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By CaIhoun at 2012-01-25 11:30:53
So now that I'm 50, I'm looking at specifically the Mods for Jedi Guardians and not seeing anything that wows me. We have good Armoring and decent Enhancements, but other than Resilient Mod which requires a FP or Operations drop, there's nothing great. Any endgame tanks out there who could share what Mods you're using in your armor pieces?
By Rydel at 2012-01-25 13:48:00
I'm currently in Columni/Rakata gear which comes with its own mods, but before that, I was using the ones from the Belsavis and Ilum Heroic Dailies
By vortae at 2012-01-31 04:13:37

As Rydel states, ilum + belsavis dailies are the way to go, and you should be able to epic out one piece of orange armour a day. This is a good place to start, not to mention you can use the daily tokens to buy weapon hilts etc for your weapons.
Theres must discussion on which mods you should be aiming at and defence? shield chance? absorption? etc etc. This is my opinion, I've been tanking for a long time, (in the top 20 to 50 on luka sena) so i have an idea what im talking about, but without meters its impossible to say for certain.
If you remember the old days of MMO's where you had evasion tanks, and mitigation tanks. Defence pretty much rounds up "Parry, Dodge, Block" stats (where block is taken to be like the others and 100% damage evasion) and is useful, as it gives a chance to completely avoid any damage from standard attacks. It also includes "special" damage reduction, for things like elemental damage, internal damage etc. I havent looked too deep into this and how well these "special" reductions work when stacked.

Shield Chance:
Replaces the more modern version of block, where block reduces damage by a %%% chance. This is the bread and butter of a mitigation tank.

Shield absorption:
This joins shield chance, and is the %%% of damage blocked by said shield.

Thats great! But you still didnt say what i should get!
Well, first off, a balance of stats is good, HOWEVER, shield chance + shield absorption is the way to go, and you shouldnt be stacking defence past about 25%.
Well, some hardmode bosses and alot of raid bosses, have their frenzy moments where they hit faster and harder for a few second. (not to be confused with enrage, thats a different kettle of fish) Defence as i have found is ok, but for example against foreman crusher in karragas palace, each frenzy makes him hit faster the longer the fight goes on. To the point where my healers where saying they couldn't keep up with the damage if i tried to tank it.
When defence doesnt proc, you (assuming shield doesnt either) will get hit for the full amount of damage, this is alot. not unusually in the 3k range, sometimes as much as 6k, in enrage, you may aswell pick a number out of the telephone book. With shield absorption, you will mitigate a %% damage taken, as this is not a flat out number and is percentage based, this makes it most useful. For example the foremans frenzy probably does about 4.5k damage a second, With a 50% chance to block 50% of the damage, on average, every other second you will take 2.25k damage instead of the full 4.5k. This coupled with 25% defence, (assuming it works, defend then shield, then hit)
further reduces damage significantly.

Again thats wonderful! But if i went 100% defence i would be immortal no?
Well, in short, no. Defence stacks up horribly after about 25% and i found that popping my trinket (300 defence) gave me between 5 - 10% increase in defence. So if you continued to stack defence on all armour and completely ignored shield you'd only gain maybe 250 defence, translating to about 8% defence increase. This is down to diminishing returns, and defence gets hit by these so hard, its pointless to stack it after 25%ish. There is no defence cap, so dont worry about a specific number you have to have.

I hadn't intended to write this :O i just sat down with a cup of tea and here we are, one tanking modification guide.
To sum up: Get 25% defence, get atleast 30% shield(i play assassin so for me 30%+20% buff gives me 50%), get between 45 - 50% absorp (after this, dimishing returns is a bitch, play around, see what you can get without sacrificing too much)
If you group without sith warriors or mercs or sith inq's, need the columi pieces that drop for those classes(ask your group first ofc), the enhancements from the tanking gear usually give the most tank stats and dont carry any str or aim, meaning your orange gear can be very good, and when you get your own columi gear, you can switch the mods over to stack shield or defence or whatever it is you need :). Unless your grouped with another of your base class, need your own columi gear because it allows you to get epic mods and further stack whichever stats you want :)

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