Sick of jedi guardian robes labeled 'heavy armor'?

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By Dunhill at 2012-01-19 03:43:27

I was sick of wearing cloth and having it labeled heavy armor for about 30 levels or so, so i started looking for gear that looks like actual heavy armor, then i thought outside of the box. i bought this for 12 tatooine commendations

swapped out all the parts for guardian type stuff, and now i look like this:

Now i feel like a jedi in heavy armor. And the ladies love me too.

By Dhamp at 2012-01-19 04:49:07

A Jedi's concept of Heavy Armour is very different to that of a Trooper (and on a trooper would offer drastically less protection - the point is they are Force-reactive/enhanced, as well as being beneficial for Lightsaber combat by snarling hits coming in at angles rather than stopping full on hits.).

You'd also be completely screwed in combat without the needed flexibility - full plate (and modern equivalent) is not typical heavy armor.

I think Jedi in full heavy armour look absurd. At least their joints should not be encased in plascrete.

By Dunhill at 2012-01-19 05:11:24

And yet in game it makes no difference at all. I think this looks much cooler with some plasteel plates on, seeing how im a tank and all.

The jedi on the loading screen has heavy armor, and General Rahm Kota from the force unleashed has heavy looking armor. So far ive only seen robes, and i like getting some plating on my character. I think it works. Sure a trooper plate chest is not ideal design for a jedi but this will do.

By Dhamp at 2012-01-19 06:37:19

Try and score the Indignation orange pieces from Taris.

They have a reasonable balance of armour and flow, at least until the 40+ gear that is more approptiate.

The big problem I have with Trooper gear is that Obi-wan (the best practioner of Soresu) wouldnt be caught dead in it.

Or rather, he would rather literally be caught, dead in it!

By Raidfreak at 2012-01-19 11:17:54
I thought it was odd too but to me it's like the difference between a t-shirt and leather vest as opposed to chain mail and platemail.
By Dunhill at 2012-01-19 13:40:45

My biggest gripe is there really is no difference at all between armor for sentinels and guardians. The only thing that gives away its a sentinel is its weilding 2 sabers. if a sentinel was only using 1 saber you would think hes a guardian, because heavy and medium jedi gear looks EXACTLY THE SAME!

Ive seen a lot of art of jedi wearing some plating under their robes and on their legs, and i wanted that. Instead im getting leather armor with pads and straps called 'heavy armor'

Again the trooper armor is not ideal for a jedi's motion, but i think it looks cool, and for the rule of cool, this guardian is wearing modable trooper gear.

By snekadid at 2012-02-08 16:18:01
As much as id like to spit fanboy rage at you, i murdered a marauder and stole his face mask so now my operative looks like snakeeyes.

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