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  • Level: 32
  • Faction: Empire


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Malak's Attack

During the Jedi Civil War, a ship carrying Bastila Shan--a Jedi with the rare and powerful battle meditation ability--was shot down by Darth Malak's fleet over the world of Taris. Malak's troops descended on the world in search of Bastila, but she avoided capture with the help of Revan, Malak's redeemed former master.

Rather than permit Bastila to escape, Malak ordered his fleet to bomb Taris from orbit, devastating the entire world. The planet-wide capital city was razed and civilian casualties measured in the billions. Despite Malak's extreme efforts, Bastila and Revan were able to safely flee the world. Taris itself, however, never recovered. Three centuries have passed, and a handful of swamp-sunken ruins are all that remains of this once great civilization.


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By Grifter74 at 2011-12-30 03:07:48
This lore object can be found at coordinates 805, -182 in Transport Station five. It is in the room past the 5th cairn if you are on the Chasing History Quest.
By NotAvailable at 2012-02-17 12:37:03
Coordinates above are correct. Looks like a small briefcase sitting on a computer console guarded by a pack of 4 easy raks.
The entrance to Transportation Station #5 can be found at cursor position 390, 0 at the end of a 60'-round busted & rusted pipe.
By 2hields at 2012-09-06 09:31:19
Confirmed again as above.
By sabertae at 2014-11-26 01:48:49
Transport 5 is north of the Border Post Imperial base in The Tularan Marsh. Looks like a broken rod split with halves apart on the map. It is in the room as indicated by the screenshot, you just go across straight then down then few more turns. Its the room that has the Bounty Hunter phase in it. As you enter, there is a big column; and on lower right of room to the east, there is a desk, chair and computer station. Look on far edge of counter.
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