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Rakghouls are a living plague--the manifestation of a highly communicable disease capable of swiftly transforming its victims into twisted, degenerate monsters with predatory instincts. The rakghoul virus can infect hundreds of known species and is most often delivered through a rakghoul's bite; a person attacked by a rakghoul and "lucky" enough to survive typically becomes a rakghoul him- or herself. Some victims resist the virus for days, succumbing to rakghoul instincts while retaining their original bodies.

Different strains of the virus manifest in different breeds of rakghoul--the smallest and weakest travel in enormous colonies, whereas larger, smarter rakghouls often hunt alone. The virus mutates fastest when infecting new species, and slowest when rakghouls reproduce with other rakghouls.

Before the planet's bombardment, Taris contained its substantial rakghoul population in the undercity. Many specialists believe rakghouls are native to Taris, but rare outbreaks elsewhere in the galaxy suggest the truth is more complicated.


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By ViggoVickers at 2012-03-16 17:04:41
Republic - Trooper: Entry unlocked from killing Scavenging Rakghoul north of Kanner Outpost, in The Sinking City (240, -219), Taris.
By wyattparker at 2012-03-18 01:34:02
Red Rakghoul in the Sinking City section of Taris, Sliding Plate, map co-ords 328,-177 name of mob is Skulking Rakghoul iirc, and I probably dont. But the location is right. Confirmed twice.
By Twoshields at 2012-09-04 08:35:27

Outside the Crater Command base is a no go, there are no Rakghouls there. Likewise Sinking City, Sliding Plate coords lead no where.

Needs confirming for this entry.

By 2hields at 2012-09-06 11:47:00
Lumbering Rakghouls in thr RRZone work! See screen shots, coords X: 1264 Y:3
By Lonestar at 2012-02-17 16:55:07
A location to get the codex: -1400, -190, outside Crater Command Base.
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