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By Arcaelis at 2012-05-23 11:45:12


This is my desired lvl 50 tree for a Guardian tank, be in mind I'm new to the game and am only lvl 27 right now. The idea with this build was to make a robust tank able to hold aggro for endgame. Constructive comments are welcome.

By clorek12 at 2012-05-23 21:54:51

Why don't you get Lunge as I'd imagine you'd be using Riposte a lot? Or Solidified Force, isn't Freezing Force used a bit when you have to slow your enemy's advances? Particularly in PvP, but what area is this spec designed for? However, I only have a level 15 Juggernaut and I plan to build him DPS =P


This is a hybrid offensive build that focuses on a heavy Force Sweep.

By Arcaelis at 2012-05-24 08:29:48
It's mostly a PvE spec.
Oh and here's another revised spec.
By clorek12 at 2012-05-24 12:24:03
What do you think of the hybrid spec? xD
Not much more criticism I can offer since I'm not too experienced in the Juggernaut/Guardian.
PvE with a more defensive approach I think. Focusing on a strong Force Sweep and using Slash to force Combat Focus off CD. Since I want to be up in the face of my opponent I put points into shielding chance, instead of reducing the CD of Force Push.

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