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By mageriction at 2012-02-17 11:12:26

Hello all,

I am currently leveling my first character, he is a sith marauder level 22. I have a quick question about forms . When soloing I use Shii-cho form for damage reduction and better use of berserk to just spam viscous slash quickly and get the most use out of the berserk buff. When in groups I am using Ataru form because the enemies have more health and allows more time to use berserk buff and build rage. Does this all sound pretty sound or should I just stick to Ataru form the whole time I am soloing?

By Vexien at 2012-02-17 14:28:34
You should be using whatever form you're specced for. If you're in the Annihilation tree, you should be using Juyo. If you're in the Carnage tree (which I assume you are), you should be using Ataru. If you're in the Rage tree, you should be using Shii-cho. There are some exceptions, but you should be using Ataru most of the time unless you are having a ridiculously tough time surviving.
By Zachael at 2012-02-28 10:52:27
I highly recommend you go with the Annihilation tree. Higher sustained DPS than Carnage tree. Self healing through attacks that generate DOTs (which the opportunity to do increases at higher level) extend your HP pool more effectively than the dmg reduction of Shii-cho form unless you spec purely in that tree. Annihilation tree also provides you the greatest opportunity to interrupt your target in PvE and PvP. Faster CD on your interupt, goes from 8 to 6 seconds (doesn't seem like much, but it helps out a lot), plus your leap can be used from 0-10 meters and it too is an interrupt and effective rage generating ability.

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