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By ravikk at 2012-06-28 15:09:25
With 400 archeology scavenger, there are plenty of crystals about for crafters on each of the planets. However, when I was leveling this skill, and I started with the lower level planets and cataloged which crystals, and their best node locations, were given by each planet. You can use Printscreen and type in the location and resource for each planet, and then place them in a folder by the planet name. Ideally a character with 400 skill in each: Archeology, Scavenging, and Bioanalysis, works best. Then you can park this character at a strategic planet and location and active it when your crafter?s resources are low. The Jedi Councelor Shadow is best suited for this job since he/she can infiltrate invisibly into Republic or Empire areas that are not PvP designated, and retrieve your resources easily. I use one Republic and Empire character for the job since the nodes spawn differently on each side. The Ravikk Lagacy

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