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By Indrael at 2012-02-09 04:47:10
So after leveling a Juggernaut mostly Immortal (tank) spec I thought I'd take the dps route with a Guardian. It started out pretty good, hit hard as hell when I got Shien form but now that I've arrived on Alderaan and at lvl 31 I find I'm getting lit up badly and have to heal up between each encounter. My gear is pretty much up to date and I've been trying to find a suitable companion to use but all in all I'm taking a TON of damage in fights and starting to think I'll just go back to lvling as tank spec again. I tend to take less damage with my little tank droid but not much less than when I'm using the Jedi chick. Haven't touched the the protocol droid but might get him some gear and see if he can keep me up. I've had to use Shii-Cho a lot more than I'd like to just to sustain myself in a fight and I'm even having to go Soresu when there is a strong mob present, any advice?
By Vexien at 2012-02-09 15:16:15
1. NEVER EVER EVER EVER USE C2-N2. You've been warned.
2. Since you're a DPS spec, you can choose one of two options;
a. Use T7 as your companion and have him tank for you.
b. Use Kira as your companion and attempt to burst everything down before it kills you.
3. Since you're at 31, you are almost to the healer companion, Doc. Once you get him, things will get much easier.
By Zachael at 2012-02-09 16:01:01

What Vexien said! I agree on all 3 points! It's not that much different than being a Sentine really. Once you get Doc... life become easy!

You get Doc on Balmora, which is the next planet after Alderan! Once you get to Balmora, burn through the main story line as soon as possible. DO the rest of the content on the planet once you get Doc. You will be much happier that way. Also, if you didn't take Bio to make your own MedPacs. That's how I survived as a Sentinel without much frustration until I got Doc. You can also make MedPacs that heal you AND your companion! Makes questing easy!

By Vexien at 2012-02-11 18:54:35

While this is a bit late to help you, one tip for anybody leveling a DPS Knight;

If you take Cybertech as your crafting profession, you'll be able to pretty much keep T7 in full blues at all times. This turns him into a beast of a tank and makes reaching Doc much more bearable. However, you'll still probably want to switch to Doc once you acquire him.

By Indrael at 2012-02-13 06:57:52
All valid points guys, thanks for the input. I ended up getting upgrades for T7 and he was able to stay up long enough to let me do my thing to finish up on Alderaan. Upgrading both his and my gear helped me to get through Balmorra and unlock Doc...and like all of you said, it has been cake from there. I burn through mobs now and sometimes switch to Shii-Cho when facing elites but other than that it's Shien ftw.
By JamieK at 2012-03-25 08:24:52

I hope the self-heal that the guardians and juggernauts get make it more easier to play the classes without force us to use our healing companions once we get them, because i can't stand Quinn for the juggernaut healer or Doc for the Guardian healer, they are both quite annoying, i mean, they would be more cooler if you could slowly change our they behave, like you could on Kotor 2, i know bioware never made that game, but the idea of changing how your companions saw things based on what you do is so epically cool.

But knowing Bioware and their cooldowns, this self-heal will be like saber ward and last like 12 seconds and have a 3mins cooldown, which makes it pretty useless, i mean, if it gets to the point of needing to use that saber ward, you are likely going to die anyway, thats how i have experienced it so far, so i never really use it.

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