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The mysterious Deep Core world of Tython is the birthplace of the Jedi Order. Millennia ago, Tythonian warriors and scholars developed a unique mystic and martial philosophy while studying the Force. Today, their Jedi descendants excavate ancient Tythonian ruins and relearn what was lost.

After the recent destruction of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, the Jedi made their new home on Tython. The mountainous planet remains mostly unexplored, and the violent natives pose a constant threat. The order remains committed to rebuilding here, however, and is now training a new generation of Padawans.


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By rhinoloupe at 2012-03-17 18:30:46

A little guide to Tython codexes sorted by area, so they're easier to collect. Thanks to SWTOR-spy for much of the info.


  • Locations: The Gnarls X:-144, Y:-1009
    Enter the Gnarls, just above the label on the map.
  • Lore: Rediscovering Tython X:115, Y:-857
    At the statue in southern Gnarls area.
  • Bestiary: Uxibeast X:-96, Y:-925
    Found running past a Young Uxibeast in the Gnarls.


  • Locations: Kalikori Village X:155, Y:-221
    Enter the village.
  • Species: Twi?lek X:126, Y:-345
    Inside the village house where you can find NPC Trea Kobbeth.


  • Locations: Tythos Ridge X:214, Y:-130
    Enter Flesh Raider Territory from Kalikori Village.
  • Bestiary: Manka Cat X:169, Y:-446
    Around the Flesh Raider Territory.


  • Locations: Jedi Temple X:-300, Y:-437
    Enter/exit the Jedi Temple front door.
  • Organizations: Jedi Council X:-420, Y:-435
    Second floor of the Jedi Temple, right next to the door to the Jedi Council chambers.
  • Lore: Rebuilding the Jedi Order X:-427, Y:-508
    Ground floor of Jedi Temple, take the second corridor on the right from the entrance (north-west). Enter the first room on the left and click on the student chair.


  • Locations: Ruins of Kaleth X:-368, Y:-21
    Enter the area.
  • Locations: The Chamber of Speech X:-1005, Y:120
    In the cave/quest zone at the very back (west) of Ruins of Kaleth.
  • Bestiary: Guid X:-379, Y:-225
    Near the Ruins of Kaleth area.
  • Bestiary: Tythonian War Droid
    Found all around the Ruins of Kaleth.
  • Datacron: 10: The Tion Cluster


  • Bestiary: Horranth
    Various parts around the centre of the map.
  • Datacron: 09: The Force Wars X:-33, Y:-102
    Enter the cave at the end of the river flowing from the waterfall, near Flesh Raider Territory.


OBTAINED BY A QUEST (possibly unavailable to non-jedi)

  • Persons: Satele Shan X:-278, Y:-438
  • Species: Zabrak X:-231, Y:-47
  • Species: Flesh Raiders X:201, Y:-1152
  • Organizations: Twi?lek Pilgrims X:349, Y:-503


  • Bestiary: Terentatek Unknown
  • Bestiary: Wingmaw Actually located in Balmorra
By raiderpb at 2011-12-31 00:07:27
Codex entries associated with this planet:
By SqueeG at 2012-01-05 09:39:01

Datacron locations (also found at the ZAM wiki )
* Endurance +2 (

Galactic History 09: The Force Wars ) - Tython River Valley [X: -33, Y: -35] ( Cave Entrance [X: -28, Y: -30] ).
- * Follow the river near where you kill the Horranth Matriarch to the Cave Entrance, follow the cave to the ledge, it's on the left.

* Willpower +2 (

Galactic History 10: The Tion Cluster ) - Ruins of Kaleth [X: -641, Y: 35].
- * In the NW corner of the ruins, run up the fallen spire to reach the datacron.

* Blue Matrix Shard (

Galactic History 11: The Tionese Face the Hutt Empire ) - Forge Remnants [X: -33, Y: -36]
- * In the Forge Remnants area (upper area). In the west side of the area you will find a path guarded at intervals by groups of 3 normal Flesh Raiders. Work you way around until you find a camp. In the back-right you will see a destroyed building with a glow and a War Leader worshipping the datacron.
By HollyC at 2012-03-04 08:04:29

As a Trooper or Smuggler you are going to be stuck with a lot of incomplete entries.

The species "Flesh Raider" and "Zabrak," as well as the Location "Chamber of Speech" and the organization "Twi'lek Pilgrims" all require completing missions which are unavailable to Troopers and Smugglers, yet they all count toward completing Smuggler/Trooper Tython Codexes.

Manka cats are unattainable until you reach Alderaan and WIngmaws until you reach Balmorra -- level 28-32 and 32-36 for Republic-- if you are a Trooper or Smuggler. And they count toward completing the Tython Codex.

So, if you're not a Jedi, you'll be able to get the datacrons, all locations except the chamber of speech, the Twi'lek species, the Tythonian War Droids and Horranth, possibly Guid as well, the two lore entries (Restoring the Jedi Order and Rediscovering Tython), and possibly Satele Shan (person of note) by talking to her on the fleet for a Flashpoint. That's pretty much it. You can get two more bestiaries at much higher levels, all the others are unavailable, even though they count.

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