• How often is the database updated?
    Typically the database gets updated within a few hours of every new patch with new data.


  • I’ve seen a bad ad on the site!

The following ad types are not allowed on the site:

  • Flashing, jiggling, or otherwise seizure-inducing ads.
  • Ads that play sound on a page-load.
  • Ads for RMT, gold-selling, powerleveling, botting, or other services that encourage the user to break Bioware’s Terms of Use.
  • Any ad banner that asks you to download or install something. Torhead will never ask you to install something you didn’t specifically request.
  • “Adult” content.

Unfortunately, now and then ads like this will get through. If you see one, please send us an email with a screenshot and the URL of the ad and we’ll pull it down as soon as possible.