Jedi Sentinel

Control and focus are the hallmarks of the Jedi Sentinel. Through years of training, Sentinels learn the art of using two lightsabers in tandem to create an intricate web of damage almost impossible to evade. By manipulating the Force, Sentinels can see holes in the enemy's defense, potential flaws in their own techniques and how best to plan for both.

All Jedi Sentinels can wield two lightsabers in combat, using speed and precision to strike enemies where they are weakest. Sentinels can opt to learn the ways of a Watchman, becoming a peerless lightsaber combatant and using the Juyo form to debilitate foes; Combat, taking advantage of the Sentinel's lighter armor and using the agile Ataru form to perform incredibly swift strikes; and Focus, specializing in advanced Force techniques to increase the potency of lightsaber attacks and perform telekinetic feats to hamper opponents.

  • Class Role: Damage
  • Weapon: 2 Lightsabers
  • Armor: Medium
  • Resource: Focus


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By Starkiller171 at 2011-12-04 05:38:56

Combat is one of the ultimate specs available to any class for PvP, I played with a Jedi Sentinel until lvl 44 in the test, when you talent properly in the combat tree, you can kill people before then can react. Use Force Leap, Zealous Strike, Precision Slash, Strike, Blade Rush, Blade Storm as your starting rotation for burst and people are already at 45%ish health and you have like 2 focus point still to spare, then you keep using Strike(to generate more focus, plus its your auto-attack so use it whenever you can for extra damage) and use things like Cauterize(High damaging attack with a DoT), PvP-centric abilities like Leg Slash, Crippling Throw(it is the only ability in the game that gives a healing reduction debuff, if I am not mistaken, plus it also immobilizes the target due to Combat tree's Displacement talent), Force Kick(One of my favorite abilities due to sheer annoyance it causes), Force Stasis(Yes, I use it as an interrupt, so sue me), Pacify(to make him/her miss his/her damaging, knock-backs and kiting abilities when you are trying to close the gap), Rebuke(as a defensive cooldown and to deal damage when you are trying to close the gap) and then finish with Master Strike (Which has now a almost 100% chance to hit fully due to the Combat tree's Debilitation talent(100% chance to immobilize the target for the duration of Master Strike)), and Dispatch(you learn this ability at lvl 46). If the target is not dead by now, go back to the abilities I mentioned for using as starting burst, they will most likely be off-cooldown. If you are being kited too much to your liking, then use things like Force Camouflage, to break all your roots(Another great PvP talent for the Combat Tree) and get extra speed boost, and Transcendence to close your gap.

Having played WoW for several years as a Gladiator Death Knight and a very high-rated Warrior, I can tell for sure that Jedi Sentinel's Combat tree is nothing to laugh at. If played right, Combat Sentinels can be a force(pun intended /wink) to be reckoned with at high level PvP and PvE, topping DPS and Kill charts but still this talent tree needs to be looked at by the developers because it is not putting out the burst that it should. Having said that, the Watchman talent tree is without a doubt the best talent tree for PvE for Jedi Sentinels.

