Jedi Guardian

A wall between the Republic and its enemies, the Jedi Guardian stands firm in the face of overwhelming odds and dares opponents to attack. Perfect concentration and use of the Force allows smooth movement even in heavy armor--making the Guardian a hard target to take down. Leaders on and off the battlefield, Guardians also inspire allies to amazing feats, making them invaluable for conflicts of any size.

All Jedi Guardians learn to move in heavy armor and build extra energy to perform spectacular feats. Guardians can opt to learn Vigilance, developing attacks that power through weaker opponents with ease and concentrating on fewer strikes that hit harder; Defense, redirecting enemies' attacks against the Guardian's allies toward the Guardian's sturdy self; and Focus, specializing in advanced Force techniques to increase the potency of lightsaber attacks and perform telekinetic feats to hamper opponents.

  • Class Role: Tank, Damage
  • Weapon: Lightsaber
  • Armor: Heavy
  • Resource: Focus


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By Sagastar at 2011-12-12 20:29:41
I dont plan on tanking with a Guardian. My hopes is the damge output is worthy enough to be considered a dps role in Flashpoints. Alot of talk about this on the SWTOR forums before they shut it down for maintenance before launch. Got alot of great responses and tree specs posted. Vigilance seems the way to go but a couple of people refered to the Focus tree for a saber strike build. Any other input on a pure dps Guardian would be appreciated. I am refering to a Gaurdian that raids and would be used as a dps role...not PVP. Single saber wielding Jedi Knight ftw!
By Anklause at 2011-12-07 18:02:50
I think Jedi Guardians are desingned to be like Warriors in reference to WoW. Like someone mentioned Warriors and Guardians are single target tanks, I'm sure this will be tweaked some after the game is released.
By eeriepanda at 2011-12-12 21:30:21
Guardians have a lot of tools at their disposal... unfortunately they're all back loaded. (read >lvl20)
By Sk8erboy at 2012-01-06 04:20:59
If you play full tank build in PVP, your role will be to keep enemies busy (max 3 at a time) so that your companions can achieve the objectives. Second role is to shrug damage off your companions with Taunt and Challenging Call, or guard the companion who holds the ball in Huttball, with your Guard ability.
By omer550 at 2013-05-02 14:26:40
Hey Guys,
I have a lwl 50 guardian and i easily damage over 8K! If you don't believe me you can check it. You should only open your browser, youtube and search "Swtor jedi guardian pvp". Then look at LucielaTOR s videos. You can believe guardian is the best character in Swtor.
By omer550 at 2013-05-02 14:26:41
Hey Guys,
I have a lwl 50 guardian and i easily damage over 8K! If you don't believe me you can check it. You should only open your browser, youtube and search "Swtor jedi guardian pvp". Then look at LucielaTOR s videos. You can believe guardian is the best character in Swtor.
By RastlinTheBlack at 2014-03-18 17:50:01
Was wondering if anyone knew of the best skill tree combo set for Jedi Knight Guardian for mainly PVE?
By Gunparade at 2011-11-22 19:04:54
Although when i think of starwars i think of jedi there are a few problems. The class is a little underpowered atm and it is one of the hardest tanks to get inital aoe threat on in a flashpoint. If this changes at 50 let me know i only got to around 24 and the AoE threat compared to the vanguard was kind of challenging.
By Ginsu85 at 2011-11-26 22:10:35
I only got to play the beta test a couple of weekends ago. But I played through Jedi Guardian to 18, even though you don't get any really good AoE's at that point their still good for tanking if you know what you are doing with this type of Melee Tank. Ever Since Kotor Guardian is what I played, now that I can do it in an MMO setting I am more excited.
By Trebor at 2011-12-23 10:48:01
C2-N2 heals (not spectacularly, but enough) and sometimes attacks with his fists, thats about it though.
By Talken at 2011-11-30 19:12:38
It's not a bug you are able to bring C2-N2 out of your ship as a companion with you. But it's kinda pointless because he doesn't have a class (i.e tank, damage, healing) he kinda just shots. Also Guardian tanks are the best single target tanks( as of the most recent beta) and not good AoE tanks.
By Fuzzycow at 2011-12-02 11:22:43
This class is a fun one, although the damage is a a little low right now, the heavy armor and shield generator should make up for that.
By Cobalt747 at 2012-12-01 05:40:21
By Jiminimonka at 2011-11-29 05:45:38
In the beta this weekend (ending 28/11/2011) C2-N2 the ships droid was also a companion you could bring out with you, don't know if that was a bug though.
By lostknight0727 at 2011-12-28 14:18:22
My only issue with the tanking guardian is they have no "Generates High Amount of Threat" abilities. I've had DPS classes wait a good 10s to attack my target and they just rip aggro away pretty easily.
By Anklause at 2011-12-08 18:10:43
My build was similar 32/9/0, except I kept that last point in the defense tree. Can't wait to level my Guardian up and find out I was way off on my build :).
By EndMost at 2011-12-06 18:13:55
I play...well...played now...a palitank in wow. From what ive read/heard/watched the jedi guardian appears to be very similar to my preffered playstyle (palitank). Is this true? ive shuffled through abilities and skills and what im seeing is as strikingly similar as a jedi could get to a paladin Imo.
By EndMost at 2011-12-07 19:26:58
yea. after further research and a lot of beta footage ive seen that pretty clearly. but is the talant information correct? ive looked and the best way i could build was 31/9/1.
By EndMost at 2011-12-10 19:41:24
lol same here. That and run into 13 yr old screaming at me about how dumb i am to be specced the way that i am. Gotta love MMO's lol. but if we bot outta the blue achieved the same build then im pretty sure were pretty close to opt.
By eberkain at 2011-11-30 05:49:54
must have been a bug, there is a cutscene about him not wanting to fight.
By Kirska at 2011-11-26 19:41:04
Like any other specialization, you have to be level 10 before you can get the quest to pick a specialization.
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