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By Dinosaur at 2012-02-09 10:27:05
I have aquired all the champion pvp sentinel gear. Am I the only one that isn't happy with the stats the gear gives? Why do all the enhancements have +accuracy? I want Strength, Power, Surge and Crit! I shouldn't get the 2nd tier pvp gear and want to switch the enhancements.... On another subject, I hate that u cant queue pvp in an 8 man ops group! Why haven't they fixed this!
By wkboarder870T at 2012-02-09 15:08:29

Firstly, ideally you want 2 pieces of pvp set and 2 pieces of pve (fifth slot can be either set piece or some other piece of gear). The set bonuses are a decent dps upgrade, and a few of the columi pieces have alternative secondary stats on them, not to mention in greater quantities because there's no expertise on pve gear.

For your second point, I haven't heard anything about that being remedied, but i remember my guild was all on mumble, and so we all joined the queue at the same time and generally got between 3-6 guildmates in a single warzone, at which point we organized 2 separate chat channels. Not perfect, but it has the potential to get you more than 4 group mates in the same warzone. I agree though, it should be added, but only after they introduce a more competetive tier of warzones so groups don't just end up pub-stomping left and right.

By Jiinx at 2012-02-14 05:59:55
generally speaking accuracy is very important for sentinels as you want to take advantage of both weapons as consistently as possible, every ability that says "strikes with both weapons" will benefit greatly from a high accuracy rating as it improves your offhand accuracy a lot. stacking crit and surge over accuracy will give you less control over your dps but accuracy will reliably improve it. if your watchman spec you will already 100% crit your dot attacks frequently anyway and as they make up the bulk of your dps crit chance is a bit wasteful. Can't speak for other trees though
By wkboarder870T at 2012-02-15 14:46:03

Accuracy helps, yes, but I think you're putting a little too much emphasis on your offhand's damage. I'd put most of my emphasis on surge tbh. Your burns in watchman already get 15% additional chance to crit from talents, and zen (which is up decently often) so surge gives a large benefit on your burns. After that i'd go power>crit>accuracy. Without logs it's pretty difficult to make any solid claim either way though.

Quantitative data >>>>>>over 9,000 times >>>>>> qualitative data.

By Jiinx at 2012-02-25 10:44:09
^^^ agreed... but I would still prioritise accuracy over crit chance... I have always thought to go power, surge, accuracy but I cannot find the item modifications to do it, it seems you can either forget crit chance or accuracy; or have a balance of all four in that instance i go for accuracy. In reality my toons stats go as follows
strength, endurance, power, surge, accuracy, crit
By Dhamp at 2012-02-25 16:10:24
*points out Accuracy over 100% reduces your target's Defence stat making it very valuable indeed for PvP...*

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