so my artifice is stuck at 24/400

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By holla8 at 2012-03-06 14:08:25

should i go back to Dromund kaas and level it up until i can start getting stuff to level it on Balmorra or should i just keep doing missions and stuff on Balmorra and not worry about it

ive been kinda just mixing in lvling crew skills while im doing missions so thats why i was wondering

By Fauxknight at 2012-03-06 15:12:44
Going back will get your skill up a lot faster, your skill should have been 80ish before leaving DK. You can catch up with missions as well, and low level missions are pretty fast...but I'd personally just go back for an hour or so. Start at Lord Grathan's Estate and gather there for a bit, then move on the the Dark Temple Approach area. Do each area until the items in the are at least down to green, definatley stop if you grey them out, unless you need more mats.
By kkitty at 2012-03-17 16:22:53

fauxknight is right, if you dont want to do faster but you will have to head out head back and go to the area and farm them your self more profilable but you can send your compaions on the mision less profile in geting less for the time and will cost more. but if you go route 2 then go pvping for a bit pas the time and get money still worse then route 1

in short
if you do it your self---- you will get more materals and cost less
------------------------------can get money/chest from the kills

send your componions------ will cost alot more
-------------------------------------get less materals
-------------------------------------best do pvp to make some of the money back but not alot

gathering/ missions skills

gather can lvl up ethergeting the farming it your self or sending your componions out

missions only lvl up when you send your componions out

orangewill grant 2 skill up with a chance to miss(still get 2 point even if they dont get the items)
yellow will grant 1 skipp tup with no miss
green 1/4 or 1/2 the time will grant a skill up
grey no skill up

crafting skills

orange grant 2 skill ups (most of the time the 1st 5-10 will be orange till yellow)
yellow grant 1 skill up (1st 5-10 for most of the time till turn green)
green 1/4 or 1/2chance to grant a skill up(around 5-10 till turn grey)
grey grant no skill up

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