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  • Level: 32
  • Faction: Republic



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The Invasion of Balmorra

The Empire launched a two-pronged attack on Balmorra during the war, believing Balmorra's weapons production facilities and proximity to the Core Worlds to be of great strategic importance. The first prong of the attack involved slicing and reprogramming the networked security systems that guarded the planet's factories, lab facilities and weaponry--in effect, turning Balmorra's defenses against itself.

The second prong was direct bombardment, aided by Balmorra's compromised orbital defense towers and satellites. This attack devastated the planet's primary military forces and central government, leaving a unified response nearly impossible.

Eventually, the Empire landed a full invasion force. By this time, the Republic had come to Balmorra's aid but was forced to abandon the planet with the Treaty of Coruscant--after which, the Imperial military declared victory and established its headquarters in Sobrik. The Balmorran resistance proved more wily than the Empire anticipated, however, and Balmorra's factories proved difficult to control, leading to a years-long morass in which the Empire is still mired.

Location: A console next to a tube in the Balmorran Arms Factory at 1263, 105


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By ZeroEdgeir at 2012-01-02 21:03:13
Coords: 1264, 677, 105
Location Balmorran Arms Factory
How to Reach:
When you first enter the factory, when you enter the first large room, turn around and look the way you came in, the lore terminal for this codex entry will be on the left of the doorway.
By Hannibal08 at 2013-03-04 09:41:40
I had no issue getting this on the first Republic character I took through Balmorra shortly after release, but this weekend I was unable to get this on my second run through the planet. The item is there and I can mouse over it and see it's a lore item, but it behaves as if I've already used it. Totally unclickable. I do not have the codex entry for it already, so it appears it's broken in some way. I double-checked the first character that I played through a year ago and he does indeed have the entry, so it might have been broken in a patch (last patch was 1.7), or perhaps something class related. The character that is unable to get it is a trooper.
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