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By drewbtucis at 2011-12-28 18:18:29
Best dps build/tree for carnage? any links or advice
By aar0n at 2011-12-28 19:53:34

This is what I'm using:

By Etikilam at 2011-12-29 22:20:57

Is the one that I'm using currently, but I wanted to see how the one posted above performed as well.

I just really like the self healing from this spec and the amount of bleeds, but being in the other stance would be better for the extra attack and see what kind of dps I could pull off against world boss'.

By Rydissac at 2012-03-01 00:43:16

Would anyone be willing to give me their imput on this build i made using the the skill cal? this is a build i made.

By Zachael at 2012-03-02 11:02:21

I honestly think you will get higher DPS out of each tree if you fully spec for them as opposed to this hybrid. though, overall it isn't bad. but then again, not great either.

I personally say go full Annihilation spec or full rage, only putting points in the base skills of the other trees as they make sense for how you are using each tree.

By Darktynan20 at 2012-03-03 16:59:04

i may not be a marauder pro so dont judge me to harshly but i like to fiddle with my specs and so far i really like

By DrathMasterScott at 2012-05-14 10:55:15

im near the mid way point for lvls. But i am able to handle myself pretty well in pvp and i even take down some of the high lvl players this is what my tree looks like so far.

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