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By arcadeus at 2012-04-27 14:00:28
I've always heard it said that, unless you intend to level via flashpoints or warzones, don't level as a healer. However, I do have a question: If I spec well enough in healing as a Sorcerer, could I solo 2-man group missions with a tank companion, like Khem or Xalek? Any advice on how I'd do that, if I were so inclined?
By Brokle at 2012-04-28 15:37:20
Out-level the content by a few levels, and keep both yourself and your companion in top notch gear. Shouldn't be all that difficult.
By Pocket at 2012-04-29 12:34:13
If you're doing all the quests in a zone before moving on you will definitely be out-leveling the content. I was always 3/4 levels above the mobs and never had any problems leveling full healer specced :)
By DarthAtrayu at 2012-05-28 23:07:58
Well, from personal experience I can tell you with a decent set of gear on Khem Val your sorc can easily level doing content one to two levels above your current. I have leveled my sorc from 1 to 34 in just over 10 hours of play time, and all of it, besides the first 9 were thanks to Khem Val. Your a healer, Khem is a tank. Use him as he is entended, keep him at full health, and he will eat the face off PVE content at higher levels than you are. I have even faced elites and a few champions that were higher level than I was, and though some of the time it took a few tries, I eventually moved passed them and continued leveling without issue. I primarily stick to the class quests and do a Lot of PVP as well. It just helps with keeping the boredom to a minimum since I already have a lvl 50 assassin.
By compac at 2014-12-20 06:39:13
Simply Levelling as tank u can easly do ur quests and when u need to tank u are still ready.
it will Testking 200-001 dumps
be a bit hard at the beginning but when u get tharan ( ur healing companion) all will be sweet and smooth ...

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