By Tzavelas at 2011-12-13 21:14:26

Strength is the primary stat for Jedi Knights and Sith Warriors

Willpower is the primary stat for Jedi Consulars and Sith Inquisitors

Aim is the primary stat for Troopers and Bounty Hunters

Cunning is the primary stat for Smugglers and Imperial Agents

By Blon at 2011-12-06 08:46:47
I agree with Starkiller171. I've played Sentinel Combat and I don't think it's anything to scoff at. People were complaining about it being weak all the time, but I disagree. It's not bad. It's just not easy to play well. I played a PvE feral DPS druid in WoW, which was not a popular choice. I could wreck the DPS charts, but it was a very difficult PvE class to play well. I think the combat tree is going to be similar. It's going to take a lot of resource management and likely won't have a nice easy set rotation, but if you can adjust to a very situational play style I think it will be a force to be reckoned with. (Pun intended)
By Starkiller171 at 2011-12-06 09:45:24
Totally Agree with Blon, but Combat is the best used for PvP as most of it talents are that of enhancing your quick burst and PvP abilities, Watchman tree is the best for PvE(Both leveling and Raiding) due to its sustaining, constant DPS. Regarding rotations, my previous comment will help get your started with the abilities you should start of with, at least in PvP.
By DrewBear at 2011-11-29 09:59:52
Sentinel is a great "wreck havoc" class I like to compare it to the gladiator/duelist from lineage 2, few decent ranged attacks to finish off those that flee. The force leap from Knight tree is a great bonus to this play style. @ Jenovus "like a fury warrior" I'd say its more like a good arms warrior build but dueling and having berzerk-related buffs, I only played to lvl 12 this weekend, but it seems there is some better defences then those use to playing fury and can more suitably tank if needed. PvP related I can see this build being great to run in and cut down the healers, while tanks and ranged knock away at other tanks, dps. Then comming in to finish the job.
By dubljay at 2012-02-06 12:22:23
I'm now level 13 and totally unable to locate a 2nd lightsaber, I had my practice saber and was only given a regular lightsaber when I built it during the quest, I dont remember receiving a bag with the 2nd saber once I choose my sentinel class? What gives, where can I locate a 2nd saber?
By Jenovus at 2011-11-22 17:34:10
This seems fairly similar in style to a Fury Warrior....guess I shall find out how similar this weekend :D
By Stormkindle at 2011-11-22 19:26:10
Anyone know what the primary stats are for Sentinels?
By Shubawks at 2011-11-23 19:37:08
As far as I've seen - power (which I believe is relative to Strength) is going to be your best bet. Also - Critical Chance/Rating also plays a huge role in Sentinel since you are naturally a DPS type character. Though I could be wrong, I've only had access to the previous beta for 3 or so hours, and I didn't get that much time to tinker with items and stats.
By Blon at 2011-12-12 22:01:40
Rudi - Feral DPS is easy to play decently (especially now), but playing it optimally is just very situational, and optimizing the damage, number, and uptime of bleed ticks certainly isn't a faceroll like some other classes are. I meant to say that Sentinel reminded me of Feral, not trying to get into a WoW debate. If you don't agree, no big deal.
By DavidsonT at 2011-11-23 22:22:47
Strength is your primary attribute for a Sentinel which usually gear wise goes along with Endurance. Those are really the two main attributes you'll be after. You also do want to try and get things that increase your surge rating, alacrity(which increases your attack speed) or critical rating as well.
By RickbowGrimBatol at 2011-11-24 09:51:29
Primary Stats and priorities are diferent acording to the JEDI KNIGHT roles: Sentinel Pve, Sentinel Pvp, Guardian Pve Tank, Guardian Pve Dps, Guardian Pvp.
By Rukland at 2011-11-24 12:19:40

Priorities might be a bit different on build but Strength is the main stat period for all Jedi Builds.

A DPS Sent will want more STR over END and the Guardian is semi reversed if tanking.

PvP has it's own secondary stat and it's not a build defined one so it does not matter.

* Expertise - PvP stat. Increases damage and healing done, reduces damage taken.

By Jediexecutioner at 2011-12-27 09:22:58
As much as I love my Vanguard Trooper, (sticky or cryo grenade, anyone?) I have to say that my Sentinel is growing on me. I don't PvP much (had a nice, squishy fire mage, PvP was not for me), although it is calling to me more and more. So as a PvE'er, i'll be spec'ing Watchman mostly, since it has a lot of crit stats, and can help strengthen survivability (a tiny bit), but damn if Force Exhaustion doesn't sound like the coolest ability on all three of the trees. Also, please correct me if I am wrong, but dual-wield mastery on the Combat tree is a must for all sentinels, right?
By Starkiller171 at 2011-12-28 07:15:39
@Jediexecutioner, Yes, dual wield mastery is a must have for all Sentinels and No, Precision Slash is by far the coolest because for 6 secs after its use, every class is literally naked for you, even Heavy armored guys.
By jedimaster84 at 2012-02-04 12:01:42
I tried soloing with my Sith Sorcerer and I kept dying so I decided to go Republic side and try this out. Would this be a good solo dps class?
By cyvaris at 2011-11-29 16:48:14

The three skill trees breakdown as

Watchmen-Main focus on DOTs-defiantly the PvE spec
Combat-All about burst damage and proccing extra attacks from Ataru Form-Mixed PvP PvE, but does not excel in either-Currently the "weakest" tree
Focus-This tree is shared with the Guardian AC and has a large focus on CC, some AOE, and Gap closing-The PvP spec for sure

By drummer1961 at 2012-02-24 18:14:53
I'm level 28 and I'm trying to buy a double light saber for Kira====any ideas or where to buy one. I'm going Light side.
By kunda311 at 2011-12-26 11:31:52
Haha, leave it to me to follow on these same footsteps -- I've had a raiding cat druid for a few years now. I started playing Sentinel because it appealed to me most out of the Republic classes, and I also decided to spec in Combat -- all before reading this. I guess it makes sense that my Sentinel was reminding me of my kitty in some fashion. :p
By Kirska at 2011-11-26 19:41:13
Like any other specialization, you have to be level 10 before you can get the quest to pick a specialization.
By rudi1092 at 2011-12-12 18:36:49
LOL @ BLON...LOL LOL LOL Tell me when feral dps was hard please....
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