have not seen how GW2 handles the removal of auto-attack as I was never interested in the first one and I'm not sure if I'll be interested at all in the second one. What I have been following is Tera, which also removes auto attack in the manner that it is played more like an action or FPS type game, rather the normal style of MMOs which is to select a target and fire off abilities.

Auto-attack has not been much of a relevant ability since the original EQ. In EQ your auto-attack damage was the majority of your damage (for non-spell casters at least), and your special abilities were minor bonuses that were used in addition to them. In most games since then, auto-attack damage simply isn't a significant enough portion of your damage to really be included in the game, it's just an outdated carryover that most game companies hadn't considered removing when they were designing the game.

By xRyu at 2012-03-10 07:09:21

I personally love the idea!

No more noobs AAing till you die

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